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Koo Yin, consul of China


Anatoly Markov, consul of Russia

A consul is an official representative of the government of one state inside the territory of another. The function of the consul is to assist and represent the citizens of his or her country in the state or country where he is located. They also facilitate diplomatic relations between the two countries. Consuls are usually established at a consulate.

Day 4 Edit

Koo Yin was the Chinese consul in Los Angeles during Day 4. David Palmer contacted him to find Lee Jong, a Chinese national that had sought refuge at the Chinese consulate after aiding terrorist Habib Marwan. Koo Yin refused to surrender Jong immediately asking Palmer for time to contact the Chinese premier. With Marwan on the loose and a nuclear threat pending, Palmer authorized an undercover CTU raid on the consulate, led by Jack Bauer, to retrieve Jong. However, Koo Yin was killed by friendly fire from his own guards during a shootout.

Su Ming was the Chinese deputy consul in Los Angeles during Day 4. He replaced Koo Yin after his death during the CTU assault on the consulate. Knowing that the US government wanted Jong Lee, he pressed on David Palmer to accept responsibility for the assault. When Palmer denied the charges, Su Ming ordered an investigation which was led by Cheng Zhi.

Day 6 Edit

Anatoly Markov was the Russian consul in Los Angeles during Day 6. Markov was complicit in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy of Day 5 and conspired with Dmitri Gredenko to bring nuclear suitcases to the US during Day 6. On Day 6, he was approached by Charles Logan to cooperate with finding Gredenko, but he denied the charges. Jack Bauer tortured him to find out Gredenko's location, but was apprehended. CTU raided the consulate later and killed Markov who refused to surrender.

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