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Chuck Fitzsimmons was a member of Global Peace for a Cleaner Environment and one of two leaders of Morningside Dawn. He and lover Kristen Doehring planned the group's activities. Chuck truly believed in the cause of environmentalism, but he was afraid of the consequences of Morningside Dawn's activities and needed constant reassurance from Kristen.

Midnight Sun[]

Around 2:30pm, Kristen assured Chuck that no one would be able to trace Wendell Adams' plane crash back to them. Later, she and Chuck met with Theo Oswald, presumably to pick up the bio-mediation bacteria.

When Chuck discovered that Kristen was skimming funds from G-PACE, she revealed that she didn't really believe in environmentalism, and was only using G-PACE and Morningside Dawn to enrich herself. She then knocked him down and strangled him with her bare hands.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Chuck Fitzsimmons: How can you not be nervous about this? No one in our cause has ever gone this far!

  • Kristen Doehring: I was thinking that after the ANWR is rendered inert, I'm going to be a very wealthy woman...but I wouldn't mind being a little more wealthy. And after all, it's not like G-PACE or Morningside Dawn will be around to use it.
  • Chuck Fitzsimmons: But the cause...

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