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Chris Whitley was a stock broker at Sloane Kitridge, and a habitual drug user.

Before Redemption[edit | edit source]

Chris was an old friend of Roger Taylor, son of future President Allison Taylor. Chris helped Roger find a job at his firm, where he met his future girlfriend Samantha Roth.

Chris took a hard financial hit in the markets, so his boss, Nichols, offered him some special work. The job was to launder funds through accounts in Abu Dhabi and Eritrea; Chris was paid large sums of money to remain silent. He initially assumed that Nichols was embezzling money from the company, but the truth is that Nichols was washing money for Jonas Hodges, who was selling weapons to the genocidal rebel General Juma and his subordinate, Colonel Iké Dubaku, in Sangala. Three days before Redemption, Chris did some digging and learned that the accounts were connected to somebody on the government's terrorist watchlist.

Redemption[edit | edit source]

After having a stressful phone conversation with someone named John, Chris was summoned by his boss Nichols. As Chris entered Nichols' office, he passed Jonas Hodges and found this stranger to be unsettling. Nichols ordered Chris to erase all files on Abu Dhabi and Eritrea, making Chris even more suspicious. He phoned Roger Taylor just as he left the office, and told him that he needed help, as he may have uncovered something. Relucantly, as Roger believed that Chris he may be using drugs again, he decided to hear him out. Shortly later, Chris arrived at Taylor's house, where he was frisked by bodyguard Edward Vossler. After Roger dismissed Vossler, Chris confessed that he had helped his boss launder some money, but did not know that the money was going to a terrorist. Chris implied that he wanted Roger's mother, who would be sworn in as President in less than two hours, to offer him a pardon or some kind of executive clemency. Roger, taking his word fairly seriously, decided to let Chris send him the evidence via email, as Chris had not deleted the files.

Chris arrived at his apartment to forward the evidence against Nichols, but encountered two henchmen named Halcott and Quinn. As Halcott took care of the evidence on the computer, Quinn restrained Chris and began injecting him with drugs in order to find out who else knew about the files. On orders from Hodges, Agent Vossler called Halcott and Quinn and told them to murder Chris after he had told them what they wanted to know. They later wrapped his body in a bag and buried it in cement, where it was unlikely to ever be discovered.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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