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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Cobb was one of the four mercenaries working beneath Brennan, and ultimately for Christopher Henderson, during Day 5.

Day 5[]

Brennan, Cobb, and three other hired soldiers were sent by Christopher Henderson to kill Wayne Palmer before he could reach Evelyn Martin, his contact in the White House. Sometime after Brennan and the van of mercenaries flipped his vehicle, Palmer (a former Marine) knocked out Cobb and took his weapon. At 9:39pm, Palmer surprised Aaron Pierce with Cobb's weapon, but relented when Aaron identified himself.

Cobb was named by Brennan early the next hour (at about 10:06am) when he explained to Henderson why they lost track of Palmer. He reported to 4615 Tarpin Street with the others but was killed there.

Background information and notes[]


Cobb as he appears in a deleted scene

  • In the aired episode, Cobb was knocked out offscreen. However, the scene was filmed and is part of the deleted scenes for Day 5. In the scene, Cobb (credited as Stunt Sniper and played by Jeff Brockton) is seen being tricked by Wayne Palmer. Cobb shoots what appears to be a man in a coat, and radios in as Alpha 3, but upon inspecting the downed target, sees it is fake. He is quickly knocked to the ground by Palmer with a log or rock. He moans for a moment and then goes limp. Palmer takes his gun, sees Brennan's men approaching, and flees.
  • Cobb is not identifiable in the aired episodes, but his boss, Brennan, appears in his three episodes with four other men exiting the van to chase Palmer. As the full complement of men get back in the van before traveling to 4615 Tarpin Street and getting killed, Cobb must be one of these four.

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