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David Blake (born December 23, 1987; age 32) played an unnamed CIA worker in 24: Live Another Day.


David Blake was born in Kingtson, Jamaica, but was raised in London, UK. Aside from 24, he has worked on The Inbetweeners 2. Blake also has several acting projects in line.

BTS CIA bg cast

Blake with some of his fellow actors during a break

Blake's primary focus is his career as a musician, where performs under the pseudonym of Blaks Marshall. He has performed in various cities and countries around Europe. Blake also works in sound engineering and visual directing. He has released various singles through his own label, KCX.

Blake is also the founder and director of Kensington Class Unlimited, an umbrella company to encompass all his business endeavors, which also include modeling and fashion design.

Role on 24Edit

Blake's role was of an employee at the CIA London station. He can be seen wearing a light brown sweater, usually standing in front of the main screen at the bullpen, along with Rimmel Daniel. When asked about the experience on the show, he called it "a very pleasant experience, one that i will truly miss. I made so many friends ... I would be more than happy to make another appearance."

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  • The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

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