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Dana Bunch appeared (uncredited) as an unnamed CTU staffer during Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; and then as FBI Agent Teller during Season 7, of 24, for which he received only one co-star credit.

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Other than his work on 24, Bunch's other acting experiences are in a 2009 short film titled Fire, and in 2013 film The Purge, along with Chris Mulkey.

Role on 24 Edit

Bunch played the role of an unnamed CTU staffer during the show's first 5 seasons and can be seen in several occasions:

During Season 7, Bunch appeared in 7 episodes as FBI Agent Teller. His character initially assisted Renee Walker in escorting Jack Bauer and scouting Gabriel Schector's apartment. The character remained active during the day and was present in most of the FBI operations during that day. Bunch remained uncredited for most of his episodes, with the exception of his first appearance for which he was credited as a co-star.


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CTU staffer (uncredited)


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