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Darren McCarthy was an employee at defense contractor Elegra Global who sold five Soviet suitcase nukes to Abu Fayed prior to Day 6.

Before Day 6[]

When Dmitri Gredenko supplied former-Soviet nuclear weapons to BXJ Technologies, Graem Bauer hired Darren McCarthy to oversee the dismantling of five of the suitcase nuclear devices. Graem also assigned McCarthy to recycle the bomb's components into nuclear energy production. When terrorist Abu Fayed offered McCarthy $3.5 million to obtain the bombs, McCarthy sold them, but didn't know when Fayed planned on detonating them.

Day 6[]

After a suitcase nuke was detonated in Valencia, Los Angeles, McCarthy deleted his computer files and prepared to flee to Las Vegas, to escape the radioactive fallout of the explosion. When Fayed contacted him and offered him $7 million to find another engineer, McCarthy decided to accept the terms.

Before finding the engineer, McCarthy drove his 2007 Maserati Quattroporte through Los Angeles and picked up his girlfriend Rita Brady, who was unaware of McCarthy's business dealings and wanted to leave the city immediately. When Rita began to demand for answers, McCarthy pulled over and demanded for her to leave. Rita then changed her attitude and realized how much money they would get, if McCarthy went forward with the job. At several points during his drive, McCarthy spoke to a cell phone contact who actively researched an engineer who could be hired or coerced to serve Fayed. McCarthy and his contact ruled out at least one possibility, Taylor Pascal, before determining that Morris O'Brian would be able to do the work. The contact warned McCarthy that O'Brian wouldn't do it willingly, however.

Darren McCarthy prepares to kidnap Morris O'Brian

McCarthy checked into a hotel room with Rita and called Fayed with O'Brian's information. He then falsified a report that Morris' brother Timothy was injured and brought to the hospital, in order to draw Morris out of the CTU Los Angeles building.

CTU intercepted McCarthy's report about the targeted engineer, Morris, but Morris left CTU before the data was completely decoded. When Chloe O'Brian contacted Morris and told him that the hospital report was doctored, Morris tried to turn around. McCarthy, however, arrived shot at Morris' car, and he and Rita then kidnapped him.

When McCarthy realized a CTU chopper was tailing him, he was forced to ditch his vehicle and acquire a new one. When Rita learned from Morris that CTU doesn't know about her, she decided to kill McCarthy and keep the $7 million to herself. Rita shot McCarthy and then dumped his body on the street.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Darren McCarthy: ...enough to buy you a small country.

Eddie Izzard in a scene filmed as McCarthy

Background information and notes[]

  • Actor/comedian Eddie Izzard was originally cast in the role of Darren McCarthy. However, due to scheduling conflicts, he dropped out after only one day of filming.

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