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Danny was a CTU analyst and technician active during Days 4 through 6.

Day 4[]

During the beginning of the day, Danny was seen working silently alongside Edgar Stiles.

Later, Danny was seen removing the sensory deprivation equipment from Richard Heller following his torture, and left the holding room when Secretary of Defense James Heller entered to speak with his son.

Danny operated the cameras and other equipment behind the one-way mirror during the interrogation of Dina Araz by Tony Almeida. Tony called him into the holding room at about 5:30pm, and asked him to turn off the cameras to frighten Dina. He did so. Soon after, Jesse hesitated but left the viewing room with Erin Driscoll and another staffer when Tony asked everyone to get out, to further frighten the witness.

At 9:05:22pm, Danny handed Almeida a report from the medical examiner who examined the body of Dina Araz. Shortly after at 9:20, Danny supervised the planned interrogation of Behrooz Araz. While Eric Richards prepared his interrogation drugs, Curtis Manning spoke with Danny moments before Tony Almeida arrived.

After Curtis gave Behrooz a watch with a tracker in it, Danny "double tagged" him by injecting a microtracker into Behrooz's scalp as well.

Day 5[]

Audrey Raines was framed by Collette Stenger as a mole, so Karen Hayes from Homeland Security decided to interrogate Audrey. Danny wheeled in an interrogation cart to Audrey's holding cell to prepare for a thorough interrogation by Rick Burke.

Day 6[]

Doyle directs Danny.

At 6:20am, Nadia Yassir ordered Danny to focus on conducting a search of the "main grid" of Los Angeles proper, because the FBI would be searching outside the city limits. They were interrupted by Chloe. Later, at 6:10pm, Mike Doyle directed Danny at a computer screen before going over to micromanage the work of Chloe O'Brian.

Background information and notes[]

  • Steve Lanza appeared in several seasons as a background CTU staffer with such duties such as analyst work, medical technician functions, and field support work. He depicted different characters, because he was addressed variously as Jesse, Reed, and even by the actor's own surname Lanza, depending upon the season.
  • Danny is one of six other recurring background CTU characters to appear in three or more seasons of the show. The other characters are Kevin, who appears in the first three seasons; Robin Powers, who appears in the first six seasons; Eileen, who appears in the first four seasons; and the unnamed staffing character portrayed by Dana Bunch who appears in the first five seasons; and the unnamed field agent portrayed by Chad Israel who appears in the third, fourth and fifth seasons.

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