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Cloudia Rebar was the set decorator 24. She also worked on The Rookie. She is usually just credited as Cloudia, or sometimes Cloudia Basset-Rebar.

She has been responsible for decorating all of the 24 sets, including Logan's Retreat. During an interview about that particular set, she said that “It is a compilation of many of the elements of mid-century architecture. Mid-century is very chic right now and a timeless design concept. This was meant to be a long-time family home.”

During Day 6, she tried to have Bill Buchanan's home residence have a "Zen-like" quality to fit his character.

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Rebar has been the set decorator for 24 since Season 1, except for the premiere episode, where Ellen Brill held the role. During Season 6 she was joined by Jim O'Donnell.

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