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Several licensed 24 comics have been released by IDW Publishing, beginning with 2004's 24: One Shot.


Cover Title Release Date Author
One Shot One Shot July 28, 2004 J.C. Vaughn & Mark L. Haynes
Jack Bauer has just been assigned by Division as the new Special Agent in Charge for CTU Los Angeles. His first assignment is to head up the mission to protect the recently-defected IRA member Moira O'Neal.
Stories Stories February 2, 2005 J.C. Vaughn & Mark L. Haynes
CTU Agent Jack Bauer is deep undercover with the Salazar drug cartel when he stumbles into a major hostage situation straight out of today's headlines. Radical Chechen separatists have captured the Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister and are demanding the Russians free their comrades. However, the terrorist leader has a darker agenda.
Midnight Sun Midnight Sun July 20, 2005 J.C. Vaughn & Mark L. Haynes
Jack Bauer must battle ecological and economic chaos when a terrorist attack on an experimental oil drilling installation reveals a plot to render the United States' subterranean oil fields permanently useless.
Nightfall Nightfall November 2006 - March 2007 J.C. Vaughn & Mark L. Haynes
Jack Bauer and his Special Ops team have parachuted into Kosovo under David Palmer's orders to eliminate mass murderer Victor Drazen. But the future CTU agent is about to learn that whilst running a covert operation, he should rely on only a few people; and trust even fewer.
ColdWarriors Cold Warriors March 2008 Writer: Beau Smith, Art: Steve Bryant
Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian find themselves at a remote communications station in Alaska where they have to stop a Russian terrorist who wants to bring down all wireless communications in the U.S.
Comics-idw-24-1 Underground April 2014 Ed Brisson
After fleeing the law at the end of Season 8, Jack Bauer resurfaces in Odessa, Ukraine, where he must contend with an enemy from his past and the efforts of the CIA to capture him.
Rules of Engagement cover Rules of Engagement April 2017 Christopher Farnsworth
This comic shows the backstory of Eric Carter in Iraq and Washington, D.C. before he became a national hero for killing a terrorist leader.

Comic collections[]

Cover Title Release Date Author
24combined 24 November 9, 2005 J.C. Vaughn & Mark L. Haynes
The combined copy of One Shot, Stories and Midnight Sun. The comic was given no name besides "24", which is written across the cover and how it is listed on websites where it is for sale.

At the back of the three comics is an "image gallery", which features whole-page photographs of notable characters. Those with photos are Jack Bauer, Nina Myers, Michelle Dessler, Tony Almeida, Chase Edmunds, Kim Bauer, David Palmer, Sherry Palmer and Chloe O'Brian.

24Omnibus 24 Omnibus December 2, 2009 Various
An anthology collecting the first five comics, One Shot, Stories, Midnight Sun, Nightfall and Cold Warriors.