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Christopher Amitrano (born September 14, 1973; age 50) played Brennan during Season 5 of 24. His first appearance was uncredited.

Biography and career[]

Christopher Amitrano was born in New York City. He began his acting career in 2000 with an appearance in the show Third Watch (with Kim Raver). After that, he has appeared in shows like NYPD Blue (with Currie Graham and Jude Ciccolella), Lie to Me (with Mark Rolston), and Lost (with Henry Ian Cusick and Daniel Dae Kim). Christopher was also a regular for three years on the show ER (with Leland Orser).

Christopher has also starred in movies such as Jam (with Gina Torres), The Grind (with C. Thomas Howell, John Lacy, and Tom Sizemore), and Penance (with Graham McTavish and Tony Todd), as well as several short films.

Role on 24[]

Amitrano played the role of Brennan during Season 5 of 24. Brennan was one of the mercenaries working for Christopher Henderson that day. Amitrano appeared in three episodes. For his first appearance, he was uncredited but was credited as a guest star for the other two.

24 credits[]

Selected filmography[]

  • Cold (2021)
  • Galveston (2018)
  • The Land (2016)
  • Sharkskin (2015)
  • The Grind (2010)
  • Penance (2009)
  • Jam (2006)

Television appearances

  • Good Trouble (2021)
  • All Rise (2019)
  • Shameless (2019)
  • Jane the Virgin (2015)
  • Criminal Minds (2013)
  • Lost (2010)
  • Lie to Me (2009)
  • ER (2006-2009)
  • 24 (2006)
  • NYPD Blue (2004)

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