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Marcus Alvers plants the virus in the Chandler Plaza Hotel. Jack is almost removed from the investigation for killing a material witness. CTU sends a tactical team to the hotel where the virus is scheduled to be released. Gael finds the armed mechanism that contains the virus, but cannot disarm it in time.

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Previously on 24[]

  • Wayne Palmer informed his brother, President David Palmer that Alan Milliken is dead. Sherry Palmer told David that she was there when he had a heart attack and died. Wayne asked Julia Milliken what happened. Julia told him that Sherry stopped her from giving Alan his medication.
  • Ryan Chappelle briefed people at Counter Terrorist Unit about the status of the virus. He told them that Michael Amador is in possession of it and is headed to Los Angeles. Their only lead is Nina Myers, who thinks that Amador will be meeting with a man named Marcus Alvers.
  • Amador told Alvers that Nina is out of the picture. Alvers pointed out that she could lead CTU to both of them.
  • Jack Bauer is concerned that Nina will manipulate her interrogator.
  • While being tortured, Nina Myers moved while Richards was injecting a needle, causing it to hit an artery. Nina escaped from the medical ward and was cornered by Kim Bauer. Jack intervened and shot Nina, killing her.
The following takes place
between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.



Chappelle wants to know what happened with Nina

Tony Almeida steps onto the floor, and Michelle Dessler rushes over and asks what happened. He tells her that Nina Myers is dead. Jack Bauer shot her, and Ryan Chappelle is on his way over to talk to him. Michelle asks if it was justified, and Tony says that Jack would never jeopardize the operation to get vengeance. Michelle asks if he is sure about that, and Tony doesn't say anything.

Ryan Chappelle enters the room where Nina was killed. Jack is giving his gun to an agent to send over to ballistics. Ryan tells some agents to secure the room until forensics get there and to get the footage from the surveillance camera. He asks to have a word with Jack. Jack says to wait a minute, as he is talking to Kim, making sure she's okay but Chappelle insists. Jack walks over to Chappelle, who is asking what happened. Jack tells him that Nina was trying to escape. Chappelle knows and wants to know how she got shot. Jack tells him that she was going for her gun, and he shot her in self-defense. Ryan doubts Jack's story, and says that Division will want him to certify the shooting. He tells Jack to come with him to watch the footage from the surveillance camera.

Chase Edmunds enters and asks Kim if she is okay. Jack comes over to tell her that he has to go with Chappelle and he'll be back as soon as he can. Chase says he'll stay with her. Kim walks over to look at Nina's covered body, and tells Chase that she doesn't know what happened. Chase is confused and asks her what she means. Kim says that Jack told her to leave the room, and then she heard shots. Chase tells her that she's safe and that's all that matters. Kim says that she has wanted Nina dead ever since Nina killed Kim's mom, but now that it's happened, it's not going to bring her mom back. Kim is unsure of her feelings about Nina's death.


The man looks at the virus

In the Chinatown Go parlor, a man is handling vials of the Cordilla virus while Michael Amador watches security camera feeds. A third man is seen walking down a corridor carrying two briefcases. He stops and knocks on a door, and Amador announces the arrival to his companion. He gets up to see that the guard at the door lets the man in. Amador comments that they were getting worried and have a lot to do. The third man says that they have plenty of time. Amador is curious why the third man chose such a limited target as opposed to a stadium or airport. The man says that mass casualties isn't the objective. He is doing this to send a message.


Tony and Michelle enter a conference room. Tony stands at the head of the table and addresses everyone, telling them that Jack Bauer shot and killed Nina Myers while she was trying to escape. Chloe O'Brian worries about their progress, as Nina was their only lead. Tony tells them to keep working on finding Amador. Adam Kaufman says that they've exhausted their leads, but Tony simply tells him to keep searching and to widen their parameters. He also says that Russian intelligence has sent them some information that supports the notion that Michael Amador is in Los Angeles with the virus. Michelle brings up some information on the screen. She shows them a detonating device that was a part of the Soviet biowarfare arsenal until the late 80's. The device is used to disperse pathogens into the air. Three weeks prior, a dozen of the devices were stolen from a Ukrainian armory. They believe that Amador and Alvers are going to use these devices to disperse vials of the Cordilla Virus.

The British man that joined Michael Amador shows him and Alvers how to arm the detonating device. The vial is placed in the device, and when it is armed and the timer goes off, the glass vial shatters and the content of the vial is dispersed. The dispersal radius is one hundred meters.

The British man asks Amador how it went in Mexico. Amador looks at him questioningly, and the British man responds, asking if Amador thought that he wouldn't find out. Amador says that he didn't think he needed to know as long as he got what he wanted. The British man doubts him, saying that he was gullible enough to believe that Jack had turned against CTU, resulting in every intelligence agency looking for him. Amador defends himself, saying that Jack's story checked out. The British man tells him not to presume to tell him about Jack. Upset with Amador, he tells him that his actions in Mexico were stupid and greedy and also may have cost him his advantage. The man gives Amador the authorization code for a money transfer, and Amador sees that it's only half of what was promised. The British man says that the plans changed because of Amador's Mexico deal. When he receives confirmation of the virus being released in the hotel, Amador and Alvers will get the other half of the money.


Chloe tells Adam that she has a thread on Amador through activity on one of his accounts. Adam asks Kim to run a back trace. Chase asks how long it will be until they get a location, and Adam tells him that it will be five minutes, ten tops.


From the surveillance footage, it is unclear if Jack killed Nina in cold blood or not

Chappelle looks at the surveillance footage of Jack shooting Nina. He says that she was down when Jack shot her. Jack says that she was going for her gun. Chappelle accuses him of blocking the security camera to obscure the video feed of the shooting. Jack adamantly says that she was going for her gun, but Chappelle doesn't believe him. Chappelle talks about due process, and Jack gets in his face, saying that Nina killed his wife and was released: she would have also killed Kim if Jack hadn't intervened.

Chappelle says that using drugs to maintain his cover is one thing, but shooting a witness is another. Chappelle will have to explain to his superiors why a material witness has been shot. Chase comes in and tells them that they may have a lead on Amador. Chase defends Jack, saying that Jack has been operating at a higher level than pretty much anyone, including himself. He also says that if they find Amador, they will want Jack in the field. Jack asks for a minute alone with Chappelle. Chase leaves. Jack understands the position that Chappelle is in, and he assures Chappelle that he can do his job.

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Wayne Palmer is on the phone with Julia Milliken, telling her that she wasn't supposed to contact him. Julia is scared. The police have already questioned the housekeeper, and they are questioning Julia next. She is unsure what to say to the police, and Wayne asks where her lawyer is. Julia tells him that her lawyer isn't there yet. Wayne tells her that she's innocent. Julia disagrees, saying that she let Sherry convince her to withhold Alan's medication. Julia asks if Sherry has said anything to President Palmer. Wayne informs her that Sherry told President Palmer that it was an accident. President Palmer walks up to Wayne, and he ends the conversation with Julia, pretending he was talking to Bill. President Palmer asks if he has talked to Julia. Wayne says no, and President Palmer suggests that he call her to get her side of the story. Wayne thinks that the president should stay as far away from the situation as possible. President Palmer says that this statement means that Wayne doesn't think it was an accident.



Kim briefs her father before he leaves

Jack is outside by a van, preparing to leave. Kim comes outside to tell him that they will have a man on the inside, Jim Wong. She gives him an update on the strike team, and Jack asks if she is okay. Kim says that she is and asks if Chappelle questioned him about the shooting. Jack says that he was questioned and told Chappelle that he wasn't sorry that Nina was dead or that he shot her. Kim asks if he had to do it, and Jack says yes. Jack hugs his daughter. Jack gets in the car to leave.

Wayne enters the room that Sherry is in. Sherry asks what's going on, and Wayne responds with "you tell me." Sherry says that it's late and she's tired, and Wayne interrupts, telling her that he knows about Alan Milliken. Sherry defends herself, saying that he would have done the same thing if he'd been present. They argue. She asks what Wayne told Julia, and he says that he told her not to say anything until she talked to her lawyer.


Julia Milliken is sipping a drink when a Detective Norris enters the room. He apologizes for her loss and wants to ask her a few questions. Julia tells him that her lawyer wanted her to wait until he arrived. Norris says that his questions are straightforward and don't require counsel. He tells her that the officers told him that she was asleep when the body was found. Julia backs this up. She says she didn't hear anything until the housekeeper woke her. Norris says that the housekeeper was awoken by the sound of a car starting up, and saw a light Mercedes leaving the driveway. Julia still says she didn't hear anything, and says that most of the people she knows drive Mercedes. Norris asks why the security cameras in the house were shut down an hour before Alan died. Julia tries to blame it on Beatriz, but she doesn't know anything about it. Norris asks if she is sure. Julia asks what he is trying to say. She tells him that he died because he was sick. Norris says that it looks like he had some help.


Chappelle asks Tony how close they are to locating Alvers. Tony says that they're very close. Kim gives the new coordinates to Chase, and tells him to change position. Jack does. He thanks Chase for standing up to Chappelle earlier. Chase says that the virus is all that matters right now. Jack asks if he's going to wait to tell Kim about Angela. Chase says that they talked about it. He says that "she's handling it fine," and adds that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Jack says he has a right to know because she's his daughter. Chase says that she's a grown woman. Jack has no response to that and gives up for the time being.


Marcus Alvers arrives at the Chandler Plaza Hotel

Alvers arrives at the Chandler Plaza Hotel with a briefcase in his hand. He enters the main doors unnoticed, and calls Amador. He tells him that he is in the hotel. He will only be 25 minutes. Amador tells him to hurry up. Alvers adds that he doesn't want to be in one of the body bags that will be there.

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Sherry Palmer's phone rings. She answers it, and Norris is on the other line. She asks how Norris got the number. Julia gave it to him. Norris asks if she was with her tonight. Sherry says that she wasn't. She says that Julia is lying, and she is at District with President Palmer. She then asks what this call is for. He tells her that Alan died earlier. She apologizes. He says that Julia said that they killed him by withholding his medication. Sherry says that she hasn't seen them in over three years. She says she was with Palmer since 10 PM, and adds that Palmer will back up her story. Norris says that they will be in touch. Their call ends.


President Palmer is resting as Wayne gives him the outbreak scenarios from NHS. David says that he has many questions. He asks if Wayne has anything else. Wayne tells him no. But, David can sense that he does have something else. Wayne tells him he just wants to make sure he's ok, but also says that he wanted to be an asset to his administration. He did not want to be a burden. David says that he is an asset. He trusts Wayne the most. Wayne's cell then rings. It's Tony, from CTU. He lets Wayne know that they are approaching a lead on the virus. Wayne asks for him to update him with everything that happens. Wayne lets David know.


The CTU team move in on Amador


At the location, Jack's car arrives. He and Chase get out, and assemble with the team, who is going over positions. Jack introduces himself, then asks about their inside man, Jim Wong. The man has not seen Alvers or Amador yet. Wong goes through another room in the club, and goes to a corridor. He looks around, but doesn't see them. He goes to check out the next rooms. He looks at one guarded door, and lets the captain know. Just then, a gun is put behind his head. The man takes out his com unit, then pushes him toward the door. Amador is in there. The captain notices that Wong's signal is lost, and Jack tells everyone to move in. Him and Chase go with them. Amador kills Wong, then tells the other man to leave. A wall is blown into the club. The men storm the area, and Jack kills the guard. They break open Amador's room, and use a flash grenade to blind the two. Jack then punches out Amador. Chase lets them know.

Jack asks where the virus is. Amador tells him that he's too late. Chase takes him into another room. They have him in custody.

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Jack talks to Amador

Chase sets Amador down in a chair. He tells Jack that he betrayed him. Jack says that he betrayed him to, but Jack was better. Amador says that he has no idea what he is up against. He says that "he knows who you are." Jack asks who. Amador just reiterates what the man told him, and tells him not to go against him or he's dead. Jack just asks for the virus. Amador says that he passed it off, and that he won't tell them anything. Jack asks what or who is he afraid of, then says that they can protect him. Amador asks the same for his family. Jack emphasizes that they can. Amador then says that he couldn't even protect his own. Jack, angered, then asks him one last time where the virus is. When Amador doesn't tell him, Chase holds open his hand. Jack cuts right across it with a knife. Amador screams in pain, then faints. Jack's cell rings. He tells Chase to do it again when he's conscious.


Jack goes to take his call. He is transferred to Tony, with Ryan. Jack lets them know of their status, then tells them that he said that the person he passed the virus off to knows him. Tony says that is not enough to go on. Jack tells him to cross-check the people he's worked with anyway. Jack is then called into the room with the incubator. They are going to send it back to NHS. They also found some forensic evidence that is to be sent back to CTU. Jack lets Tony know. Jack is then notified of what is on Amador's laptop. He sees a schematic of the Chandler Plaza Hotel. It was accessed 5 hours ago. Jack lets Tony know that they may have a target. Adam calls their head of security. Tony asks if they should evacuate. Jack tells him no, because they don't know if the virus has been released. After talking to Chappelle, Michelle leaves. Jack says that they need to contain the building, without a panic. Tony will set up a soft perimeter, and a team to handle the operation. Jack emphasizes that no one is to go in that building. Tony tells Dennis to have NHS send teams to the hotel. Adam has the head of security, Craig Phillips, on the phone. Phillips asks how he can help. Tony tells him that there has been a threat against the hotel, and tells him not to allow anyone in or out. He understands, and asks the nature of the threat. Tony tells him "an infectious substance". Phillips asks if it has been released. Tony does not know, but tells him that he is looking for a man named Marcus Alvers. Phillips asks if Alvers is inside already. Tony says yes, and lets him know a CTU team is coming. Phillips then hangs up.


Tony confronts Chappelle about why he chose Michelle to go to the hotel


Michelle walks up, and Tony asks where she is going. She says that Ryan asked her to head the team of the hotel. As Ryan walks by, he shoots Tony's objections down, saying Michelle is the best person for the job, citing her experience from the D.C. anthrax outbreak, and Tony needs to stay at CTU. Gael Ortega will be second in command. Tony says that he's not going to let her go, and tries to get someone from Division to take her place. Michelle says no, she is the one to go. Emotionally, Tony asks her to let him know when her people get set. Michelle agrees.

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Michelle is driving with Gael to the hotel. She asks where NHS is. They are about 20 minutes away. Michelle says that there is not enough time. Tony instructs her to wait until they get there, because they won't have biosuits. Michelle objects, saying that they might have a chance to intercept the virus. Tony implicitly tells her to wait. Michelle asks if there is anything else. Tony says no, and she hangs up. Gael asks what is wrong. Michelle says that things between her and Tony haven't been right since he got out of the hospital. Gael tells her that it ate Tony inside that he wasn't able to tell her about the operation. Michelle sighs, and just says that she wants this day to end.

Inside the Chandler Plaza, Phillips locks most of the doors. He sees a maintenance man with a toolbox walking. The man is Alvers, but Phillips doesn't see him. Phillips is notified that CTU has arrived. He tells his employee to check out that man that just walked by.



Michelle has no choice but to go into the hotel unprotected from the virus

Phillip's phone rings. Michelle is on the other line. She asks about the Alvers photo. Phillips has already circled it. But, no one has seen him. Michelle asks him to start searching the guest rooms. Phillips asks for some help. Michelle tells him that they will be coming in as soon as the HazMat suits get there. Phillips says that they don't have any suits. Michelle says that they will be bringing some in. He ends the call. Gael gets a picture of Alvers on the hotel's security camera. He has not come back out yet. Gael says that he may have released the virus. Michelle says that if he hasn't, they may be able to stop them. She gets a gun, and tells her team that she is not going to order anyone in, but they may have a chance to stop Alvers if they go in now. Her team eventually follows her to the doors.

Michelle knocks on the doors, and Phillips lets her and her team in. They set up their area. Phillips asks why they didn't wait. Michelle says that they will be notified when they come in. Phillips says that they may know where Alvers is. Michelle tells him that she will check it out.

Alvers climbs down a ladder next to a circulating fan. He has the virus with him, and takes it out of the toolbox. He places it next to the fan, places the vial in it, then activates the timer. The detonator starts. Michelle walks down a hallway, trying to find Alvers. She cocks her gun after seeing blood on the floor. She checks around corners to find him, and finds a dead guard. She continues down a hallway, and eventually sees Alvers running. She demands that he move over to her, and he pleads innocent. He then tries to run, but Michelle goes after him.


She gets him, but he tries to fight back. Michelle easily overpowers him. She asks him to put his hands on his head. He refuses. She knocks him in the head, then he agrees. She cuffs him to the pipe, and asks where the virus is. Holding him at gunpoint, she tells him that if the virus gets out, he dies, just like everyone else. He tells her its in the central ventilation unit. Michelle lets Gael know. He goes to find it.

Split screen: Michelle watches over Alvers. Adam and Tony work from CTU. Jack watches as the incubator is carried away. The detonator continues to count down. Wayne & David discuss the virus in their office.


The virus is released

Gael opens a door, and finds himself behind the circulating fan. He tries to find a way to it, but sees the detonator. He lets Michelle know. Michelle tells him to stay clear. Gael says that there isn't enough time. He is going to try and disarm it. He removes the gate blocking the fan, then goes up to the detonator. He hesitates, then tries to slide his hand underneath the fan to get to the detonator. He gets very close, but then the device starts whirring. The vial is shattered, and the powder spreads right into Gael's face and into the ventilation unit.

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Memorable quotes[]

  • Ryan Chappelle: I didn't ask for your opinion.
  • Chase Edmunds: Well I'm giving it to you anyway.
  • Ryan Chappelle: Excuse me?!

  • Jack Bauer: I told him I wasn't sorry that Nina was dead. I wasn't sorry I shot her. She posed an immediate threat to you, to me, and to thousands of innocent people.
  • Kim Bauer: You had to do it, didn't you?
  • Jack Bauer: Yeah.

  • Jack Bauer: We can protect you.
  • Michael Amador: Can you Jack?
  • Jack Bauer: Yes.
  • Michael Amador: And my family?
  • Jack Bauer: (more emphatically) Yes.
  • Michael Amador: You couldn't even protect your own.

  • Michael Amador: You betrayed me, Jack. You were working with CTU all along.
  • Jack Bauer: That's right, Amador. You betrayed me, too. I'm just better at it than you.

  • Tony Almeida: (referring to Michelle going to the hotel) Ryan, this is—
  • Ryan Chappelle: I don't wanna hear it.

  • Gael Ortega: The last couple of months, Tony and I have been working pretty closely together, planning this operation. It's been eating away at him that he wasn't able to talk to you about it.
  • Michelle Dessler: (sighs) I just want this day to end.

  • Michelle Dessler: I can't order anyone in because it's against protocol. But Alvers is in there and we might still have a chance to stop him.

  • Wayne Palmer: What he expected was for you to get Alan off his back, Sherry, but not like this!
  • Sherry Palmer: Complex problems sometimes have the simplest solutions, Wayne.

  • Julia Milliken: You know lawyers.
  • Michael Norris: Unfortunately, I do.

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  • It's interesting that Amador complains about getting cheated out of $10 million after making $240 million in Mexico from ripping off Nina.

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