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You may be looking for the other White House siege participant named Cimbe.

Cimbe was one of General Benjamin Juma's top presidential guard soldiers and participant in the raid on the White House during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Cimbe was one of General Juma's men during his takeover of the White House. He and the elite Sangalan team departed from 44543 Lambourne Marina and eventually invaded the White House. He and the others swept the building to bring hostages to the area outside the safe room where President Allison Taylor had been secured. Cimbe was addressed over the radio by Juma, and reported back his progress. He was secretly observed through a wall by Aaron Pierce, who was hiding with Olivia Taylor.

When Bill Buchanan sacrificed himself to cause an explosion, the authorities then swept in and Cimbe was killed in the ensuing gunfights.

Live appearancesEdit

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