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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Dan was one of the flight attendants on Flight 520 during Day 5.

Day 5[]

After a passenger aboard the flight saw George Avila unconscious, she screamed, bringing flight attendants Dan and Sue over to see what happened. Sue told Dan to notify the pilot, Stan Cotter, that Avila, the Air Marshal, was knocked out and a passenger was missing. Dan alerted Cotter, but was overheard by the co-pilot Scott Evans. Jack Bauer had knocked out Avila to find an audio recording that Evans had hidden, but did not know which person aboard the plane had it. Cotter ordered Dan to secure the cabin. Dan and Sue maintained order on the plane while Jack searched for the recording which implicated President Charles Logan in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy. The plane later made a dangerous but successful emergency landing on a Los Angeles highway.

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