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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

City Trust and Savings was a bank in Agoura Hills, California where Evelyn Martin had a safety deposit box.

Day 5[]

During Day 5, Evelyn Martin hid incriminating evidence against President Charles Logan in a safety deposit box at the bank. Evelyn gave her key to Jack Bauer and Wayne Palmer, and they went to the bank manager's house to force him to help. The bank manager, Carl Mossman, led them to the bank under the pretense of a robbery, and Jack ordered Carl to let them into the bank and into the vault.

Once inside the bank, Carl recognized Wayne Palmer and offered his condolences for President David Palmer. Jack located Evelyn's safe deposit box and opened it to discover an audio recording. Jack played the recording and he, Wayne and Carl listened as Christopher Henderson and President Logan argued about the assassination of President Palmer. President Logan insisted that he never authorized the assassination, but Christopher Henderson assured him that it needed to be done. Jack, Wayne and Carl realized that President Logan was complicit in the day's attacks, and Jack knew that they had the evidence they needed to bring President Logan down.

Jack realized that a group of mercenaries sent by Henderson had surrounded the bank to steal the recording. Jack instructed Carl to trip the silent alarm, in hopes that the LAPD would engage in a firefight with Henderson's men, giving them time to escape.

The police soon arrived, followed by members of the Armed Forces, who had been patrolling the city after martial law had been imposed earlier in the day. The officers surrounded Henderson's men, and a firefight ensued. Jack, Wayne, and Carl ran out of the bank and stole a police car to get away. During their escape, Carl was shot and died in the car shortly thereafter.