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Dawes was the secretary of a United States federal executive department, and a member of the Cabinet of President Wayne Palmer, during Day 6.

Secretary Dawes was summoned to participate in a 25th Amendment proceeding when Vice President Noah Daniels challenged Palmer's competency. Daniels cited Palmer's health and behavior as reasons for removing him from office, and a Cabinet vote was required.

White House Chief of Staff Tom Lennox arranged the meeting. Secretary Dawes, Secretary Durant, and Attorney General Kevin Graves were not in Washington, D.C., so they were connected to the meeting in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center through live video feeds. Around 9:00pm Pacific Time, while they waited for the President and others to arrive, Lennox asked Dawes if he could hear and see the meeting clearly, and Dawes confirmed that his connection was good.

With the rest of the Cabinet, Secretary Dawes heard testimony from the President, the Vice President, and Dr. Arthur Welton. When the vote was taken, Dawes voted to retain Palmer as President. ("Day 6: 9:00pm-10:00pm")

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