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The Cordilla virus

During Day 3, without the knowledge of their superiors or the rest of the government apparatus, Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida and Gael Ortega began an operation to recover the Cordilla virus from the hands of terrorists. The ultimate objective of the operation was to get Jack Bauer to buy the trust of Ramon and Hector Salazar's crime syndicate, so that he could go undercover with them and intercept the virus from bioterrorist and broker Michael Amador. The operation ultimately failed as Amador's auction was a fake, but it did give Jack and the CTU an extremely valuable head start in neutralizing Stephen Saunders's (the true purchaser from Amador) campaign with the virus.

Before Day 3[]

One month before Day 3, Jack Bauer discovered that a group of scientists from the Ukraine were trying to sell the weaponized virus on the open market to a buyer with money and credibility. Jack, Tony and Gael worked up a plan in which the Salazars would buy the virus, which would then be seized by Counter Terrorist Unit agents.

Jack suggested the Salazars to the sellers, and they appeared interested as the Salazars were a trusted cartel. Jack then had to get the Salazars to agree, and allow CTU to seize the virus as the sale took place.

Kyle Singer[]

Using drug dealers Carlos Corretja and Zach Parker, the US agents arranged for Kyle Singer to pick up a bag of what he presumed to be cocaine from Mexico the night before Day 3. Information would then be transferred to CTU Los Angeles, suggesting to them that it was in fact the virus in crystalline form. This would distract them while the next phase of the plan was put into operation, the events of Day 3.

Hector Salazar[]

Also, Gael Ortega and Jack Bauer worked up a trusting relationship with Hector Salazar, convincing him that Gael was a mole working for Hector at CTU, and that he would help get his brother Ramon out of prison. They also helped to get Jack back in with the group, convince Hector that he was on their side, and persuade Hector that buying the virus would be an extremely profitable choice.

Day 3[]


The body of David Goss outside the NHS

Stage 1: Goss outside NHS[]

The body of David Goss that was infected with the Cordilla virus was dumped outside the National Health Services just after 1:00pm during Day 3. It had the name of Dr. Sunny Macer written across it. It was tested by Dr. Macer, who confirmed that it was infected with the virus. She deduced that it had her name across because she had been testing a similar virus to Cordilla recently at the NHS: a type 3 immuno-pulmonary virus. Her coworker, Tyler, appeared worried, but she assured him that it was not contagious after death. Soon after Gael sent a message to the FBI, as ordered by Hector Salazar through several routers to disguise himself, saying that he wanted the release of Ramon Salazar in six hours, or the virus would be released into the general population of Los Angeles. Dr. Macer told CTU that the virus would most likely be in crystalline form, and that a particular strain had been engineered to kill much faster than anything she had tested with: within 24 hours.

Stage 2a: Search for Singer[]


Tony is shot at the mall

From Goss, CTU managed to find Zach Parker. Jack and Chase tracked him down to an old apartment building, and after a short chase they managed to find him. Jack shot him in the leg in the pursuit, and used his pain as a method of getting him to talk: he explained that a man named Carlos Corretja from Tijuana asked Parker to find someone to bring some cocaine across the border, but he could not understand why he was willing to pay $10,000 for such a simple job. Parker then said that Kyle Singer was the man chosen to bring the drugs across.

CTU then devoted much resources to finding Kyle Singer. Using his parents, CTU tracked Kyle to a mall. However, one of Hector's men, Gomez, was already watching him. Gael told Gomez to get Kyle to an incubation room, and so Gomez shot Tony Almeida, allowing Kyle to escape from the agents. He escaped but was later kidnapped by Gomez, who took him, and his girlfriend Linda away and into an isolation booth.

Adam Kaufman and Kim Bauer found the car that Kyle was being transported in. They began to enhance the image to see the license plate but received a 402 error, meaning an internal problem. The error was caused by Gael, who did not want CTU to find Singer, because that would render Jack's part of the operation useless and foil the whole plan. He disguised his work, but Kim became suspicious. After some time, Adam managed to work past the error and discovered the license plate of the car. Kim later found a way into Gael's system in Tech 1 and discovered a video feed showing Kyle Singer's actions over the past few hours, as well as one trailing Jack and Ramon after the prison break. Gael returned to Tech 1 and took Kim hostage so she would tell no one of what she found.

Michelle Dessler ordered a team to go to pick up Kyle, and they managed to get to him and take out all of his guards. He was then transferred to NHS and put in an incubation room.


Jack and Ramon disguise themselves as guards

Stage 2b: Prison break[]

Whilst CTU tracked down Singer, Jack broke Ramon out of prison as Palmer was unwilling to release him in exchange for the virus. He asked David Palmer for his consent, which he gave, admitting that he would not be able to rectify Jack's career after he did such a thing. Jack made Kim write up a transfer document for Ramon, which allowed him to get close to him. He then had to knock Chase Edmunds unconscious, who was at the prison, attempting to forcefully get information from Ramon. Ramon and Jack were almost out when a lockdown alarm sounded, and Jack knocked out a guard and stole his gun and keys, and began to run.

They reached a room and forced a guard to let all the prisoners out of their cells, causing a riot. Jack hoped that the distraction caused by that would allow him and Ramon to slip out. They knocked out two guards and stole their uniforms. However, they ran into a gang of prisoners who took them hostage. The leader, Peel, forced them and another guard, Buchanan, to play Russian roulette. Buchanan was killed on his first attempt, and Jack and Ramon each managed to survive their first shots. Jack took the chance to shoot at Peel on his second shot and luckily the gun fired, killing him. At the same moment, Chase blew down the walls after monitoring the situation through a tiny camera posted through an air vent. A gunfight ensued, allowing Jack and Ramon to slip away.

They reached the back door, but it was guarded by many guards, as well as surrounded by ambulances. Jack took Ramon and used him as a hostage to steal a chopper. He convinced Chase to let him go, but Chase tried to stop him, saying that CTU had almost found Kyle Singer. Jack said that Singer would not be found soon enough, and he had to save hundreds of thousands of lives by handing over Ramon. As they got in the chopper, Chase received a call from Michelle saying that CTU had picked up Singer, but it was too late, as Jack and Ramon had taken off. Luckily, this allowed the plan to proceed.

Stage 3: Escape from the US[]


Jack and Ramon are tailed by military choppers

In the chopper, Jack explained to Ramon that they would fly over the city of Los Angeles to stop them from being able to be shot down by military helicopters. They came within range of the military, but Ryan Chappelle told them to stand down until he had confirmation from David Palmer, a close personal friend of Jack. He called Wayne Palmer, who interrupted David's debate to inform him of the news. David was torn between national security and sacrificing Jack Bauer, but Wayne talked him into telling Chappelle to shoot down the chopper. Chappelle passed the news on to General Blanchard, but Jack managed to reach downtown Los Angeles before he could be fired upon. Blanchard told the military teams to stand down to avoid collateral damage. Jack and Salazar landed in the middle of the street just as Chloe O'Brian hacked into the chopper's hailing frequency. Chase talked over it to Jack, saying that they have found Kyle Singer and that the virus is no longer a threat, but once again it is a few seconds too late, and Jack and Salazar had already bolted out the chopper and headed for the subway. They got out through a maintenance exit and stole a car, heading for an airplane that was arranged by Hector to pick up Jack and Ramon after the escape. They arrived at the airport and two of Ramon's men jumped Jack, and Ramon held a gun to his head to kill him. However, Tomas, one of the men from the airplane, told Ramon that Hector wanted Jack in Mexico alive, so Ramon made his men bring Jack onto the plane.

Meanwhile, Kyle Singer learned that he would soon become symptomatic and then would die shortly after. Dr. Nicole Duncan told him that they would try and make him as comfortable as possible. The doctors were still unaware that Kyle was not infected with any virus, and the whole thing was part of Jack, Tony and Gael's operation. He had a tearful reunion with his parents, and prepared for his death. However, after actually running some tests on his, Dr. Duncan realized that he was not infected. She told him and his parents the happy news, then called Chappelle and told him that Kyle was not infected. Chappelle was confused as to what was going on, and Dr. Duncan explained that she had no idea either.

Soon after Ramon threw some champagne over Jack's face, waking him up. As he did, Jack realized that he was in a side cabin on the plane, and was handcuffed. Ramon threatened to shoot Jack, but Tomas reiterated that Hector wanted him alive. Ramon left Jack and his guard, Pedro, who Jack recognized from his undercover mission. He faked a spasm and forced Pedro to come close to him. He used the opportunity to break Pedro's neck with his legs. He then took the keys and unlocked himself, and took Pedro's gun. Ramon came in again and Jack smashed the gun out of his hand and took him hostage, forcing all the other men on the plan to holster their weapons. The plane landed and Hector was angry to see that Jack had Ramon at gunpoint. However, he told all of his men to put their weapons down, and Jack let Ramon go back to Hector. Jack and Hector embraced to Ramon's surprise, and Hector thanked Jack for all the work he had done. Ramon demanded to know what was going on, and Hector promised to explain everything.


Tony and Gael explain the sting operation to Chappelle in the Holding room

Back at CTU, Michelle discovered that Gael was leaking information to Hector when Adam found Kim tied up in Tech 1. Chappelle interrogated him, to no avail. Hector called and Adam tried to trace the call but they were unsuccessful. At the hospital, Tony woke up to see Michelle. Almost immediately he asked about what happened with Jack at the prison. Confused, Michelle quickly explained everything that had happened in the last few hours. Tony said that he needed to talk to Gael, but Michelle tried to say that Gael was a mole working for Hector. Tony made her take him back to CTU, and he stopped Gael's interrogation upon arrival. Chappelle demanded to know what was going on. At the same moment, Jack pressed a button on his watch, triggering a notice to Gael's PDA. Chappelle asked what that meant, and Tony and Gael explained that it meant Jack was integrated with the Salazars again, as they had been planning. Chappelle expressed confusion but Tony dismissed him, demanding to speak to the President. Chappelle said that he will take action if he feels that Tony has acted inappropriately.


Palmer watches the recording of Jack

Tony explained to the President that there was a video file he should see. He gives Wayne the access code, and a video of Jack Bauer appears on the monitor. In it, Jack explains about the Ukrainian virus-sellers, and how they were interested in the idea of the Salazars buying the virus. Jack said that he would have to convince the Salazars that he had switched sides for trust to be established, and said that the best way to do this way to break Ramon out of prison. He went on to say that once the Salazars bought the virus it would be seized by CTU as it is, without a doubt, the most lethal threat they have ever faced. Jack apologized for deceiving the President, and assumed complete responsibility for his actions. The video ended, and Palmer told Tony that keeping him in the dark on a matter of national security was inexcusable, but Tony tried to explain that it was the best way to protect him, but Palmer said it was a mistake and Tony, Jack and Gael will take responsibility for it when the situation is over.

Palmer asked where Jack is and Tony explained that he was in Las Nieves in Northern Mexico, organizing a meeting between the Ukrainian sellers and the Salazars. Palmer agreed to go ahead with the plan as he said that he had no other choice, but assured Tony he had not heard the last of the matter. After the call, Wayne tried to convince Palmer that Jack had done the right thing by protecting him, but Palmer seems less certain.

Stage 4: Obtaining the Virus[]


Ramon and Jack prepare to buy the virus

In Mexico, Jack and Hector explained to Ramon the situation. Jack said that he had to call a man named Michael Amador who represented the sellers within one hour or he would walk. Ramon tried to shoot Jack, saying that they should not trust him, but Hector stopped him, explaining that they could have $1 billion by selling the virus on to other buyers. At the same time Chase was following a lead that took him to Las Nieves. He arrived in a plane, and informed Kim. He asked her not to tell anyone, but then she learned that what her father was doing was all part of the sting operation, and so she told Tony about him. He deduced that Chase would ruin Jack's cover, and so attempted to contact him. However, he was caught by the Salazars' people before Tony could explain what was happening. Jack was forced to shoot him to show his loyalty to the Salazars, but luckily the gun had no bullets in it. However, Chase smashed Jack's watch, the tracking device set in place as part of the plan. At CTU Gael discovered this and informed Tony, who said that now there would be no way to know when to send in the CTU team to take the virus.

Amador called back soon after, and Jack, Ramon and Hector traveling to the meeting place. As Jack prepared to hand over the money, Amador explained that a complication had arisen, and another buyer was interested. At first angry, Hector lunged at Amador, but he explained that he was simply following the orders of his clients. Amador told them that they would write down a number on a piece of paper and the highest bidder would get the virus. The other bidder pulled up, and it was revealed to be Nina Myers. She insisted to Amador that Jack was a federal agent and that he was not to be trusted, but Amador assured her that the perimeter was being watched and that all radio frequencies were being detected, so there was no chance of anyone coming within 25km of the area. She walked away, but Amador reminded her that her client would not be happy if she did not get the virus, so she returned. Ramon questioned Jack, asking whether it would be a problem that he had a history with Nina, but Jack assured him it would not. Each party made their bids, and Nina's was higher by $15 million. Angered, Hector and Ramon planned to shoot Jack, but he managed to talk them out of it by promising to find Nina and get the virus from her after the bid had taken place.

Meanwhile, CTU tried to work out why the tracker was no longer working. However, it was to no avail. Gael estimated that they could have gone anywhere in a thirty mile radius after Jack being missing for twenty-seven minutes, but as time went on it would become harder and harder to find him. Jack managed to get to Claudia and explained what was happening. He asked her to look after Chase, who was being tortured by the Salazars' men, and to get Jack a phone. Whilst she was unable to get a phone, she explained to Chase that Jack was still working with CTU, and that she would help him to escape. She later manages to help him to escape, but she is killed in the process. Chase calls for a CTU chopper to come and collect him, and Claudia's father and younger brother.

Hector called Gael, which allowed CTU to trace the call and find Jack's location. He wondered why Gael had not spoken to him in two hours, but Gael managed to make a fake excuse up, convincing Hector. He discovered that Jack and Ramon had set off to find Nina and get the virus from her, and they also got the cell phone number of Amador, allowing them to track it and discover where he was. Tony then sent the Delta teams that were on standby to move in and get the virus to the new coordinates, ready to intercept at any time. Meanwhile, Jack and Ramon arrived at Amador's location, an old abandoned church. Jack got close to the location and listened in on Amador and Nina's conversation in which Amador gave Nina updated instructions as to how to collect the virus. He left, and Jack took out all of Nina's guards except one. He was confused by the final guard allowing Nina to knock him out and tie him up. When he regained consciousness he told Nina that the Salazars would pay her ten times the amount she was being paid by her current client, and so she agreed to go through with his deal. However, she still appeared unconvinced, sure that Jack was still working with CTU.


Ramon shoots Hector so the deal can continue

Jack called Ramon and told him to come to the church. He arrived, and whilst Jack was distracted Nina tried to convince him that Jack was still working with CTU. However, he was convinced of Jack's veracity, saying that the Salazar brothers were not foolish enough to fall for that. He received a call from Hector, who had discovered Claudia's body, and told him that Chase had escaped. He pleaded with Ramon to call off the deal, saying that Chase would call CTU as soon as he found a phone. He was unaware that Chase had already called a CTU and chopper and had long since left the region. Ramon said that the risk was not enough to blow $1 billion, and told Hector to keep some men searching for Chase, while he come and join himself and Jack.

Soon after Amador called Nina, and Gael and Tony tracked it at CTU. They confirmed that several vehicles had come close to Amador, and probably dropped off the virus with him. Amador told Nina to meet him in a little over one hour, and after the call ended Ramon said that they would leave as soon as Hector arrived. However, when Hector did arrive he insisted that they call off the deal. Ramon tried to tell him that Hector was no longer in charge now he was back, and so Ramon was forced to shoot Hector when he tried to walk away from the deal.

Ramon, Jack, Nina and the Salazars' men travelled to the meeting point. Ramon positioned his men in hidden positions so Amador would be unaware of their presence. Nina persisted that Jack was still with CTU, but Ramon refused to believe her. After half an hour Amador arrived, and Ramon sent Nina in, informing her that there were three snipers positioned in the mountains trained on her in case she made a wrong me. She moved up, and Amador approached her. He handed her the virus and she performed a verification scan, confirming that it was, in fact, the virus. Amador took it back until Nina transferred the funds to his account. After doing so he gave her the vial back and left. Watching from afar, Chase confirmed that it was the virus and told the Delta teams to go in.

Nina went back to Jack and Ramon, and handed Ramon the virus. Jack advised Ramon to leave, but Ramon pulled a gun on Jack, blaming him for Hector's death. Jack stepped back and put his arms up, saying that they had a deal. Chase realized what was happening and began to shoot at Ramon and his men, realizing that the Delta teams would not arrive in time. Chase shot Ramon through the shoulder, and with the combined efforts of Jack, they took out most of the Salazars' men. The Delta team arrived shortly after and assisted in taking them all out. However, Nina escaped. Jack also saw Ramon running away with the virus, and began to pursue.


The vial explodes

After a short distance Jack lost Ramon's track, but joined up with Chase. Together they followed a path and found Ramon. Jack told him to stop, and that there was nowhere left to run. Ramon said that he would not go back to prison, and Jack offered to cut him a deal. Ramon held the vial, prepared to open it. Jack thought that he managed to talk him out of it, but was unsuccessful when Ramon did open the vial. However, no virus was emitted as expected: an explosion blew Ramon, Jack and Chase to the ground. Ramon was killed due to his contact with the explosion.

Jack immediately called CTU and informed that they did not have the virus in their possession, and Amador had tricked them. He asked if Amador was captured, but Amador himself had set up a plan, and had men prepared that took out the Delta team that had tracked him. He set off, destroying his phone in the process, ruining CTU's chance of tracking him.

Jack, Tony and Gael realized that their whole operation had failed. However, CTU managed to find Amador again later in the day, who sold the actual virus on to Stephen Saunders. They successfully managed to secure the vial, containing the virus from being released into the general population.

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