Wiki 24

Chase Edmunds locks down Fort Lesker.


Chase enters the control room and inside is a man that he forces to trigger a lockdown. The man taps several keys and an alarm goes off as the man informs Chase that the lockdown has been triggered. However, Chase sees a note saying "Alarm Activated" on a monitor and hears a radio broadcast telling all units to go to the control room. Chase realizes what happened and angrily knocks out the man with the butt of his gun. He calls Jack Bauer and tells him that the alarm has been tripped and he does not have much time. Jack tells him to enter the code he heard from the man who was being interrogated: yellow, blue, green, red. Chase remembers the code and Jack tells him to use his PDA to crack the lockdown code. Jack tells him that the sequence will be rejected unless Chase uses them in the right order.

He uses each side of the terminal, completing a sequence analyzer on each. After successfully typing in the correct code for each colored terminal, Chase completes the mission.