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Craig Auburn was a Secret Service agent during the events of Trojan Horse. At that time he was 55 years old, only 5 years away from retiring with a full pension. His poor fitness made him out of breath whenever he had to exert himself moderately.

Trojan Horse[]

Auburn was caught up in the hostage situation orchestrated by Nikolai Manos at the Chamberlain Auditorium during the Silver Screen Awards. He was posted there as little more than a "glorified doorman". He took note of the Middle Eastern worker Haroun (who was smuggling hidden martyrs) but his suspicions were forced aside by a crew chief who accused him of racial profiling. Haroun's prop, which contained explosives, also seemed suspicious to him, but a pair of private forensics men found little cause for alarm. When the terrorists attacked, he witnessed the death of Vladimir Borodin and then Ron Birchwood, but helped save the lives of Martina Novartov, Adam Carlisle, and others.

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