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David Goss was a drug dealer who dealt with Zach Parker prior to Day 3.

Before Day 3 Edit

Goss was infected by the Ukrainians (likely led by Yuri) who developed the Cordilla virus to demonstrate the lethality of their virus to their buyers. Goss may have once been among the large quantity of other people who were infected by the virus, whose bodies were buried by Oriol for Hector Salazar in a mass grave in Mexico. Goss was not immune to the virus, and died shortly afterward.

Day 3 Edit


David's body dumped at NHS

At the beginning of Day 3, David's body was dropped off outside NHS by unidentified men and a door was blown open to announce the delivery. A security guard found the corpse with a label on it for "Sunny Macer" and immediately reported it. Dr. Macer and her team of virologists determined that he was killed by a powerful new strain of the Cordilla virus. It was later revealed that this was part of an elaborate sting operation put into motion by Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida, and Gael Ortega in order to obtain the trust of Hector and Ramon Salazar.

Background information and notes Edit

  • This is one of the few times a named character appears only as a corpse, or in more than one episode as a corpse. Other examples include Alan York.

Live appearancesEdit

* — Corpse only
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