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Jack Bauer, along with Kate Warner, Yusuf Auda, and Jonathan Wallace do their best to escape commandos sent to kill Wallace. Tony finds out that Michelle has broken his trust by aiding Jack. President Palmer is forced to take action when civil unrest occurs. Kim Bauer finally gets a relief as she is cleared of all her charges. Jack finally finds the evidence he's looking for, although it is in a very well hidden place.

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Previously on 24[]

  • President David Palmer tells Vice-President Jim Prescott that he has evidence that the Cyprus recording was fabricated.
  • Kim Bauer escapes from the grocery store where Ramon Garcia was holding her hostage.
  • Tony Almeida asks Michelle Dessler if she helped Jack Bauer escape from CTU.
  • Jack Bauer drives Kate Warner to a man who wants to use her to get out of the country in order to obtain proof that the Cyprus Audio was fabricated. Yusuf Auda followed him.
  • Commandos fire at Jack, Yusuf, and Wallace as Wallace tries to leave.
The following takes place
between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Jack takes aim


Jack Bauer tries his best to fight off the commandos above him. He lets Yusuf Auda know that they are on both sides of the alley they are in. Jonathan Wallace also knows they are on the roof and fire escape. They all keep firing. Some of the commandos are hit, but many are still active. Jack catches the keys to the car and gets Kate Warner out of the trunk. Jack, Wallace, and she are able to get inside of the building. Yusuf stays outside to keep position. Jack and Kate go back to Wallace's original position inside of the factory. Wallace follows. He explains that the commandos are people from his employer that are trying to kill him. Wallace does not know how they found him. Yusuf gets more weapons from the trunk of the CTU car. He radios Jack to let him know. He goes to find a better vantage point. Wallace suggests that Yusuf cover them as they get to the car. Jack says that he doesn't know how many are out there, and goes to call Michelle at CTU. Wallace says no, or he doesn't get the proof. Kate asks about the commandos, and says that must prove something. Jack says that it proves nothing to those in D.C. Yusuf then radios Jack again. He says that another car arrived. Jack tells Wallace that another car arrived, and that they aren't going to survive if he doesn't call his inside person. He tells Wallace that he will not jeopardize his identity. Wallace asks if it is offline. Jack says yes. Wallace finally agrees. Jack calls Michelle.

Michelle answers, and tells him not to call on any agency numbers, as she is being monitored. Jack says that she was right, and Syed Ali's recording is fake. The President is about to invade the Middle East on erroneous information. Michelle asks for proof. Jack says that he can get it. Michelle says that it will be difficult. Jack asks for infra-red satellite. He tells her that they are surrounded, and of Yusuf's position. He then ends the call. He lets Yusuf know that they will be a few minutes. Jack, Kate, and Wallace go to secure their positions.


At the convenience store, Kim Bauer asks Deputy Raynes if Ramon Garcia will be alright. The deputy says that he will live, and that he's going to report that Kim says that the shooting was accidental. Raynes says he's going to explain the gun. Kim admits it was hers. Raynes asks what she was doing with a gun. Kim said that someone gave it to her. She introduces herself and admits she is a runaway and a suspect in a murder.

Palmer watches the news at District

District Headquarters, Los Angeles. President Palmer is watching a news report on violence across the country as a response to the nuclear bomb. The report goes off, and he asks for status on the National Guard. Mike Novick tells him they are ready for the big cities, but the military has to intervene for the little cities. Palmer tells him to call General Bowden in order to put some troops on standby. Novick cautions him against violating posse comitatus, which prohibits deploying the United States Army or Air Force on American soil, but Palmer insists, and says to call Bowden anyway. He then asks Lynne Kresge for status on the bombers. Lynne says that they are still on target, and should be entering the Middle East in four or five hours.

At CTU, Michelle gets the satellite. Carrie Turner appears behind her, inquiring about what she is doing. Michelle brushes it off, and asks if she's prepped files for the next shift. Carrie says yes, then goes to Tony Almeida. Michelle watches her, but then goes back to the satellite. Carrie lets Tony know that she was accessing a satellite. Tony dismisses this. She then tells him that she received an untraceable call. Tony says that it might have been Division. He tells her to find out what she was looking at.


Tony talks to Michelle

Tony, on crutches, watches Michelle as she leaves her station to go to another one. Wallace looks outside to try and see anyone. He cannot, however. Jack radios Yusuf, and he says that the commandos are repositioning. Jack lets him know that they are still waiting. He walks over to look outside, and lets Kate know that Wallace wants to use her to get out of the country. Kate asks how. Jack tells her that her father has C.I.A. connections that can get a plane out. Kate realizes she has to be on the plane with him. Jack says that he's not going to let her get on. Jack continues looking outside. Michelle looks at many different frames of satellite, and checks to see if Tony is looking. Carrie, hidden from view, looks at what Michelle is looking at also.

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Kim Bauer is being driven away from the Convenience Store. She asks if she can find out how her boyfriend is doing. Raynes does not know. She asks about the other officer. Raynes does not know, and advises her not to say anything. Kim says that it doesn't matter. Raynes tells her she will get her phone call. But Kim thinks that she has no one to call. She says that her father was flying the plane with the bomb. She doesn't have anyone.

Carrie tracks Michelle

Carrie Turner highlights the satellite imagery that Michelle is looking at and calls Tony. She tells him that she is looking at infra-reds. But, Carrie can't tell which one she's really looking at because there are hundreds of frames. Tony decides to deal with the situation himself. Michelle gets up and leaves her station.


She goes into the bathroom and calls Jack. Jack gets their positions on his PDA. She counted 11 people, including Yusuf. Wallace looks on. Michelle asks how long he needs to stay dark, due to Tony's watching her. Two other staffers come into the bathroom, and she ends the call. She walks out, and is confronted by Tony. Tony asks where Jack is. Michelle denies any knowledge, and says she isn't breaking protocol. Tony asks again. Michelle says she doesn't know, but says to call President Palmer and advise him not to move on the recording until Jack finishes his investigation. Tony takes this as a sign that she does know where Jack is. Michelle once again denies that. Tony prevents her from leaving, and tells her that she works for him, not for Jack. Michelle tells him to get past his ego. Tony tells her that he has a job to do, and she better tell him any info about Jack. Michelle once again says that she has no information. Tony lets her go, but adds that she better not be lying.

Jack talks to Wallace

Jack apprises Wallace of the positions. They go over a plan to get out. Kate tells Jack that she knows how to shoot a gun. Jack tells her to stay behind him. He radios Yusuf again. He lets them know they are going to move now.


Lynne Kresge asks how long President Palmer is going to give Jack to produce evidence. Palmer tells her that Jack has up until the time the bombs are released. Lynne lets him know that the Department of Defense is being tied up because of this. Palmer lets her know that they are going to use every moment they have to be thorough. Lynne tells him that he's not going to like that response. Palmer says that is his problem. Mike Novick comes and lets him know about civil unrest in a city outside of Atlanta, named Marietta. Some militias have joined forces and are getting very violent. Palmer asks if this is racially motivated. Novick says yes, as the demographics of the suburb are Middle Eastern. He puts on the report. One of the members of the mob talks to the reporter. The reporter asks the guy questions and he response with answers that imply that the U.S. should have never allowed the residents to come in. Afterwards, Mike turns off the report. Palmer asks where the National Guard is. Novick says that some are still coming in, and that they don't have enough resources. Palmer asks where the media is heading. Lynne lets him know that Marietta is having the most reaction. Palmer says to send all of the Eastern Georgian National Guard to Marietta, and let the media know. Palmer wants the people to see how they protect their citizens. He states that the U.S. will not put up with racism or xenophobia: "If this is where it's gonna start...this is where it's gonna stop."

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Yusuf lays down grenades. He sees the commandos moving. Jack gives him the ok, and he releases the smoke bombs. It goes into the area where the commandos are. Jack tells Wallace to take the men on the left, while Wallace goes to the right. Yusuf goes to pick up the vehicle. When Yusuf starts firing, Jack and Wallace go out and start as well. Kate follows behind slowly. Jack and Wallace fire with precision, hitting most of the guards. Kate is in the open, trying to fire, but Jack tells her to stay down. She does, and Jack keeps on firing. Kate notices someone is behind her. He doesn't see her pointing the gun. She doesn't fire on him. She lets him pass, but he then turns around. She then shoots him. Jack tells Kate to keep moving. They do, and Jack kills another commado. Yusuf arrives with the car. Kate gets in. Jack, Yusuf, and Wallace keep on firing. They all get in the car, and it drives off as the commandos keep firing. They escape, but Wallace has been hit. Jack tells him that they have to get him to a hospital. Wallace tells him no, and wants to go to L.A.X. Kate gets Jack a first-aid kit. Yusuf is driving. Jack has Wallace put pressure on the wound.

Over at District, President Palmer and his staff continue to watch reports on Marietta. Mike tells him that the report is on all of the major news channels. Lynne gets off the phone with Kent Manski of the National Guard and lets Palmer know that currently, minor offenses are being ignored. Palmer tells her to enforce the law strictly, and to start arresting people. Novick suggests a curfew. Palmer gives the okay. Novick says that he should talk directly to the people. Palmer tells him to let Jenny Dodge to know that he is coming, and Novick phones a woman named Murphy to assist.


Tony calls Jack

At CTU, Tony lets Carrie know that L.A.P.D. found automatic weapon fire in Studio City. She asks her to check the coordinates against what Michelle was looking at. Tony goes to confront Michelle. Tony tells her to talk. Michelle says yes. Tony asks her to call him. Michelle says that if she does, he will not get the proof. Tony says they have to, or they won't know his status. Michelle gives him the number. Jack gets the call from Tony. Jack tells him to stay out of the situation. Tony asks what is happening. Jack says that the President asked him to provide proof that the Cyprus Audio is forged. Jack says that Wallace will only deal with him. Tony asks how he knows that Wallace isn't using him. Jack tells him about the 10 commandos that tries to kill them, and says that Wallace wants to disappear. Tony tells him to bring Wallace to CTU. But, Jack reminds Tony that Wallace won't cooperate with that. Tony tells Jack to let it go, because it is too big for him. Jack tells Yusuf to go straight and tells Tony that he can't do it. He hangs up.

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Kim arrives at the Sheriff's Station. There, Deputy Raynes hands her over to Sgt. Bob Amis. They sit in a room and Kim has her cuffs taken off. Amis goes over her record for the day, summarizing, with the removal of Megan Matheson from her home. Kim defends herself, saying that Megan was being abused. She took Megan again, and Kim says they needed to get away from the bomb. Amis understands. He tells her that she was stopped by Officer Raymond Brown who discovered the corpse of Carla Matheson. Kim says that she didn't kill anyone, and the Sergeant tells her that they are looking for Gary Matheson, whom they know killed Carla. Kim is off the hook for the morning matters, but about her and Miguel's attempted escape, Brown was badly injured in the fire Kim started, but will live. Kim is freed. Amis says that someone from CTU should call the D.A., but that she can now go.


Jack, Kate, Yusuf and Wallace head to the care center

Jack, Kate, Yusuf, and Jonathan Wallace continue speeding along. Kate works on getting Jonathan's flight. He is still bleeding. When Kate asks him for his destination, he gives it to her. Jack knows that he'll change it when he's in the air. Kate asks for a name. Wallace's passport has the alias "William Patterson." Then, Wallace starts losing consciousness. Jack asks for the evidence. Wallace then starts losing air. Jack looks for the nearest urgent care center. He finds it, and tells Yusuf to go there.


Tony is talking on the phone, asking for I.D.s on the bodies left at the warehouse. He wants to find out who those people were. He gets another call from Kim. Kim asks him to take care of the situation. Tony says that he will call the D.A. Tony then mentions that she would rather talk to her dad. Kim seems skeptical. Tony tells her that he's in the field. Kim asks if he's alive. Tony tells her what happened in the plane. Kim wants to talk to him, but cannot because he's still out.

Jack and the others pull up to the Urgent Care Center.


Jack and Yusuf help Wallace into the center. He tells Clara the nurse that he needs to see the doctor. When she says that she will call the police, Jack states that he is the police, and brandishes his weapon. They are let in. Dr. Spire asks what happened. Jack tells him that Wallace has info related to national security. Upon looking at his wound, Dr. Spire realizes he can't be treated at a clinic, and needs an actual hospital. Jack says that there isn't enough time to get to a hospital. Dr. Spire agrees to work on him.

Miguel has no right leg, but does not tell Kim

Kim calls Miguel, who is in a hospital bed, heavily bandaged. He asks if she is safe. Kim says yes, and tells him that the police know that Gary killed Carla, and that they won't be charged. Miguel says that is good. Kim says that he doesn't sound fine. Miguel apologizes, then says that he shouldn't have gone along with what they did that day. Kim says it worked out, but Miguel says only for her, because he is in the hospital. Miguel says that he's going to be fine, but without her. He says he doesn't want to see her anymore. Kim asks why, but Miguel doesn't give her a straight answer. Kim says that she is going to see him, but Miguel tells her no, that they are over. Kim asks if he means what he is saying. Miguel says yes. Kim hangs up. Miguel also hangs up, without telling her that his right leg has been amputated.

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Michelle shows up in Tony's office. She says that she wouldn't blame him if he fired her. Tony says that CTU is supposed to be supporting the President and the rest of the country. Tony needs to account for all of their actions. Michelle defends Jack, saying that all she tried to do was help him get the proof that the Cyprus Audio was forged. Tony asks for the proof. He says that they have nothing, not even Jack. Tony asks what she wants. Michelle says that she just wanted to say that she is sorry. Tony tells her to get back to work. Michelle leaves. Tony watches her as she sits at her desk


Palmer talks to General Slate

President Palmer is informed by General Slate that their planes are still heading to their targets. Palmer asks about the communication of the pilots. Slate says that they can be ordered back at any time. Slate says that as soon as they can confirm this mission, the sooner the Joint Chiefs will be comfortable handling it. Palmer says that his job is not to make the Joint Chiefs comfortable, and dismisses Slate. Mike and Lynne come in, looking grave. Mike tells him that there was a development in Marietta. The National Guard took their action, but the disturbance escalated. Lynne says that two people were killed. One was a leader of the disturbance, but the other a young boy, Middle Eastern. Palmer is shaken by this and gets up, looking sad as well. He asks what is happening. Mike says that the crowd is still out of hand. He says that they might want to take a step back and remove the National Guard. Lynne says no because the families would be unprotected. Palmer asks for the name of the young boy. Lynne doesn't know. Palmer tells her to find out. Lynne goes to. Novick walks over to Palmer, saying that this was a tragic accident. Palmer says to tell the National Guard to hold their ground, and protect the neighborhood.


Jack washes blood off his hands as Dr. Spire puts up Jonathan Wallace's x-rays. He shows Jack where the bullet is. The nurses are working on Wallace. Dr. Spire says that they can't get the bullet out without surgery. Jack says that there is no time. Spire says that his people can close him down for this. Jack says that this has something to do with the bomb earlier this evening. Dr. Spire gets back to work, telling the nurses to sedate him. Jack says no because he needs to talk. Spire agrees. Wallace is still conscious. Yusuf says that Wallace is going to die. Kate gets a departure time of 3:45 AM. Kate tells Jack that he's not going to give any info until he's on the plane. Jack tells Kate that the rules have changed, and he still won't let her get on. Wallace starts moving in response to Spire's work. He tells Spire to get off. Spire yells for the nurse to sedate him, but Jack stops him. Jack goes over to Wallace. Wallace says that he's not going to make it. He says that the evidence is on a memory chip, with two files that will prove that the audio is a fake. Jack asks where the chip is. Wallace tries to tell him, but is unable to. He falls into v-fib. Dr. Spire attempts to use defibrillators to restart his heart, but unfortunately fails. Jonathan Wallace dies. Jack looks broken. Yusuf asks what they are going to do. Jack doesn't know.


Jack finds the chip

Split screen: Jack holds his head over Wallace's death. Kim sits in the sheriff's station. Michelle and Tony continue to work at CTU. Palmer and his people continue to watch reports on the violence.

Jack looks up at Wallace's X-rays. He sees something embedded in his rib cage. He walks over to Wallace and sees a patch. He grabs a scalpel and starts to cut it open. He reaches inside and pulls something out. Jack has the blood-stained memory chip in his hands.

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Memorable quotes[]

  • David Palmer: If this is where it's going to start, this is where it's going to stop!

  • David Palmer: My job isn't to make the joint chiefs comfortable.

  • David Palmer: What was his name? The boy?
  • Lynne Kresge: I don't know sir.
  • David Palmer: The boy had a name. Find out!

  • Jonathan Wallace: You know, Jack, you were a real badass back there at the warehouse.

  • Clara: Sir, I will call the police!
  • Jack Bauer: (points gun at her) Lady, I am the police!
  • Clara: Let him in. Let him in! (several doctors lead Jack, Wallace, Yusuf, and Kate into the OR.)

  • Jack Bauer: Michelle?
  • Tony Almeida: No, Jack. It's Tony.

  • Jack Bauer: We're surrounded. We're running out of time.

  • Jack Bauer: We got it (referring to the chip).

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Background information and notes[]

Filming locations[]

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  • The shootout in Studio City was again filmed at the Universal backlot, this time using the "New York alley" location.
  • The scene outside King's Liquor was again shot at Village Market and Liquor in Calabasas.
  • The establishing shot of District was filmed at 6200 Canoga Avenue.
  • There are several shots of cars driving down Canoga Avenue.
  • The scenes of Kim Bauer at the police station were shot at the Malibu Courthouse.
  • The scenes at the urgent care center were shot at the St. Luke Medical Center in Pasadena.

Props and minutiae[]


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Yusuf Auda with his MP5A3


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Errors and inconsistencies[]

The urgent care center location, in Downtown LA

  • When navigating to the urgent care center, the map shows its location as West 5th Street in Downtown LA, just next to Pershing Square. However, in the following episode the location is given as North Hollywood.
  • A couple of episodes prior, Novick told Tony that he wanted to talk to Jack the instant CTU got a hold of him. Tony calls Jack, but Tony completely forgets that Novick wanted to speak with Jack.

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