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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Danny was staying at the Chandler Plaza Hotel during Day 3. He was there when the hotel was attacked by Marcus Alvers, who planted a vial of Cordilla virus in the Hotel.

Day 3[]

Danny was among the guests who congregated in the lobby. Michelle Dessler, who had led a team from CTU Los Angeles, told the guests that a toxic substance had been released outside the building. He was the most vocal guest and angrily expressed his anxiety.

Danny later noticed that many of the other guests had begun bleeding from the nose. Though he had no way of knowing, this was the first sign of a person becoming symptomatic of the Cordilla virus. He panicked and shouted that the federal agents were lying to everyone. He grabbed a trash can, and smashed a window in the lobby with the intent to flee. Michelle confronted him with a warning that she would shoot him, but he believed it was an empty threat. However, rather than let the man escape and spread the deadly virus, Dessler shot him twice in the back, killing him. A woman, familiar to him, was also at the hotel, and expressed dismay over his death.

Danny became the first fatality of the attack on the Chandler Plaza Hotel, even though he died not through the actions of Stephen Saunders, but by Michelle Dessler. Michelle was deeply affected by this death, even though Danny was unintentionally threatening to spread the virus to the rest of Los Angeles. She expressed anger over her actions to her husband, Tony Almeida, later in the Day.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Danny: They're lying to us! There's something wrong inside the building! It's inside the building!

  • Michelle Dessler: If you try to leave, I will shoot you!
  • Danny: (silently) No you won't. (tries to escape, but is shot)

Background information and notes[]

  • Danny is Michelle Dessler's only confirmed on-screen kill during the show. It is possible but unconfirmed that she killed Marcus Alvers.
  • Interestingly, Danny shares the name of Michelle's brother.

Live appearances[]

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