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Dagger was the codename of a mole within the United States intelligence apparatus, acting in league with the Drazen syndicate.

Dagger was responsible for leaking a classified file on Operation Nightfall to Victor Drazen's son Alexis. The file, compiled by NSA operative Robert Ellis, contained a memorandum from Ellis to Senator David Palmer reporting the outcome of the mission in Kosovo, incorrectly claiming that Victor Drazen had been killed in the airstrike. The report also made mention of "two unidentified women" killed in the attack, later confirmed to be Drazen's wife and daughter. In addition, the file contained a surveillance record of Drazen's activities, ending with the address of the Saugus detention center where Drazen was to be transferred during Day 1.

The memorandum was recovered on Alexis' personal digital assistant, a PDF file labeled "RECOVERED ELLIS FILE_FROM DAGGER." Dagger was wired a payment of one million dollars in exchange for the document. At the time of the House Special Subcommittee's investigation, the individual remained at large. (Findings at CTU)

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