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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

Dave was an anti-government American terrorist and bomb-maker who was a member of Joseph Wald's militia during Day 2.

Before Day 2[]

Dave started working with Wald after Jack had left the group and Wald had been sent to prison. The gang suspected that Wald's imprisonment was because of Jack.

Day 2[]

Dave supervised as Chris Jones worked on some wiring. He noticed "Jack Roush" (Jack's alias with the gang) approaching and told Eddie that he thought it was unwise to bring someone else into the gang so late. Jack said that he just wanted to speak to Joe, but Dave insisted that he checked Jack's records if he was going to stay. He accessed the Corrections Offender Network on the State of Florida Department of Corrections website, and at first found nothing. However, the CTU team managed to upload fake data about Jack just in time to secure his cover. Eddie apologized for having to do the check, and asked if he still had his '64 Mustang. He responded that "the lawyers" took that.

Dave got suspicious of Jack

Jack later approached Dave and told him that he was tying the fuses too tight in his device. Eddie approached and asked what was happening, and Jack told him that Dave was a moron. Eddie told Jack that Joe was busy, and tomorrow might work out better. Eventually he agreed to return the following day at four, and wished Eddie luck. As he went to leave, Jack pretended that his car would not start so as to continue to monitor the operations. As Chris and Dave looked on suspiciously, Jack opened the bonnet to his car and hid behind it as he watched the men load the device they were building into the back of a van. After a while, Dave approached Jack and told him that he had to leave. Jack called over to Eddie and said that Dave was a joke. Insulted, Dave attempted to punch Jack from behind but, predicting this, Jack grabbed Dave's fist before impact, twisted it, and knocked Dave to the ground, then confirming to Eddie what he just suggested about his man. Dave then tried to kick Jack, but Jack grabbed his foot and twisted it, breaking his ankle.

As a result of this, Jack took Dave's place as a member on Wald's team in their mission to blow up CTU Los Angeles. ("9:00am-10:00am")

Background information and notes[]

  • Much like Frank, it was never stated if Dave was arrested or got away after the fact.
  • Actor Gregory Sporleder also portrayed a terrorist angry at the American government in the 1996 film The Rock.

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