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President Palmer has to make a choice to order Jack and Ramon's chopper down or not, Ryan Chappelle takes over for Tony and Kyle Singer struggles with the knowledge of his impending death.

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The following takes place
between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Jack and Ramon fly towards downtown Los Angeles


Ramon asks Jack if the helicopter has enough fuel to make it to Mexico. Jack explains that they aren't going to Mexico because CTU would just force them down before they got to the border.

Chase calls CTU and tells Chloe O'Brian that Jack has disarmed his locator, but the military should have him on radar. Chloe sends Chase the satellite feed and tells him that Jack is heading west towards downtown Los Angeles. Chase realizes that Jack wants to fly over a populated area because that ensures that the military cannot shoot him down. Chase tells Chloe that the SWAT helicopter has an emergency hailing frequency and to try and get a hold of Jack through that so that they can tell him that CTU found Kyle Singer.


Chappelle explains that they may have to shoot Jack down

Ryan Chappelle arrives at CTU. He calls Major Blanchard about the status of the pursuit craft. Major Blanchard tells him that two military helicopters have taken off to intercept Jack's chopper. Chappelle asks for an estimate of how long it will take to reach Jack's helicopter, and Major Blanchard explains that Jack has changed routes and is heading towards LA. Chappelle instructs him to shoot Jack and Salazar down before they reach the city.

Chappelle announces to Michelle that he is taking over for Tony because Division wants a senior officer in charge of CTU. He asks Michelle for an update. Michelle informs him that they are trying to contact the chopper Jack is flying in order to inform him that, since they now have Kyle Singer in custody, the virus is contained and handing over Salazar is unnecessary. Ryan tells her to set up a briefing with all department heads to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Michelle asks Adam Kaufman to help her prepare for the conference, so Adam assigns Kim to finish helping Chloe with the frequency search.

Chloe apologizes to Kim for getting angry earlier in Jack's office. Kim tells her that everything is fine, and asks Chloe if she told Michelle about the drugs in Jack's office. Chloe admits that she did tell Michelle, but explains doesn't know what they're going to do about it.


Hector can't reach Gael


Chappelle briefs the department heads in the conference room and explains that CTU will make every attempt to contact Jack and resolve the situation peacefully. He tells them that Ramon is a great threat to the country's security, and, because they have Kyle Singer in custody, both Salazar and Jack are now expendable. Michelle asks why CTU isn't focusing on other options to bring the chopper down, and Chappelle claims that Jack isn't leaving them with any other options. He explains that he's just gotten off the phone with Major Blanchard, who informed him that a pursuit craft was tracking Jack.

Meanwhile, in Las Nieves, Hector Salazar dials a number on his phone and gets angry when he gets no answer. He throws the phone in frustration and wonders why he can't reach Gael. Claudia Hernandez tries to calm him by rubbing his shoulders, suggesting that maybe Gael couldn't get away to answer his phone. Hector wants to find out what is going on regarding his brother's release.

Claudia assures him that the government is probably releasing him. Hector tells her that the plan has changed. He confesses that he was reluctant to tell her that Jack would be delivering Ramon. Claudia asks if Hector is making a joke, since Ramon would never accept help from the man who put him in prison. Hector says that Ramon is indeed accepting Jack's help and that Jack is now a criminal in his own country. Claudia worries that it is a trick, but Hector reassures her that everything will be fine and tells her that he has plans for Jack Bauer.

Hector gets a call from Gael, who explains that Ramon and Jack have escaped in a helicopter. Gael also tells him that he has not contacted the Salazars' jet pilot yet because they are being pursued.


Kim argues that she can stay focused

Chappelle's briefing in the conference room ends, and Kim approaches Adam to ask what Chappelle had to say. She asks if they are going to shoot down Jack. Adam tells her that they will if they have to. He asks Chloe where she is on finding the hailing frequency, and Chloe says she hasn't had any luck yet. Adam gives her some new frequencies to try.


Michelle calls Kim over to speak with her. She explains that she and Chappelle feel that Kim shouldn't be at CTU until the situation with Jack is resolved. Kim disagrees and tells Michelle that she is qualified to handle the situation. Michelle, however, says that it isn't a matter of qualifications, but emotions. Kim says that she can control her emotions, and then tells Michelle that she is sure that her father will return Salazar as soon as he finds out that Kyle Singer is in custody. Michelle explains that they still cannot reach Jack. Kim argues that she is a resource and can help Adam and Chloe find the right frequency. Michelle reluctantly agrees to let her stay and tells her to go help Adam. After Kim leaves, Chappelle walks over and tells Michelle that he wants Kim gone if they have to fire on Jack's helicopter.


Chase warns Chappelle to talk to President Palmer first

Inside the helicopter, something starts beeping. Ramon wants to know what's happening. Jack explains that the military is approaching and will catch up in three to four minutes and probably has orders to shoot them down.

Chase, who is still driving, places a call to Ryan Chappelle.


Chase asks Chappelle if President Palmer knows about the plan to shoot down Jack if they cannot get a hold of him. Chappelle says that President Palmer is in the middle of a national debate, and that he does not need his authorization because of the nature of Jack's actions. Chase defends Jack, arguing that Jack only broke Ramon out so that Salazar's people wouldn't release the Cordilla virus. When Chappelle repeats that the decision is his to make, Chase suggests again that it might be a good idea to get Palmer's authorization because of Jack's personal relationship with President Palmer. Chappelle, however, reminds Chase that their rules do not bend for personal relationships. Chase admits that Chappelle is right, and says that when Jack is shot down, Chappelle can personally explain the decision to President Palmer. Before Chappelle can say anything, Chase hangs up.

Chappelle's phone rings, and Major Blanchard tells him that the pursuit craft is about to make visual contact with Jack. When Major Blanchard starts to say how soon they will be able to fire, Chappelle interrupts him and tells him not to fire until further notice.



President Palmer withdraws from the debate to deal with the Bauer situation

During the ongoing debate, Senator John Keeler criticizes trade agreements that the President signed during his term, citing Armando Rodriguez of Galveston, Shauna Brown of Biloxi, and Kendall Taylor of Tampa as a few of the thousands of workers who lost their jobs due to these agreements. In a conference room backstage, Anne Packard watches the debate on television with Wayne Palmer. Wayne's cell phone rings. Ryan Chappelle identifies himself and informs Wayne that Kyle Singer has been taken into custody and that a potential release of the Cordilla virus is no longer a threat. Wayne is relieved, but Chappelle informs him that they still have to deal with Jack Bauer. Wayne asks how they are handling it, and Chappelle explains the only option is to shoot down Jack's chopper because of the threat that Salazar poses. Wayne warns Chappelle that President Palmer will not like that option. Chappelle acknowledges that fact and says that he does not want to fire on Jack without the President's permission. Wayne tells Chappelle that, because President Palmer is in the middle of a televised debate, the decision will have to be made later. Chappelle claims that it cannot wait since Jack will soon be over a populated area, and thus, will not be able to be shot down. Wayne sighs and tells Chappelle that he'll get back to him. Wayne puts on a headset to contact his brother.

As Senator Keeler discusses the economy, President Palmer hears Wayne's voice through his earpiece. Wayne apprises him of the situation with Jack and asks if he is prepared to authorize firing on the helicopter. The moderator asks for President Palmer's response to Senator Keeler's comments, but the President just stands silently. When asked again, President Palmer says that he has been informed of an impending national emergency that needs his immediate attention. He withdraws from the debate and leaves the stage to join Wayne and Anne backstage. Senator Keeler and the moderator both voice their confusion about the sudden turn of events.

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Medical personnel wheel Kyle Singer into their facility. Singer is agitated, but confined in order to keep the virus from spreading. He repeatedly yells, asking where they are taking him and what they are doing. He is surrounded by people in HAZMAT suits. Dr. Nicole Duncan introduces herself. Singer asks about his girlfriend, Linda.


Dr. Duncan explains to Kyle that Linda is safe

Dr. Duncan tells him that they have Linda in another part of the facility. She tells him that Linda is fine and that there is an incubation period of fourteen hours. Since Kyle is not yet symptomatic, he has not transmitted the virus to anyone else. Kyle wants to know what will happen when he becomes symptomatic, but Dr. Duncan doesn't answer him. Kyle asks if the virus is similar to "that Ebola thing", and when Dr. Duncan doesn't answer, Kyle states, with fear, that the virus will eat him alive. Dr. Duncan does nothing stem his concerns, simply saying that the staff will do their best to make him comfortable.



Military helicopters chase Jack and Ramon towards downtown

The military helicopter gets Jack's chopper in view. Jack realizes that they've locked onto their heat signature. Ramon asks why they aren't being shot down. Jack is unsure.

As Chase continues to head downtown, he calls CTU and asks Chloe for the hailing frequency. She is still unable to help.

Major Blanchard contacts Chappelle and informs him that they have just locked on to Jack's helicopter. Chappelle asks how much time they have before it is over a populated area. Major Blanchard tells him that they have just over four minutes. Chappelle tells Blanchard to stay on course, as he is still waiting for word from the President.

President Palmer's staff gathers around a television. A reporter says that they still do not have word about the nature of the national emergency that required Palmer to withdraw from the debate. The reporter also mentions that Keeler's staff is questioning the existence of the emergency.


President Palmer goes to an office with Wayne and a Secret Service agent. Wayne asks the agent to leave them alone for a moment, and asks David what he wants to do about the situation with Jack. President Palmer says that he cannot give an order to kill Jack Bauer. Wayne reminds him that Ramon Salazar cannot be allowed to escape. President Palmer questions whether Wayne is worried about Salazar or Jack living and talking about their arrangement to break Salazar out of prison. Wayne admits that yes, he is worried about Jack potentially talking. Wayne says that the President needs to think more about national security, since Salazar runs a drug cartel and has connections to terrorist organizations.

Wayne reminds President Palmer that, in addition to those threats, the day's events have shown that Salazar has the infrastructure to launch a biological attack on United States soil. Wayne says that this cannot be allowed to happen again, but President Palmer counters, saying that Jack sacrificed everything in order to prevent that attack. Wayne, however, says that Jack volunteered and knew the risks, and that, as President, David must make the decision as if it were not Jack in the helicopter.


President Palmer gives Chappelle permission to fire

Ryan Chappelle is in his office talking to Major Blanchard, who tells him that they have just over one minute until Jack is over a populated area. Chappelle gets a call from President Palmer.

President Palmer asks Chappelle why they can't get the chopper down without firing upon it. Chappelle tells the President that Jack won't communicate with them. President Palmer asks how much time they have, and Chappelle tells him that they only have one minute. President Palmer gives the authorization to shoot down the helicopter. Chappelle gives Major Blanchard the order. Major Blanchard gives his air units the command.

Chase calls Michelle and Chloe at CTU and asks what's happening. Michelle informs him that President Palmer gave authorization. Kim looks on in fear. Jack, however, takes evasive action and dives. One of the military helicopters gets another shot, but realizes they have reached the no-fire zone.

The military helicopters ask Major Blanchard if they should fire. Major Blanchard tells them not to. Kim breathes a sigh of relief.

The military choppers terminate the pursuit, and Jack heads into downtown Los Angeles.

Chappelle tells everyone to make sure all ground units are prepared so that when Jack lands, they can go in quickly.

Chase asks Michelle what is going on, and she tells him that they are not firing. Chase wants to know if they have the hailing frequency yet. They don't, but Chloe is getting close, so Michelle transfers the call to Chloe. As Jack begins to put down the chopper in an intersection, Chloe frantically tries to get the hailing frequency. Jack lands, and Chloe succeeds in getting the right frequency. She patches Chase through.

Chase yells out to Jack that they have Kyle Singer in custody and that the virus is contained. Jack doesn't hear the message though, as he and Ramon have already exited the chopper and are running down into the subway system.

06:26:08... 06:26:09... 06:26:10...



Kyle Singer's parents arrive the hospital and meet Dr. Duncan. Mr. and Mrs. Singer find out that there's nothing to be done for Kyle. They ask how long he has, and Dr. Duncan tells them "hours, not days." They watch Kyle through a glass partition and ask if they can speak with him. Dr. Duncan says they can, and Mr. Singer steps forward.

His wife hesitates, and Mr. Singer says that Kyle needs to know that they aren't angry with him. They both step forward, and Dr. Duncan allows them to speak to their son through the intercom. Kyle says that he deserves what he is getting, but his father says that he deserves a father who can take care of his family. Mr. Singer apologizes, but Kyle says that they have always taken care of him and made him feel safe.


Chase pulls up near the helicopter and gets out of his car. Officer Brooks tells him that witnesses saw Jack and Ramon run down into a subway station about five minutes ago, and two trains have left since then. One made a stop at station ten blocks away, and officers are searching the area.

They were able to stop another train before it reached its next station. Chase knows that Jack won't allow himself to be trapped on a train. He calls Kim at CTU and asks for the schematics for the Pershing Square station. He asks how many emergency exits there are. There is one in a nearby alley. Chase sets off on foot without coordinating with Brooks.


Kim walks over to Michelle's desk and tells her what she just talked about with Chase. Kim asks if they know not to use lethal force. Michelle says that the mandate is the same. Their first priority is to stop Salazar from escaping. Kim looks worried, and Michelle adds that since they're on the ground now, they can probably get Salazar without harming Jack.

Chase reaches the alley and finds a grate propped open. He calls CTU and speaks to Michelle. He tells her that Jack and Salazar got out through a maintenance access off of Mission. He asks her to deploy everyone to that location and seal off a ten block radius.

Jack and Ramon walk into a valet parking lot. Jack takes a set of keys from the board, and they steal a blue Mustang.

06:37:19... 06:37:20... 06:37:21...



President Palmer watches coverage of his withdrawal. Wayne gets off the phone with CTU and informs his brother that CTU still does not have Jack and Ramon in custody. Wayne tells him that he needs to stop thinking about Jack's welfare. The press has already found out that Jack broke Salazar out of prison.

Wayne says to David that he needs to explain to the press that this is why he withdrew from the debate, and then he should publicly denounce Jack's actions. David objects, saying that Jack put his life on the line, and asks Wayne if they are going to thank him by hanging him out to dry. Wayne replies, saying that no one can know that they sanctioned the prison break.


Jack calls Salazar's pilot from the car. He tells the pilot that he has Salazar and gives him his phone number. The pilot is to call back once he gets confirmation from Gael. The pilot calls Gael to make sure everything is set, and he calls Jack back. Jack gives him their location, and the pilot tells him where the closest safe airstrip is.

Jack can get there in about ten minutes. He coughs, and Ramon notices, and takes the opportunity to mock Jack, telling him that the Salazars had no idea he was a federal agent. Salazar also tells him that he had been accepted and there was no need to do drugs other than to kill the pain. He asks what Jack's pain is. Jack says nothing.


Michelle gets a call from Tony's surgeon, Dr. Linzer. Tony has just gotten out of surgery. There was no nerve damage, and the surgery was entirely vascular. Linzer tells Michelle that Tony should make a full recovery. Tony should be awake in about an hour, and Michelle tells the doctor that she'll be there. She thanks him and hangs up. Ryan walks up, and Michelle tells him the good news about Tony. Ryan looks at her for a second and then steps forward to give her an awkward hug.

He asks if she has heard from INS. Michelle says that they sent out an alert and are covering Baja to New Mexico. Ryan asks about local airfields, and Michelle says that they are getting bogged down by the FAA. Ryan tells her to have Gael run pattern analysis on local air traffic, hoping that there will be something out of the ordinary. Michelle calls Adam Kaufman and asks where Gael is. Adam tells her that Gael is in Tech One and he and Kim are about to head down there. Adam asks if there's anything Michelle wants them to tell Gael, but she says no and to just send Gael over to her office.

Gael is in Tech One watching Salazar's plane on one of the monitors and talking to the pilot. Gael realizes that there are people heading to Tech One, and he gets off the phone and quickly changes his screen. Adam tells him that Michelle needs to seem him in her office.

Adam starts to show Kim something, and Gael asks what she is doing. Adam says that she is bringing the logs back up to date, and Gael offers to take over, saying that he can do it a lot faster. Adam reminds him that Michelle needs to see him right away. Gael reluctantly leaves. Adam sets up Kim with what she needs to do and then leaves the room.

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President Palmer is working at a table with some of his staff, and Anne Packard walks into the room. President Palmer excuses himself and goes to speak to Anne in another room. Anne asks if everything is okay, and David reassures her. David voices his concern for Anne's well-being because she has only been brought into the scandal because of him. Anne says that she is fine and kisses David. Wayne interrupts, saying that Jerry has scheduled press conference.

The press is expecting a statement that evening. They want a response to Senator Keeler's accusations regarding Anne. David asks about the polls, and Wayne admits that they have been hit hard. Anne and Wayne argue for a moment before President Palmer interrupts and asserts his authority over his brother. After Wayne leaves the room, Anne says that Wayne is right. She adds that she thinks it would be best if they put their relationship on hold until after the election. David objects, saying that it won't resolve things and that he needs her. Anne says that she'll be there for him. They embrace, but Anne still looks worried.


Dr. Duncan confers with another woman. The woman brought over Kyle Singer's test results, and Dr. Duncan asks if they have been rechecked. The woman says that they checked it three times. Dr. Duncan seems to be in disbelief. She makes a call, asking the person to contact Ryan Chappelle at CTU and have him patched through to her cell phone.

She then walks over to Kyle's parents and places a hand on Mr. Singer's shoulder, as Kyle looks on, concerned. Duncan walks into Kyle's isolation room without a HAZMAT suit and tells him that there is no trace of the virus in his blood. The test has been run several times and double-checked at another lab. Kyle is clean. The Singers are obviously relieved, and Mrs. Singer throws her arms around her son.

Dr. Duncan gets a call from Ryan Chappelle on her cell phone. She informs him of Kyle's test results. Chappelle asks if she's telling him that the virus scare was a bluff. Duncan is unsure since the body that was dropped off was definitely infected. Chappelle is confused.


Jack and Ramon arrive at the airstrip. The plane is waiting. Some of Salazar's men come running out, pointing their guns at Jack. Ramon takes Jack's gun and tells him that he wasn't planning on letting Jack deliver him and then leave. The men pull Jack out of the car and knock him out. Ramon gets ready to shoot Jack, but Tomas reminds him that Hector said to bring Jack back alive. Ramon reluctantly agrees to the demand, and the men drag Jack onto the plane.


Split screen: The plane gets up to speed and takes off. Ramon sits in the plane, smiling. A reporter on FOX News discusses the scandal involving Anne. Palmer and Anne get in a motorcade to transfer to District. Claudia gazes at the sunset from the balcony, while Hector watches her.

Kim is still in Tech One, and looks over at one of the monitors to see Gael talking to someone. She takes the opportunity to take a closer look at the monitor Gael was at when she and Adam came in. Gael did not close the file down completely, and Kim is able to pull the feeds back up.

She rewinds the one on Salazar's plane and sees her father gets knocked out and taken onto the plane. She picks up the phone to tell someone what's happened when the door to Tech One opens. She assumes it's Adam and says there something "seriously wrong." However, it is not Adam, it's Gael. He says that he just remembered that he didn't close down the file all the way. He points a gun at her.

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Memorable quotes[]

  • Ryan Chappelle: Now that we've got Singer, should it come to it, both Salazar and Bauer are expendable.

  • Hector Salazar: Don't worry about Jack Bauer. I have plans for him.

  • Ryan Chappelle: Our mandate does not bend to accommodate personal relationships.
  • Chase Edmunds: You're right, Ryan. And after you shoot Jack down, you can personally explain that to the president.

  • Wayne Palmer: Mr. Chappelle, my brother is not going to like that alternative.

  • Ramon Salazar: We accepted you; you didn't have to put a needle in your arm. You did that for other reasons, same reason as all junkies, to kill the pain. What's your pain, Jack?

  • Wayne Palmer: David, we -
  • David Palmer: Right now, it's Mr. President.

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Background information and notes[]

  • When Chase calls CTU from his cell phone, the display reads "CTU # 352235 Sep 4, 03 (Thu) 2:15pm."
  • At about 21:41, while Jack and Ramon are running into the subway, a camera crew is very briefly visible.
  • Oscar Nunez, best known for his role as Oscar on The Office, makes a cameo in this episode as the airplane pilot.

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