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Christopher Farnsworth (born May 28, 1971; age 51) is the writer of the 24 comic Rules of Engagement.

Biography and career[]

Christopher Farnsworth is a novelist, screenwriter, and journalist. He was born and raised in Idaho, where he studied at the College of Idaho. Before selling his first script, Farnsworth worked as an investigative and business reporter.

Farnsworth is known for writing novels like Flashmob, Kilfile, and The Eternal World. He is also the author of the Nathaniel Cade series, about a vampire who works for the President of the United States. This series includes Blood Oath, The President's Vampire, and Red, White, and Blood.

Aside from his work as a novelist, Farnsworth has appeared in publications like Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Washington Monthly, and The Awl.

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