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Chang releases the virus at the Hotel Gateway Residency, as the ATU teams try to contain the situation. Gyan Thakkar becomes infected with the virus and starts to show symptoms. Naina Singhania goes to visit Amar Mane Shinde, with fatal consequences. Jai and Vedant follow Balraj in an attempt to track down Roshan Sherchan.

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The following takes place between 1:00am and 2:00am.

Events occur in real time.

01:00:10 Edit

Siddharth Saigal tells Gyan Thakkar to order Dr. Dixit to the Hotel Gateway Residency with his team. Siddharth then tells Shibani Mallick to call the hotel's night manager.

In2x16 Abinash and Gayatri

Abinash Roy spots Chang

At the hotel, the manager Abinash Roy asks Anjali to pass on a file to Xavier Parera. He then notices Chang waiting for a lift, and asks Gayatri Vasudev who that is. She explains he is from the AC maintenance company, then answers a call from Shibani.

In2x16 Gayatri and Shibani

Shibani Mallick speaks to Gayatri Vasudev

Shibani claims she is from the Mumbai Fire Brigade's emergency response unit, and says a tanker containing chemicals has crashed near the hotel and she needs to seal the building to avoid the gas fumes. Gayatri asks how long for, and Shibani says it may take time to clean the spill.

Gayatri then calls Xavier and tells him to announce a level 3 lockdown. Abinash returns and Gayatri embraces him, and he asks what the matter is.

In2x16 Naina enters

Naina Singhania enters Antara Mane Shinde's house

At her home, Antara Mane Shinde gets a call from Naina Singhania, who is waiting outside. Antara meets her by the pool and asks what is happening. Naina says she knows about Antara's life and marriage, and Antara explains she couldn't leave her husband once he had a paralytic stroke. Naina then explains that she believes Amar had Shantaram murdered and she needs help to prove it, which will allow Antara to be free of her husband. Antara agrees and Naina asks her to get Amar's phone.

Antara says she is afraid, so Naina asks where Amar's bedroom is. Antara points it out and Naina enters the house, creeping into the bedroom as he sleeps. She reaches for his phone, taking it and leaving quietly.

In2x16 ATU team

Veer Singh Rathod gears up

At the ATU, Shibani sees Veer Singh Rathod gearing up. He explains Saigal has picked a team to go to the hotel, and he has volunteered. Shibani says he doesn't have to, but Gyan says he will be fine and they leave. Shibani tells Siddharth he should have consulted her before picking the team, but he says they will be fine.

In2x16 Jai interrogates

Jai Singh Rathod and Vedant Acharya interrogate Balraj

An agent tells Jai Singh Rathod that they found an open door that Roshan and his men fled through to a car. Jai tells Vedant Acharya that Balraj is their only option, and they tie him to a pipe. Jai threatens Balraj with the same painful death as he inflicted on Haroon, but Balraj just spits in his face.

In2x16 Amar awake

Amar Mane Shinde sees Naina Singhania

Naina explains she took a call and SMS history from Amar's phone, and found that he messaged Shantaram arranging to meet. Naina asks Antara to put the phone back in his room, but at that moment Amar enters asking why Antara is still awake. He then sees Naina, who explains that she took his phone and Antara is innocent. Naina then accuses him of murdering Shantaram, saying she has evidence. She asks him to leave the coalition government alone and set Antara free and she won't take the evidence to a court.

In2x16 Aditya and Devyani

Aditya Singhania asks Devyani to stay

On the way to the hotel, Gyan calls Zara Owais who tells him Dr. Dixit is 20 minutes away. Gyan says that is too long, and she says they must not enter the hotel until he gets there with hazmat suits. Mihir tells Mallick that he ran a background check on the virus dealer and found out that he bought a SIM card in Dubai yesterday.

Devyani Bhowmick is sleeping on her desk when Aditya wakes her. He says he is still not free of calls, but asks her to stay and they can have breakfast together in the morning. She kisses him and agrees.

In2x16 ATU at hotel

ATU set up outside the Hotel Gateway Residency

Abinash tells Gayatri that the Fire Brigade team is waiting outside, although they do not look like firefighters. Gayatri speaks to Veer on the phone, who asks if the hotel is completely secure. She asks why they are staying outside, and he explains that they are actually from the Anti Terrorist Unit and the poisonous gas is potentially inside the hotel, not outside. He says they will enter once they have hazmat suits, and asks her for access to the CCTV footage of the hotel.

In2x16 Amar dies

Amar Mane Shinde dies of a heart attack

Amar shouts at Naina, asking how she can sneak into his house after everything he has done for her. She silences him, calling him a kingmaker as he is incapable of leading himself. She insults him, making reference to Antara cheating on him, and he begins to gasp and clutch his chest. She continues to shout at him as he asks Antara for his medicine. Naina restains her, and Antara begs to get to the medicine. Amar tries to reach it himself but collapses and dies, as Naina watches smiling. She explains that Antara now has her freedom.

In2x16 ATU enters hotel

Veer Singh Rathod and Gyan Thakkar enter the hotel

Gyan watches the CCTV footage of the hotel, and sees Chang walking down a corridor 15 minutes ago. He informs Veer and Raj Singh Bhakta, and Veer realises he is still inside and so has probably not released the virus yet. He starts to gear up, saying he can still stop Chang, but does not ask anyone else to accompany him. Gyan grabs another radio and goes with him, telling Raj to stay outside and stop Chang from leaving.

They enter the hotel and set up. Gayatri asks where the hazmat suits are, but Veer shows her the footage of Chang and asks if anyone has seen him. Abinash says he saw him enter an elevator 15 minutes ago, and points out where he was to Veer.

In2x16 Chang caught

Chang reveals the location of the virus

In the basement, Chang approaches a ventilation fan and puts a dispersal device next to it. He then inserts a vial of the virus and arms the device before leaving. Veer investigates the basement and finds a dead body. He then spots Chang and holds him at gunpoint, but Chang distracts him and runs away. Veer and another agent give chase, catching him and asking where the virus is. Chang tells him it is in the central ventilation unit, which Veer passes on to Gyan.

In2x16 virus released

The virus is released

Gyan makes his way to the unit and approaches the fan. He sees the timer has been activated on the detonation device, so pulls the grill off the fan and tries to reach it. However, before he can the device activates, spraying chemical into Gyan's face and the ventilation system.


01:29:49 Edit

Dr. Dixit arrives at the hotel and greets Raj, who explains the rest of the team has entered without suits. Gyan then radios explainins the virus has been dispersed and the basement is a hot zone. Everyone quickly puts on their suits, preparing to enter.

In2x16 Gyan in basement

Gyan Thakkar locks himself in the basement

Veer reaches the ventilation unit and finds the door locked. Gyan says the virus is out and no-one should enter. Veer says he is sorry, and Gyan tells him to stop the fan and get more information from Chang about the other vials.

Gyan radios Abinash and asks how to stop the ventilation. Abinash directs him to the switchboard, but he cannot turn it off, so Abinash tries to override it from upstairs. In the lobby, Gayatri watches the team put on their suits and install protective sheeting outside the windows.

In2x16 Antara and Naina

Naina covers up the death of Amar

Antara approaches her husband's body, but Naina wheels him back to his bedroom and they lift him back into bed. She tells Antara to stay where she is and act shocked and upset when Amar is found dead. Antara accuses her of killing him, but Naina explains they did it together. She tells Antara to put his phone back, and then leaves.

In2x16 Gyan sat down

Gyan informs the ATU that he has been infected

Mihir tells Shibani that Dubai Telecom are refusing to give up Dhruv's phone details, so she tells him to try Interpol. Siddharth then tells them that the virus was released in the hotel. Veer calls in and informs them Gyan was exposed and that some of them are inside the hotel. Shibani admonishes him, but Gyan says they managed to catch Chang. He says he doesn't know if the virus is everywhere in the hotel, but it got into the ventilation system. The fan starts slowing as the ventilation system is shut off. Veer asks after his father, and asks Shibani not to tell him about his current situation, so he can focus on catching Roshan.

In2x16 Maddy and Roshan

Maddy speaks to Roshan Sherchan

Jai beats Balraj who still refuses to talk. Shibani calls him and tells him that the virus has been released at the hotel, but Dr. Dixit is assessing the situation.

Roshan Sherchan enters an apartment with Vasu, who tells him they are safe. Maddy then greets him, saying she is hacking the hotel camera feed. He tells her he doesn't want any of her nonsense, and she offers him some chewing gum.

In2x16 Balraj alone

Balraj is left alone

At the club, Jai tells the agents that the virus is out and they have to move on. He ties Balraj's feet and leaves him for the police to take custody of. After they leave, Balraj looks at his restraints and starts to work his way out of them.

In2x16 Roshan and Yotam

Roshan bargains with Yotam

Maddy makes a secure call to Yotam, who says that after Chang went into the hotel an ATU team arrived. He says Chang is still inside, and Roshan realises Chang must have been caught and given up the virus locations. He tells Yotam to stay put with the other vials while Vasu finds new locations, but Yotam says the plan is over. Roshan loses his temper, but then agrees to give Yotam an extra 100 million. Yotam asks where they should meet.

In2x16 Veer

Veer Singh Rathod briefs the hotel staff

Raj enters the hotel with Dr. Dixit and the team. He explains to Gayatri that they will test the air. Veer tells her to shut off all fire alarms and elevators, as well as any device that can contact the outside. He says ATU has shut down the mobile and internet networks, and gives Gayatri and Abinash special devices to contact ATU on. She asks if they are safe, and Veer asks for their leadership as they are the last line of defence. Abinash reassures Gayatri, but she says she thinks they are not telling them the entire truth.

In2x16 Gyan symptoms

Gyan Thakkar becomes symptomatic

Veer and Raj reach the basement and find the door open. Dr. Dixit tells them there is 30% contamination in the basement, meaning anyone there is infected with the virus. Veer looks distressed, and asks how long before the effects start to show. Dr. Dixit says it can vary, then leaves to check the other floors. Veer and Gyan go to question Chang, but Gyan's nose starts bleeding.

Balraj dislodges the pipe he is tied to and frees himself. He then runs out of the club.

In2x16 Xavier leaves

Xavier Parera tries to leave the hotel

Xavier Parera finishes his shift and starts to leave, but Abinash stops him. He explains his wife is pregnant and he may need to take her to the hospital, but Abinash says his sister can do it. He says some gas has leaked and he needs Xavier to stay a little longer to help.

In2x16 Balraj escapes

Balraj steals a taxi

Balraj walks out onto the street, observed by Jai and Vedant in a car in front. Jai says he has activated the tracker in Balraj's shoe, and calls Zara to get the signal sent to his phone. Balraj goes to a group of taxis and steals one, driving away, pursued by Jai.


01:54:04 Edit

In2x16 Chang interrogated

Chang watches a video of Kush Sawant

Chang pleads with his guards, asking to be let go. Gyan and Veer enter, and when Chang sees Gyan's symptoms he screams, saying the virus has leaked and they will all die. They ask where the other locations are, and Gyan shows him footage of Kush Sawant in hospital. Gyan promises to give him a quick death if he gives up the other locations, and Chang agrees.

Vasu gets a call from Balraj, who says he is near Ballard Pier. Roshan tells him to confirm he is not being followed then call them back. Balraj starts driving, and Jai tracks his signal from afar.

Siddharth Saigal gets a call from Dr. Dixit, who says the virus has spread throughout the hotel and everyone will be infected. Mallick tells him to make sure the patients suffer as little as possible.

In2x16 Raj pulls gun

Raj Singh Bhakta pulls his gun on a hotel guest

On the sixth floor, a guest opens her door and asks Raj what is happening. He tells her to return to her room as it is a police matter, but she presses him, asking about his suit. He pulls his gun and orders her back into her room. He closes her door and locks her in, before asking Saigal what the protocol should be for dealing with guests. Saigal explains that no-one can be allowed to get out, authorizing Code 3 protocol, shooting to kill if necessary.


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