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Danilo was one of Karl Rask's henchmen during Day 9.

When Jack Bauer arrived at Rask's hideout at around 4:30pm, he told him and his men that he had brought the CIA agent to whom Nils was ratting them. When Jack told them she was unconscious because of a dose of propofol, Rask told him that they had something to counter the effects. He then instructed Radko and Danilo to get Morgan out of the trunk, awaken her, and interrogate her.

After Radko and Danilo dragged her to another room, they shot her with a substance to wake her up. They then proceeded to chain her, as Radko prepared to torture and question her. Danilo brought out the tools for Radko to torture Morgan, and assisted him when necessary.

As Radko continued to torture Morgan, they were interrupted when they heard shots. Danilo grabbed a submachine gun to check, but when he returned, he saw Kate had killed Radko. He started shooting at her, but Kate grabbed a gun and shot Danilo repeatedly in the body.

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