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Veer Singh Rathod ends up in jail with his former kidnappers. Jai Singh Rathod discovers a covert holding facility containing two prisoners from his past, and attempts to stop Raja Talapathi from freeing them. Aditya Singhania begins to exclude Prithvi from his inner circle, and Trisha Rathod's condition worsens.

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The future Prime Minister of India is trapped in the quagmire of politics. The plot to kill him is becoming more intense. My family has been targeted in this plot. I'm Jai Singh Rathod, chief of the Anti Terrorist Unit. This is the longest and toughest day of my life.

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  • In the past few hours: Naina doesn't trust Prithvi, and she has sown the seed of doubt in Aditya's mind.
  • Along with the goons, even Jai's son Veer gets arrested by the police. He protests his innocence but is taken away.
  • And Jai, posing as Bala, goes to meet the unknown caller, through whom he gets an important lead. The contact tells Jai he is being paid to turn off the power to the bridge area at 7:20pm.
  • Jai tells Mahinder Gill that Patil was cutting off the power to the national park, and they investigate. Jai tells Gill that something is sure to happen there at 7:20pm.

The following takes place between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

Events occur in real time.

07:01:44 Edit

Night has fallen. Jai makes his way through the forest with a torch, observed by the soldiers.

In1x20 Aditya and Prithvi

Prithvi speaks to Aditya

Meanwhile, Aditya Singhania reviews some papers and watches Prithvi, who comes over to him and tells him that Anisha Roy from Newsreel is calling about a live interview, and he is co-ordinating it in Pooja's absence. Aditya is silent, and Prithvi asks if he is alright. Aditya asks Prithvi whether he wants a higher role in politics, and Prithvi challenges Aditya's line of questioning.

Sridhar, the lead soldier, calls Raja and informs him that Jai Singh Rathod is there, but alone. Raja says that they will deal with him, as they are almost there.

In1x20 shoot padlock

Jai shoots the padlock

Jai reaches a locked gate, with a sign saying "restricted zone". He shoots the padlock, and makes his way inside.

On the way back from the park, Mahinder Gill speaks angrily on the phone to Tejpal Singh, asking why they are unable to question Bala Ravindran. Tej tells him he will not be conscious for half an hour. Gill says that he will make his way to ATU instead of the hospital.

Kiran Rathod asks her mother how long they will have to stay at ATU. Suddenly blood starts dripping from Trisha's nose and ear, and she collapses onto the couch. Kiran calls for the doctor.

In1x20 Veer in jail

Veer is put behind bars

Veer is taken into a prison cell with Hardik and Shashank, despite protesting that he does not know them. He is told that Simran is in the ladies' section, and is ordered to stay quiet.

At the hotel, Naina watches the opinion polls on television. Prithvi enters and she tells him that Deepak told her he was co-ordinating the Newsreel interview. She questions why he is doing it, then informs him that Divya will take over the co-ordination. She then dismisses him.

In1x20 Jai blinded

Jai is blinded and captured

Jai walks down the corridors of the structure he found at national park. He is suddenly blinded by a bright light, and two guards knock him out.

Divya prepares Aditya for his interview with Anisha Roy. He tells her that there is no need to be afraid of the media's questions, as the nation are with them. Naina enters and asks what he has decided to do about Prithvi. She persuades them that Prithvi is not as clean as they think, as he was not present at the assassination attempt that morning. Around the corner, Prithvi hears their conversation.

Water is splashed across Jai's face, waking him up. He is surrounded by guards, and Captain Murad Ali reads his identification. He asks what Jai is doing here.

In1x20 Trisha treated

Trisha is treated for her injuries

Dr Lal treats Trisha, explaining to Kiran that she has internal bleeding in her head. Kiran asks to stay with her, and tells Lal to inform Jai of what has happened.

Jai is untied, and he explains that he was following a lead that led him to the building. Ali explains that they are in a holding facility for dangerous high-profile criminals, who move round jails for a few days at a time. Jai asks for details of the prisoners, but Ali explains that their identities are classified. Jai finds out that nothing is happening at 7:20pm, but that the doors are electronic and if the power goes off they will not be shut and the CCTV will go down. Ali explains that they only have five guards on site, as he was ordered to shift ten guards to another site.

In1x20 Jai questioned

Jai explains himself to Murad Ali

Jai then calls Nikita Rai, bringing her up to speed, and asks her to send an ATU backup team as soon as possible, as there could be a possible prisoner escape. Nikita says she will call the Mumbai Electric Board to make sure the power is not cut. She then tells him that Bala has not woken up, and Trisha and Kiran are safe at the ATU. Jai tells Ali that their enemies are outside and they need to appear to have more force and weapons than they actually do.

In1x20 Veer questioned

Veer is questioned about his involvement in the drug deal

Outside, Raja and Mani arrive and greet Sridhar. Raja asks if they are ready, and the troops prepare.

At the police station, Veer is brought to Zahid's desk, and questioned. He tells them that he had nothing to do with the drugs, and Zahid asks why he had a gun. Veer explains the situation, and the officers do not believe him. Veer asks them to call the military academy, but they refuse. Kadam then takes him back to his cell.

In1x20 show of force

Jai leads the guards outside

A light turns on at the prison, and Jai leads troops out of the door. Sridhar and his soldiers duck down out of sight.


07:25:08 Edit

Jai leads the troops back into the facility, and Sridhar questions why the power has not gone off. Raja explains that Bala is dead, and orders Mani to take Bhaskar and blow up the power station at Borivali. Sridhar gets worried at the plan changing, but Raja tells him to go back to his position.

In1x20 Jai and Murad

Jai explains his next move to Murad Ali

Murad Ali and Jai get back inside, and Jai tells him that he is sure Raja and his men are outside and saw them. He tells Ali that they will have to wait for the ATU backup team, and asks to be able to see the prisoners. Ali refuses.

In1x20 Sridhar killed

Raja Talapathi shoots Sridhar

Raja notices Sridhar packing up, and asks what is happening. Sridhar tells him that the job has become more dangerous than he anticipated, as there could be more guards inside, and he doesn't want to die like Bala. Raja pulls out his gun and shoots Sridhar in the head, killing him.

Inside the prison, Jai asks for five minutes with the prisoners, asking for the name of Ali's superior officer. Ali says it is Atul Swaminathan, but he will tell Jai the same thing.

In1x20 Aditya and Divya

Divya prepares Aditya for his interview

Divya continues prepping Aditya for his interview, when he receives a call from Jai. Jai explains everything that has happened, and asks for Aditya's help in getting access to the prisoners. Jai also informs him that someone close to Aditya must be helping the terrorists, to find out about the prisoners, and Aditya looks at Prithvi.

Aditya then speaks to Murad Ali, explaining that it is very important that Jai is allowed access to the prisoners. Jai then looks at the CCTV footage of the cell, saying he recognises the prisoners. It flashes back to Operation Trishul, and one of the prisoners is the servant who cried over Ravindran's death.

In1x20 Raja

Raja Talapathi addresses the remaining men

Raja speaks to Sridhar's men, explaining that they pledged to fight for their cause until death. He tells them they will create history if they complete their mission, and orders them to storm the building once the power goes down.

In1x20 Lal and Nikita

Dr Lal speaks to Nikita

At the ATU clinic, Dr Lal tells Nikita that he can't say how serious Trisha's injuries are until the reports come back.

In the prison, Jai takes a photo of the prisoners on his phone, but Ali grabs it off him, saying no information can be leaked from the building. Jai tells him ATU need to be able to identify the prisoners, and Murad agrees. Jai calls Nikita and tells her that he has sent her some pictures. Before Nikita can tell him about Trisha, he hangs up.

Mihir and Nikita receive the photos, and Jai calls to tell them that the prisoners are two of the three LTFE members caught during Operation Trishul. Jai says one is a lieutenant, but the other is just a cook, and questions why they are being freed in such a complex plan. He also asks Mihir to track down who leaked the information about the prisoners to the terrorists.

In1x20 prisoners

The lieutenant brings water to the other prisoner

Raja calls Roshan, and tells him that it very important to find Jai's son, as his wife and daughter are out of reach at ATU. Roshan promises to bring him in. Raja checks his watch and continues staking out the prison entrance.

In the cell, Jai watches as the lieutenant is acting as a subordinate to the cook. Murad questions this, as they should retain their hierarchy even in prison.

In1x20 Gill and Nikita

Gill arrives back at the ATU

Mihir tells Nikita that he is decrypting the last of Singh's files. Gill enters and Nikita brings him up to speed. She tells him that Mihir is decrypting a video file from Singh which should give them more information. She also tells him about Trisha, and that Veer should be being picked up soon.

Raja checks his watch, before calling Mani and telling him to blow up the station soon.


07:51:06 Edit

In1x20 Hardik and Shashank

Hardik and Shashank intimidate Veer

Gill speaks to Colonel Ajmera and finds out that Veer Singh Rathod is missing. Ajmera explains that his staff and Gill's agent are out looking for him. In his jail cell, Veer paces back an forth. Hardik and Shashank stare at him threateningly.

Vikrant Maurya interrupts Divya and Aditya's preparation to ask where Prithvi is. He tells them that he heard Naina banned Prithvi, and tells Divya that she needs to stop being a full-time sister to Aditya and start being his wife. After he leaves, Aditya tells Divya she needs to leave Vikrant, no matter what sort of commotion it will cause in the press.

At the holding facility, Atul Swaminathan gives Murad permission to let Jai see the prisoners. Murad takes Jai's gun before letting him into the cell.

In1x20 Jai and Ravindran

Jai interrogates the prisoner

Jai identifies himself to the cook prisoner, and tells him to sit. The lieutenant sits, and tells Jai his name is Aravind Bala Muruga. Jai directs his questions at the cook, who identifies himself as Surya Sankaran. Jai asks who is behind Aditya's assassination, and Surya looks scared and says he doesn't know. Aravind jumps between them, but Jai throws him away and grabs the other man.

In the CCTV room, Murad sees the violence and rushes into the cell with his guards, shouting at Jai. They start to argue, when the lights suddenly flicker and turn off.

In1x20 power cut

The power is cut to the facility

Outside, Raja's men run towards the prison. Murad orders his men to handcuff the prisoners and secure the facility. Raja's men enter the building through the front gate.


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  • Differences from the original version of this episode:
    • Jai's "show of force" at the prison just involves leading all of the guards outside to imply there are more inside, rather than kitting out civilians with military gear.
    • Raja kills his lieutenant rather than merely threatening him.
    • There are two prisoners, rather than one, and they are already there when Jai arrives. Jai does not recognise Ravindran, instead believing him to be a cook.
    • The scenes of Trisha falling ill at the ATU are new.
    • The Singhania storyline is all new.

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