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CTU discovers Jadalla Bin-Khalid's location from Gabriel's laptop. Eric Carter and Thomas Locke lead an assault on the safehouse, but a news leak tips off the terrorists and they evacuate. Jadalla's men successfully kidnap Isaac and Nicole Carter, and Bin-Khalid plans to use them as leverage over Eric. After her brother is killed, Amira Dudayev leaves to carry out the attack herself. Her father breaks free and attempts to alert the authorities, but they ultimately are too late.


Previously on 24[]

  • Amira Dudayev, after helping lock up her own father, questions whether their cause is a just one. Her brother Khasan then gets a text containing their activation code and says it's time to launch the attack.
  • Senator John Donovan watches his father's interrogation at CTU. He bursts into the room and says he has a chance to save lives by cooperating, but Henry maintains his innocence.
  • Ben Grimes is broken out of CTU custody by Eric Carter. They plan to go undercover with the arms dealer Gabriel, who can hopefully lead them to Jadalla Bin-Khalid. To prove he can be trusted, Eric is asked to kill Grimes. He refuses, but one of Gabriel's men kills him anyway.
  • Eric Carter points his gun at Gabriel and demands Jadalla's location. While Eric is distracted, the arms dealer pulls out a knife and slits his own throat. With their only lead dead, Eric discovers some promising intel on Gabriel's laptop.
The following takes place
between 5:00pm and 6:00pm

Events occur in real time


Eric mourns over his fallen colleague

At Gabriel's hideout, Eric Carter pays respects to his fallen comrade. On his body, he finds a photograph of his unit in the Rangers as well as his dog tag. Fighting back tears, Eric places them back on Grimes's body as it's taken away by CTU.

Thomas Locke berates Eric for how he handled the Gabriel operation. Eric says they're bound to find something useful on the arms dealer's laptop. But Locke says it was still reckless to trust Grimes, calling him a "degenerate". Insulted, he defends his friend, telling Locke that he went along with the operation knowing full well that he would die. Eric affirms his hope in Grimes's word that Gabriel can lead back to Jadalla and walks away.

Eric places a call to Nicole and asks if she made it to Christine's yet. She tells him she's still at Isaac's, saying that he's "going through a rough time". Eric is adamant that she can't stay there and tells her he's sending CTU to pick her up. Nicole asks if he'll met him there, but he simply says he'll see her soon. Eric tells Nicole he loves her and hangs up.

Nicole informs Isaac that she's going to CTU. He begs her not to leave, saying that she's safe with him. She insists that she must go, however, and attempts to leave her room, but Isaac blocks her path. Nicole, placing her hand on Isaac's face, looks at him affectionately; he then caves in and lets her through.

CTU learns of Jadalla's whereabouts

On the main floor at CTU, Mariana Stiles notifies Director Keith Mullins of a call from Locke and puts him on. Locke says they found proof on Gabriel's laptop that he helped smuggle Jadalla and his crew into the country. While the agent scrolls through the computer, Eric notices fake passports for Jadalla and his men as well as an address: 1003 Chesapeake Bridge Lane. Locke forwards this information to Mullins, who tells them to assemble a team and head there as soon as possible.

Eric asks if he can take part in the operation, but Mullins is hesitant, reminding him that he isn't a CTU agent. He pleads him to reconsider, stating that it was Jadalla who killed his squad and that he needs to see this through. Mullins acquiesces in his request and tells Locke to call him in 10 minutes.


Mikail Dudayev begs his daughter not to listen to her brother

Amira Dudayev gives her father a drink of water. After thanking her, he asks Amira why she's doing this. He reminds her that in Islam one prays for two things: family and peace, and that what she's doing is a twisted perversion. He begs his daughter not to let Khasan lead her down the wrong path, but Amira ignores him and leaves the room.

In the kitchen, Khasan tells Amira to ignore whatever their father said. She states that he's simply worried for his children. Khasan interjects, claiming he was never there for them: that he would only "raise his voice, puff his chest, and beat us into behaving". He tells his sister now is not the time to have doubts. He then heads to an adjacent room to begin preparing the explosives.

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John Donovan asks his father to cooperate with CTU

In a holding room, John Donovan once again begs his father to cooperate with CTU. He tells him that withholding information about the terrorists will not protect his campaign, and that it will only do the opposite. After showing some consideration, Henry says he can't tell them what he doesn't know. Rebecca Ingram then calls for the senator, and he gets up and exits the room.

In the observation room, John admits that he can't get to his father, but Rebecca says he may not have to. She tells him of the lead on Jadalla's location that Eric turned up, and that she's going to help oversee the operation. He says he can't tell if she needs CTU, or if CTU needs her. Rebecca smiles and proceeds to leave. John then calls someone inside CTU, telling them he'd like to speak to Nilaa Mizrani if she's done with her debriefing.


Mariana brings Locke up to speed

On the road to Jadalla's safehouse, Locke is observing Eric readying his weapons when he gets a call from Mariana. She tells him she's uploading satellite images and building schematics to his device. He asks why Andy isn't running point on the operation, so Mariana patches him through to him so he can ask himself. Andy informs him that Mullins revoked his clearance as punishment for giving the ONIX schematics to Eric. He adds that what he did could be seen as an act of "courage", something Locke "could've used a little bit more of". Locke then says he has to go and hangs up.

Nilaa is escorted out of her holding cell and John comes to see her, apologizing for questioning her loyalty. She says he doesn't have to apologize; she knows it was he who cleared her name by turning in Henry. She asks if there's anything she can do to help, and he says that she can, by notifying the Party chairman that he intends to withdraw from the presidential race.


David Harris notices Khasan's gun

While preparing the explosives, Khasan hears a knock on the door and grabs his gun. He looks outside, sees that it's David Harris, and lets the "idiot" inside. Harris brings in a chemical mixture for the bomb, claiming it will be more stable during transport. Khasan thanks him for his work, and Harris then goes to see Amira.

He notices Amira is quiet and asks her what's wrong. She tells him that her father is there and that they had to lock him him up. Worried about his medical condition, Amira says she's having second thoughts about their plan. Harris then tells her she doesn't have to do this; they can run away and be together like they always wanted. He adds that she doesn't have to be afraid of her brother as they've done enough for him. Khasan then summons Harris to help him with pouring mercury, which he reluctantly does. While helping the terrorist, Harris begins to eyeball Khasan's gun on a nearby table.

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Keith Mullins is infuriated that CNB is covering the shootout at Gabriel's

Rebecca gets off the phone with DOJ and informs Mullins that they can't detain Henry for longer than 24 hours. Mullins then updates her on the operation when he is interrupted by Mariana. She notifies him that CNB is covering the shootout with Gabriel's men even though Mullins ordered a media blackout. Rebecca tells her to find out who's running the story.

At Jadalla's safehouse, meanwhile, Salim is watching the CNB story and tells Jadalla, asking how much Gabriel knew about them. Jadalla immediately orders a pullout, instructing his men to wipe the equipment and destroy anything they can't take with them.

Almost at the safehouse, Locke asks Eric if he misses seeing action. He responds by saying he just wants to get the man who killed his squad, and Locke promises that they will. He then gets a call from Mullins, who warns him that Jadalla may be on to them. But Locke, having just arrived at the location, says they'll find out soon enough if he's there or not.


Eric and the TAC team raid the safehouse

The TAC team gets out of the van and stealthily approaches the safehouse through the woods. Locke notes they're going in blind as most of the windows are boarded up. They place explosive charges on two of the doors and breach the building, only to find that it's recently been evacuated. Locke asks CTU if they can pick up any movement via satellite, but they're unable to due to limited visibility. Locke tells his men to do a room-to-room search of the place, and Rebecca orders Mariana to widen the search area and put out an inter-agency search for Jadalla.

Infuriated, Eric yells and throws a chair at the wall. Locke tries to calm him down, but Eric blames him for losing Jadalla, as it was his men's shootout at Gabriel's hideout that tipped him off.

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Khasan has finished loading the explosives onto the truck with Harris. He and Amira then plot the fastest way to get to the target when Harris suddenly points a gun at him. He tells Khusan that he has everything he needs to martyr himself, and that he and Amira want to continue on with their lives. He instructs Amira to get behind him, which she does. Feeling betrayed, Khasan moves towards his sister, but Harris panics and shoots him.

Khasan dies in Amira's arms

He prepares to shoot Khasan a second time as Amira pleads him to stop, but he insists it's the only way they'll be safe. Before he can do anything, Amira stabs Harris multiple times with a screwdriver, killing him. She then gets down and cradles the dying Khasan in her arms, promising to get him help. Khasan, however, tells her that she must be the one to drive the truck. She says she can't do it alone, but he tells her that God will be with her. Amira breaks down in tears as her brother dies in her arms.

Over the phone, Nicole gives Eric her condolences for Ben's death. He says just hearing her voice makes him feel better, and tells her that a CTU team is on their way to Isaac's to pick her up. Eric tells his wife that he loves her, and she hangs up. Isaac sees an SUV pull in front of the apartment and tells Nicole her ride is here.


As they walk out, Nicole tells Isaac he should consider getting out of his "business". He insists it's all he knows how to do, but she says he won't know what he's capable of until he tries. After a pause, Isaac thanks Nicole for saving his life. The former couple embraces one last time, and Nicole heads to the car.

Isaac shoots at the jihadis

Suddenly, a sniper takes out the CTU agents waiting outside the car. Isaac grabs his gun and comes to Nicole's defense, shooting at a windowless van speeding towards them. The van hits Isaac and knocks him to the ground before coming to a stop. Four jihadis get out, and their leader tells them to take Isaac as well as Nicole. As they load their hostages onto the van, several of Isaac's gang members come to their rescue and open fire on the terrorists. A jihadi wielding a machine gun gets out and takes down most of the gang members. The terrorists then speed off with their hostages.


Jadalla and his men arrive at their escape vehicle when he receives a call from his agent, who tells him that he has Eric's wife and brother. Jadalla tells him they'll meet at the warehouse.

Jadalla learns his operation was successful

Amira goes to see her father one last time, telling him goodbye. Mikail asks where she's going, but when he receives no answer, he realizes what she meant. He begs her not to do this, telling her that Khasan is wrong. She informs him that Khasan is dead. Distraught, he asks her what happened, but Amira puts duct tape over his mouth. She tells him that she's taking Khasan's place, and that they will be reunited in another life. She gives a final hug to her father, apologizes for what she's done, and leaves the house.

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Mikail manages to break free of his restraints and sets out to find his daughter. He enters the garage and finds his son's dead body. He gives his fallen son a kiss on his forehead before discovering something troubling: barrels laced with explosives as well as a map of their target—the George Washington Bridge.

He quickly grabs Khasan's phone and calls his daughter, who is now driving the truck. Mikail begs Amira to turn around; he acknowledges he has failed as a father but promises to be there for her from now on. However, she says she couldn't stop now even if she wanted to; she tells him it will all be over quickly and hangs up. With nowhere else to turn, Mikail calls 9-1-1.

Amira drives the truck

In the situation room at CTU, Director Mullins is being reprimanded by Director of National Intelligence Donald Simms for failing to catch Jadalla. He excuses himself after receiving word of a potential terrorist attack.


Mariana briefs him and Rebecca on the situation: a 9-1-1 call from Mikail Dudayev warning of his daughter driving a truckful of explosives onto the George Washington Bridge. Mariana discovered that Amira's brother rented a box truck three days ago, and is scanning CCTV for the license plate. Meanwhile, Amira is about to reach the bridge as she looks back at the explosives nervously.

Theo Sterling gets a match on the license plate, and Mullins notifies Highway Patrol of the situation. Mariana learns that Amira is already on the bridge, and with Highway Patrol 20 minutes out, Mullins decides to reach out to an officer stationed there.

Sitting in the bridge's booth, NYPD Officer Jenkins gets a call from Mullins, who alerts him of the situation. Startled, Jenkins informs him that he's the only officer on the bridge, but Mullins instructs him to close the bridge and evacuate as many people as possible. He also tells him to take out the driver if he has a shot.

Jenkins tries to locate the truck

Jenkins frantically makes his way toward the center of the bridge, dodging cars along the way. He then catches sight of the truck; he raises his gun and fires three shots at the driver, and the truck comes to a stop.

As Jenkins tells the civilians to get off the bridge, Mullins patches through to him and asks for the status of the driver. The officer moves toward the truck to investigate; he breaks into the vehicle and discovers Amira's body as well as multiple barrels of explosives in the back. He notices the detonator in her hand, but—to his shock—Amira regains consciousness and pulls the trigger.

The explosives detonate

The truck explodes, engulfing the center of the bridge in a large explosion that kills numerous fleeing civilians. CTU workers watch in horror as large chunks of debris fall into the river. Mikail sees plumes of smoke rising in the distance and begins to weep over the loss of his daughter.

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The van carrying Isaac and Nicole arrives at the terrorists' base. Salim delivers Nicole to Jadalla, who is watching news footage of the attack on the bridge. Hamid assumes that this was the work of one cell, but Jadalla asserts that there are fourteen cells and that they must strike as one. Now with Nicole as his prisoner, he believes that her husband can be coerced into helping them repair the flash drive containing the names of the remaining cells.

Eric gives Rebecca words of encouragement

Eric returns to the main floor and meets with Rebecca, demanding to know how many were killed in the bombing. She tells him at least a hundred died, and both she and Eric blame themselves for the attack. Eric says the people responsible are still out there, and they can either give up or hunt them down. Suddenly, he gets a call from his wife and excuses himself.

Split screen: Rebecca and Locke stand in silence as news footage of the bombing continues to play. Salim beats a defiant Isaac unconscious. Nicole gives a look of uncertainty as she is held prisoner. CTU workers are in shock over the attack. John Donovan paces the floor of the observation room as Henry stares angrily.

Eric learns that Jadalla has his wife

Eric answers the call, and Nicole begs him not to do what the terrorists tell him to. Jadalla then grabs the phone from her and informs Eric that he has his brother as well as his wife. He demands that he bring them someone who can repair the flash drive, threatening a slow and painful death for Nicole and Isaac if he fails. Jadalla hangs up, and Eric slowly puts down his phone in shock.

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  • The writing on the wall of Khasan's garage is in Czech, rather than Chechen or Russian. The notes read "heavy traffic at 7am" and "If you can read this, you're too close".


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  • Jadalla Bin-Khalid's passport was issued in 2006 and expires in 2021, however British passports only last at most 10 years.



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