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Cutler was an CIA field operative with the London station during Day 9.

Cutler took part in the 11:00am raid on the Chatham and Dominion factory where Jack Bauer was discovered to be hiding. After Bauer managed to knock down Miller, team leader Erik Ritter warned Cutler and Armstrong about Bauer approaching. Still, Cutler was knocked down by Bauer on his way out of the factory. After Bauer was apprehended, Cutler and Ritter escorted him into the CIA London station. ("Day 9: 11:00am-12:00pm")

Agent Cutler accompanied Steve Navarro, Erik Ritter, and a number of other field agents in a raid on a manor on Nielson Way, suspected to be Margot Al-Harazi's home base. The estate turned out to be a trap, as Margot's son Ian used one of their stolen drones to fire on and destroy the house, killing four members of the field team. ("3:00pm-4:00pm", "4:00pm-5:00pm")

That evening, Cutler was among the agents who raided Margot's second base at Tundel House in Dalston, London. The mission resulted in the deaths of Margot and Ian, along with all of their followers, but Cutler himself was also killed in the line of duty along with another CIA agent. ("6:00pm-7:00pm")

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