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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

The Columbia Building was a complex in the city of Washington, D.C.. It was located opposite to 1208 Naylor Road.

During the questioning of Gabriel Schector, the mercenary Alan Tanner was posted across the street on the roof of the Columbia Building with a sniper rifle. He shot and killed Schector (and Schector's bodyguard Ari) before Jack Bauer and Renee Walker could extract information from him regarding the whereabouts of Tony Almeida. Larry Moss reported that Tanner also murdered a third person. Tanner quickly tried to flee from the building, but a few minutes later, FBI agents and SWAT teams surrounded it, attempting to apprehend him. Tanner was able to escape through the perimeter due to a moleAgent Lennert — in the FBI. ("Day 7: 8:00am-9:00am", "9:00am-10:00am")