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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Dani Taylor was a teenager on a trip with her church and Brice Holman — undercover Director of CTU New York — during the events of Collateral Damage. She and Brice were the only survivors of a mob attack on the bus.

Collateral Damage[edit | edit source]

Dani Taylor was on the bus with her father and the rest of her church when it was attacked by a mob. The mob killed and decapitated all of the members of the church, including her father. Brice Holman saved her as she was being beaten savagely by the mob. During their escape, Brice gave her his phone and told her only to give it to the FBI, as CTU was corrupted. He then sent her to flee into the woods as he led the mob away.

She was later discovered by Jack Bauer, who left her with Layla Abernathy while he went to investigate a massive explosion. Layla, who turned out to be a mole, fought Dani for the phone. She was rescued by Brice, who was barely alive. When Jack came back, Holman told him about the intel on his phone. He gave him the password, and died minutes later at Dani's side. (Collateral Damage)

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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