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Dar was the terrorist who set up the train bombing in the Santa Clarita Valley at the start of Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

After derailing the train with a truck bomb, Dar rode over to the wreck on his dirt bike. He ignored one woman's pleas for help. He identified his target, a man named Brody who had a suitcase containing the Dobson Override handcuffed to his wrist, and killed him with a sound-suppressed pistol. Dar then stole the suitcase and departed on his motorbike.

Within the hour, Dar, unmasked, delivered the device personally to Navi Araz. Terrorist Tomas Sherek played an important role in coordinating the bombing, and was the middleman for communicating between Navi and Dar. Though Dar was greeted warmly by Navi and Behrooz Araz knew him by name, Dar was not allowed by Navi to deliver the Dobson Override to sub-cell leader Omar. Navi instead entrusted this responsibility only to his son, Behrooz.


Dar personally delivers the Dobson Override to Navi Araz.

Background information and notes Edit

  • As he was not seen after his conversation with Navi, whether or not Dar was arrested/killed for his crime (or even if the authorities discovered him to be the perpetrator) is unknown.

Live appearancesEdit

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