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David Petrovic was the brother of Anna Petrovic, and Jack Bauer's contact during Nightfall.


Two years before Day 1, David and Anna were given the task of bringing Jack Bauer's Delta Strike Team to Victor Drazen's location so they could help to execute his assassination.

His first appearance occurred shortly before 9:17 p.m. Eastern time / 3:17 AM Local with his sister. Soon after, the siblings were witnesses to an attack on Jack's Delta Strike Team by Serbian authorities. Anna came out of the attack fine, but David was shot in the arm while trying to block Anna from the gunfire.


Anna nurses David's body

The Petrovics then drove with Jack and the Delta Strike Team, planning on reaching their first contact, Jovan Tesla. According to the Petrovics, he was part of Victor Drazen's inner circle and was willing to sell him out for immunity. Anna distracted the post guard Andrija Telsa so the team could get past a checkpoint. Once they reached Jovan Tesla, Bauer's team was attacked by some of Drazen's men trying to stop them reaching the base. They shot out the team's vehicle with a rocket launcher, and Ronnie Pope's arm was injured in the strike.

David was killed by some of Drazen's men. Despite this, Anna continued to provide help for the Delta Strike Team.

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