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Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds catch Nina Myers, but she just causes more problems for CTU. Ryan Chappelle locks up Chloe O'Brian when she refuses to answer questions about Angela. Sherry Palmer goes after Alan Milliken.

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Previously on 24[]

  • Sherry Palmer tells President David Palmer that she still believes in his presidency. She then goes to see Kevin Kelly whose daughter was killed by Alan Milliken in a drunk driving incident. Sherry goes back to his trailer to find blood on the wall.
  • At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Adam tells Kim that the baby she's taking care of is not Chloe's. Kim confronts Chloe with this, and raises concern to Tony about Chloe O'Brian being unstable; he says that Chloe is not expendable.
  • Ramon Salazar has the virus and points a gun at Jack Bauer. Delta Teams move in.
  • Jack corners Ramon but the vial of virus explodes while still in Ramon's hands.
  • Jack reports back to CTU about the vial being a trap and asks about Michael Amador. Amador is cornered by Delta 3, but they are ambushed and he escapes. Jack tells Chase that their only choice now is to find Nina.

The following takes place
between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Jack points his gun at Nina's head


Jack Bauer, Chase Edmunds and members of the Delta team are trying to track down Nina Myers in a wooded area. Chase spots something and goes in to investigate. It turns out to be one of their men, dead. Myers comes from out of the bushes and pulls a gun out, forcing Chase to disarm himself.

Nina tells Chase to radio Jack and order a Code 6, Chase does so slowly and carefully. Nina asks Chase where Michael Amador is, and Chase tells her that he has escaped with the virus. Nina starts to move Chase, but as she does, Jack comes in and punches her in the face, throwing her to the ground.

Jack tells Chase to go get the Delta team, but Chase asks Jack what he's going to do to her. Jack claims he will interrogate her, but Nina fears for her life. Jack tells her to shut up. After a few seconds to think about it, Chase runs off.

Nina pleads with Jack, saying that she can help him track Amador. She says that Amador is heading back to Los Angeles to unload the virus, and she can help find him. Jack cocks his gun and points it at Nina's head. Nina says she doesn't want to die, and wants to help him find Amador.


Jack pulls out his cell phone and makes a call to Tony Almeida. He tells him that Amador is probably headed for LA, and that Nina might know something and want to cut a deal. Tony says he'll send over a plane. Jack tells Nina to get up, slowly.

Chloe O'Brian comes up to Tony as Michelle Dessler and says she needs help. Tony asks Michelle if she has everything she needs, then tells Chloe she needs to see Ryan Chappelle. Chloe asks why, Tony says she knows why. Chloe walks off, and Tony calls Kim Bauer. Tony asks if she updated the logs, Kim says she's gone through most of them, and wants an update on Jack and Chase. Tony tells her that they are bringing Nina in to CTU. Kim looks over at baby Angela, and hands her a toy.


Chloe walks into Chappelle's office, Ryan is on a phone call, but quickly ends it. Chloe says she's here, but she's not going to talk about the baby. Chappelle goes through Chloe's lies, from saying it was her baby, to her boyfriends whom they kidnapped from an abusive situation. Chloe says she'd like to correct herself and says she doesn't have a boyfriend. Chappelle asks who the baby belongs to, and Chloe says she can't say. Chappelle says that Chloe may be facing federal charges for bringing an unauthorized person into CTU.

Chloe O'Brian talks things over with Ryan Chappelle

Chloe still won't budge, and says she will face the charges. Chappelle asks who the child is, and threatens blood tests to find out who's child it is. Chloe says she's not a horrible person, but she's not going to talk about the baby anymore, but begs Chappelle not to stick any needles in the baby. After a pause, Chappelle presses the intercom and asks Eileen for some guards to be brought in while they run tests on the baby.

Wayne Palmer is briefing the staff and David Palmer the fact that CTU was unable to intercept the Cordilla Virus. Wayne explains that it was a well planned rip-off, and that they lost six men. Palmer wants to know what Amador is planning, and Wayne explains that he's an arms dealer that usually doesn't do strikes and has no known ideology. Aaron Pierce interrupts and tells David that Sherry Palmer is on the phone for him. David leaves, and tells Wayne to continue.

David picks up the phone and Sherry tells him that Kevin Kelly disappeared after they talked last and she had to leave there quickly. Sherry thinks someone got to Kelly. David says she's not safe for her out there, and tells her to come back. Sherry says she's going to see Julia Milliken. David doesn't want her to go, but Sherry says that this is her one chance to get to Alan Milliken before he has time to regroup. David makes Sherry promise to stay away from Alan. Sherry tells David to let her help him.


An SUV pulls up to an airstrip. Chase Edmunds looks up as Jack Bauer pulls Nina from the car. Jack tells Chase Nina wants to help. Mike Murphy approaches Jack and tells him the Navy re-routed a plane to help them out. Jack asks if they have any leads on Amador, Murphy says that there is no sign of him on air traffic. Chase asks Jack if he wants to leave—Jack says that Amador is gone, and Jack says they need to find out more on who wants the virus and why. He says they have to leave now, and the plane prepares for takeoff.

Amador is on a plane. He pulls out a cell phone and makes a call. He calls Marcus Alvers, who asks him where he is. Amador says he'll be there in an hour. Marcus asks if he has the virus. Amador says yes, then hangs up the phone and taps his briefcase, which contains the virus.

01:12:20... 01:12:21... 01:12:22...



Sherry calls up Julia Milliken and asks if Alan is asleep. Julia says no, that he just got off the phone. Sherry asks how to meet Julia without Alan knowing, and Julia gives Sherry the security code for the gate. Sherry tells Julia to turn off the security cameras. Julia hangs up and then goes to check up on Alan, who is going to bed. As she approaches, a FOX news reporter states that Palmer has been negatively affected in the polls because of his abrupt departure from the Presidential debates. She asks him who was on the phone, and Alan says it was just Ken from Singapore, who still hasn't learned how to calculate the time difference. She tucks him in and kisses him. Alan says that whatever happened earlier in the day is behind them.


On the plane, Jack talks with Nina, who is tied up. She tells him that Amador is working with a guy named Alvers, whom he always works with. Nina says that she doesn't know anything else about the man, however. Jack calls Tony and tells him to run the name.

Jack walks over to Chase and offers him his gun, Chase refuses. Chase tells Jack he's upset at him for not telling him about the Salazar deal. Jack tells Chase that when he pulled the trigger with the gun pointed at Chase's head, he had to think Ramon Salazar would not give him a loaded gun, and that sometimes in the field you have to take that chance. But now they have to focus on finding the virus. Chase wonders if Nina knows more, Jack wonders if the lead is even real.

Dalton Furrelle finds a link between Amador and Alvers—they were suspected but never convicted with making anthrax. Adam Kaufman adds that the two have been seen together several times in the past few years. Tony tells Michelle to help Dalton and Adam get assistance from Division.

Tony calls Jack and tells him they have a lead on Alvers, and now they have to find him. Jack says they'll see what they can get out of Nina. Nina says she can help find him, and that she realizes she can't get a signed deal, and will have to trust Jack. Nina says that she has a number for Alvers, a Felco prefix that should get to Alvers. Jack dials the number and nothing happens. Nina says with a smile to just wait.

Jack demands to know what Nina's done.

At CTU the analysts are in a state of chaos. The computer system is crashing and Dalton and Adam don't know what's going on. A tech room agent calls Adam, experiencing the same difficulty, so Adam calls Matt at Division—even their computers are crippled as well. Jack is dialing a phone again, but Nina says it won't do him any good—he triggered a worm that will take down agency connectivity. Jack grabs her throat and asks her what she has done. She says CTU's anti-terrorism network is locked down until she says so. Tony tells everyone to shut down their sockets — a self-propagating worm is going through the system.

01:25:01... 01:25:02... 01:25:03...



Jack tells Tony that Nina put the worm in the system when she worked at CTU. Jack asks Tony if his people can fix it, and he says maybe. Jack suggests he use Chloe, and Tony says that she's been asked to step aside. Jack tells Tony that he needs to put Chloe back in play, because if terrorists get through their firewalls, disaster could strike. Tony asks if Nina can stop it, Jack says he'll try.

Jack asks Nina what she wants. Nina wants to go back to Mexico, and says that when they turn the plane around, she will slow down the worm. When Nina is down and away, she'll give the kill code for the virus. Jack says no, but Nina points out that terrorist organizations would be able to find out all sorts of information—including agents undercover around the world. Jack tells her that she's assuming her people can't stop it, Nina tells them to try.


Tony and Chappelle are arguing about reinstating Chloe outside the location O'Brian is being held. Ryan agrees, reluctantly, and dismisses the guard. Chappelle tells Chloe that Nina somehow remotely started a worm in CTU's system, and asks her if she can stop it. Chloe says she can, and Chappelle lets her go.

Chloe expresses her displeasure with Adam Kaufman

Sherry Palmer talks things over with Julia Milliken

Chloe comes downstairs and tells Adam to reopen two gateways so she can access the kernel without exposing the system, and tells Dalton to ping the nodes in I.T., then heads to Tech One.

Sherry Palmer pulls up to the gate at the Milliken residence, enters the code and drives in.


Sherry gets out of the car and heads for the house. She gets to the back door and knocks lightly, which makes Julia Milliken jump a little. Julia gets up and goes for the door. Julia opens the door and asks Julia what she wants. Sherry tells her that she knows everything about Julia, that Alan may be involved in the murder of Kevin Kelly. Julia asks why she would help Sherry, even if she could; Sherry says that if Alan goes to jail, everything becomes hers.

Julia asks what she would have to do, Sherry says she needs to know what phone calls he's made in the past two hours. Julia says she doesn't know, but says that Alan has a cell phone. Sherry wants her to get it, but Julia refuses, says she doesn't even know if Alan is asleep yet. Sherry tells her to find out. Julia refuses, and says that she's afraid. Sherry says she's not, and walks inside, looking for the bedroom.

Sherry walks into the room where Alan is sleeping. The floor creaks, so Sherry takes off her shoes. Alan moves in his sleep as Sherry slows goes around the bed. She grabs the cellphone as Alan seems restless.

01:36:48... 01:36:49... 01:36:50...



Chloe is taking control and barking orders in Tech One. Chloe asks Adam if the gateways are open, Adam says yes. Chloe says that she's looking for the virus definition, and Adam hopes she has enough to go on. Chloe mentioned that Adam and Kim stabbed her in the back, and Adam says she would have done the same thing. Chloe says she would have more faith, and that she's broken plenty of rules trying to protect a friend. Adam asks what friend.

Before she can answer, the computer beeps. Chloe swears. The worm is speeding up. Chloe is angry and Adam is in disbelief. Chloe tells Adam to open up two more sockets, one which will expose the kernel. Chloe says they have no choice.


Sherry is still at the Milliken's, going through Alan's cell phone. Sherry is giving her contact, Brian, the phone numbers to look up—including one in the Seattle or Bellevue region of Washington. She says that's the last one, then thanks the man and hangs up. Julia asks Sherry what she should be doing—and Sherry says nothing, just go to bed, through her usual things. And, as far as she is concerned nothing happened here tonight.

Alan Milliken and Sherry talk.

As Sherry is leaving, Alan comes into the room. He asks Julia why she's not in bed, and who she is talking to. Alan spots Sherry, then says he's disappointed in Julia for letting Sherry in and taking the cellphone. Sherry says she took the phone, and Alan asks her what she expects to do.

Sherry asks Alan what happened to Kevin Kelly, and Alan says the name rings a bell. Sherry says it should, because Alan ran over Kelly's daughter, then paid to keep quiet, and made disappear tonight. Sherry tells him to chew on that and either talk about it tomorrow, or back off David.


Jack is getting a drink of water when Chloe calls. As Chloe gets back up to speed, Chase gets up and sits next to Nina. He tells her that he is impressed by her ability to stay alive, but says that if she plays Jack again, he's going to kill her. She calmly responds "Is that so?" Chase says yeah as Jack grabs a computer and walks over. Jack puts Chloe on speakerphone.

Jack says the system will be down in three minutes, and tells Nina to start talking. Nina says it doesn't move that fast, but Chloe brings it up on the screen as Jack says that time is running out. Nina asks who it is—Chloe says she's the network operator, and asks what she should do. Nina gives her a logon address, and tells her to hit escape 6, which seems to slow the virus down. It gives Chloe twenty minutes.

Nina tells Jack to turn the plane around, or CTU's undercover agents will start dying before the end of the hour. Jack tells her she's going to LA, going to help Jack find Amador, and then going to prison. Jack walks away.


Sherry prevents Julia from giving Alan his pills.

Alan is yelling at Sherry for coming into his house after everything he's done for David. Sherry starts yelling back at Alan, because he did everything for his own personal gain. She verbally attacks him, saying he's not a real man, so Julia had to find another one, and that no one likes him, they just want his money. Alan begins to gasp and wheeze.

As Sherry continues to yell at him, Alan starts grabbing his heart and asking for Julia to get him his pills. Julia grabs his pills, but Sherry grabs her hands. Julia asks Sherry what she's doing, and Sherry tells Julia that this is her way out. Alan falls out of the wheelchair as he begs for Julia to help him, reaching for her. He grabs a bottle of pills of the counter, and opens it. As he tries to put the pills in his mouth he stumbles down to the ground, and goes limp.

01:47:45... 01:47:46... 01:47:47...



Alan Milliken's body is motionless in the kitchen.

Sherry and Julia are looking over Alan's body, Sherry says she has to leave, but Julia is a wreck. She says that they killed him, but Sherry tells her no one killed Alan. Julia is upset because they watched him die, Sherry tells her it's over. Sherry coaches Julia through a story about what happened, says that it was an accident, and tells Julia to call the police in about an hour. Julia says she's not sure she can do it, but Sherry says she's going to spend the rest of her life in prison if she doesn't lie. Sherry goes through the story again, and then tells her to be absolutely sure not to mention that she was there. Sherry asks her if she understands, then after a brief pause, asks again in a low, angry voice. Julia reluctantly agrees and Sherry leaves.


Chloe is having problems, and monitors aren't looking so well. Tony wants an update. Tony says he has to call Jack and turn the plane around if she can't handle it, but Chloe says that she needs to work. Tony calls Jack, and Jack says they're on the final approach. Tony tells him that they don't have a handle on this thing. Jack says he has no intention of turning the plane around, but Tony says they don't have a choice, and orders Jack to turn around the plane. Jack refuses, and the phone begins to get static.

Jack walks up to Nina, and tells him that once the damage is done, she's not going to be able to cut a deal, so she should tell him the kill code now. Chase calls Jack over, and tells him to think about it, that they can deal with Nina later. Nina says she can slow the virus down even more and then give him the killcode. As they're talking the plane's engines begin to speed up even more.

Jack holds a gun to the Delta pilot's head, ordering him to land the plane.

Jack runs to the cockpit and asks the Delta pilot what he's doing. He says that Almeida ordered him to take the plane back to Mexico. Jack tells him to land the plane, but the pilot refuses. Jack cocks his gun, throws the navigator back down, then points the gun at the pilot's head and tells him to land the plane.

Tony, observing radar from CTU, wonders what's going on and asks the pilot. He says that Bauer won't let him land, and that he has a gun to his head. Tony asks to be put on speaker. Jack tells Tony that they're landing in Los Angeles, but Tony says they need the kill code, and tells him to order the pilot to turn the plane around. Tony says the order comes from division, but Jack says that they can't keep giving in to Nina's demands.

Chloe interrupts, and says she's onto something. Tony says that they need to stop the thing, Jack says that CTU is going to have to stop it. Tony says they don't have the time. Jack says that turning the plane around is just going to put them farther away than they need to be. Tony tries to talk to Chloe, but Chloe tells him to shut up. Chloe's plan, executed by Dalton and Adam, seems to be working. But as things are coming back up, Chloe sees something and tells them to stop the process. Adam wonders why, but Chloe says that it's a backup function in the virus, and that they were thinking the virus is complex when it's actually very simple. They stop, and after a couple moments, Chloe says they've killed the worm. Tony tells Jack they got it, and Jack says they're resuming their approach. Jack puts away his gun, and tells the pilot he can report him.


Jack smiles after telling Nina they've stopped the worm.

Jack comes back in as Chase looks on. He walks up to Nina and tells her that all their systems are up and running. Nina says she doesn't believe him, but Jack smiles and says he doesn't care, which shocks Nina.


Split screen: Nina casts her head downward, dismayed that her trick failed. The corpse of Alan Milliken continues to lie on the floor of the Milliken kitchen. Wayne Palmer in a meeting, and David Palmer in his office. Michael Amador on his private jet.

Adam, Chloe and Dalton walk back in and prepare to start rebooting drives. Chappelle walks up and congratulates Chloe, but tells her that the Angela situation isn't going to just go away. Chappelle says that they're handing Chloe over to the LAPD, and Chloe sees Kim handing Angela to a social worker.

Chloe agrees to tell Chappelle who the father is if he doesn't hand the baby over. Kim Bauer looks on as Chloe tells Chappelle. Chloe tells him she doesn't know who the mother is, just that she was doing a favor. Chappelle tells Barb from Child Protective Services that they're going to hold onto the baby for a little longer. Chappelle wants to know why she didn't tell him earlier, and Chloe says he didn't want anyone to know, and apologizes again.

Kim is shocked to learn that Chase Edmunds is Angela's father.

Chloe walks away, but Kim walks up as Chloe tries to go upstairs. Chloe seems to be in a hurry, but Kim congratulates her on stopping the worm. Kim wants to know why they aren't pressing charges, but Chloe says that was a misunderstanding. Chloe says she told Chappelle who the baby belonged to, and that everything's okay. Kim asks who the father was, and Chloe sadly says Chase. Chloe runs upstairs while Kim stands, shocked.

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  • Continuity error: After Alan Milliken's death, his arms are in different positions in different scenes. Also, around 1:54:30 as Julia steps around him, he can be seen breathing through movement in his robe.

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