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This is a list of characters who were antagonists in Season 1 of 24: Legacy, or Day 10.

Bin-Khalid organization Edit

  • Ibrahim Bin-Khalid – the infamous architect of terror attacks around the world, believed killed in a U.S. raid. In truth, Bin-Khalid survived and entered the United States to help his son carry out the sleeper attacks he had planned before his alleged death. Shot and killed by Eric Carter.

Jadalla's operation Edit

Sleeper cells Edit

Before his alleged death, Ibrahim Bin-Khalid established fifteen unaffiliated sleeper cells (both homegrown and state-sponsored) with designated activation codes throughout the United States, poised to launch attacks when signaled. All but one of the cells were identified and rounded up by law enforcement.

  • Siblings Amira and Khasan DudayevChechen immigrants living in New Jersey. Khasan was shot and killed by their partner David Harris, while Amira successfully set off their truck bomb on the George Washington Bridge, killing herself and at least 187 others.
    • David Harris – a chemistry teacher and Amira's lover, tasked with making the explosives. Stabbed to death by Amira.

Other terrorist cells included, by target:

East July coverup Edit

Gabriel and associates Edit

Isaac Carter assassination conspiracy Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Ben Grimes – a disturbed Army Ranger in possession of the list, threatening to sell it to the highest bidder. Shot and killed by Gabriel's lieutenant Ferro.
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