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Kim goes undercover in a mission that may help CTU gain a bargaining tool for Saunders. Chase finds the man who left the hotel. CTU learns that the virus has begun to spread to the general public. Saunders makes another demand.

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The following takes place
between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.


In the train yard, Jack Bauer stares down at Chappelle's body. The black van that arrived earlier starts to move toward them. Three masked men approach. One of them is armed and points a gun at Jack. Jack does the same to the armed man. One of the other two checks Chappelle's body for a tracker. There is none. The armed man tells Jack not to follow them or Saunders will release the virus. The men get back in the van with Chappelle's body. After they leave, Jack goes back to his helicopter and calls Chief of Staff Wayne Palmer. He lets Palmer know of the situation.

Wayne goes to President David Palmer and lets him know that Chappelle is dead. David is upset that he had to order this action, but does not regret the fact that it bought time before the virus is released. He stresses that he will not follow any more of Saunders' demands. Wayne tells him that there is no other choice, as over 700 people are already infected, with more to come if David doesn't follow Saunders' demands.

David asks for the Cabinet. At CTU, Tony Almeida asks for an update. Adam Kaufman, Chloe O'Brian, and Kim Bauer let him know that the money trails Chappelle worked on lead to Stephen Saunders' daughter, Jane Saunders. Kim gives him the details on her. She lives in Santa Barbara. Tony asks them to find where she is, and contact the police in Santa Barbara. Tony then gets a call from Jack.

Distraught, Jack lets him know that Chappelle is dead, and his body was taken. He asked Adam to try and track it. He then asks if they found a motive behind Chappelle's death. Tony tells him about Saunders' daughter. Tony was about to have her picked up. Jack says that is the wrong move because Saunders likely has someone watching her. They would have to covertly pick her up for questioning by doing a swap with one of their agents. They have limited time before Saunders leaves them with no options. Tony then ends the call and asks Chloe to find a look-a-like with Jane Saunders in their database. Tony then calls Michelle.


Tony asks if Michelle got her test results yet. Michelle tells him no, and she won't for at least another hour. They had to send her tests back to the lab. Michelle feels ok, though. No symptoms of the virus have shown up for her. NHS has taken control of the entire Chandler Plaza Hotel. However, Michelle wants to keep busy. Tony tells her that he will have Adam split off some of his work for Michelle as she watches as another guest is wheeled out, dead. Michelle then ends the call.

Tony lets Adam know of the situation with Michelle. He then asks for an update on the person who escaped the quarantine. Adam lets him know. His name is Bill Cole. They tried contacting his wife, but the only info they received is that he arrived late from work, and that he left early for work. However, he is not at work, as his office isn't open yet. They are looking for him as NHS quarantines his house. Chase Edmunds is going to interrogate the wife.

Jack is flying in his helicopter, as the President calls him. Palmer asks him about Saunders. Jack tells him that he worked with Saunders on the Kosovo mission to kill Victor Drazen. Palmer tells him that there will be other demands, and about the implication of a major event soon. He asks if Jack knows what he would mean. Jack doesn't know, but says that Saunders will do his best to kill as many citizens as possible. Palmer asks what he will do if he says no to Saunders demands. Jack tells him that he will release the virus again. The President thanks Jack, and ends the call.


Chloe goes up to Tony's office, and gives him the list of Jane Saunders look-a-likes. The first list has agents that are too far away. Upon seeing the second list, he asks Chloe if she is sure. Chloe has double checked. Tony takes a look at Kim. He then calls her up to his office. Chloe cannot believe that he is thinking of using her. Tony tells her that he doesn't have another choice. He will take care of everything. Chloe then leaves as Kim is coming up. She takes a seat. Tony tells her about the mission that is about to take place. She asks what they need her to do. When Tony tells her that they look almost the same, she puts the pieces together, and figures out that they need her to pose as Jane Saunders. Tony tells her that the better matches are too far away. Kim is their best chance. He also tells her that the mission should not be too dangerous. Kim says that she will do it.

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Tony and Kim walk down to the CTU main floor. Kim tells Chloe that she is going to receive the information that Kim was working on. Chloe already received her data. Chloe also tells her that she told Tony that she didn't want Kim to do this. Kim tells her that she is the only one. Chloe just wanted to let Kim know how she felt. Kim then tells her that she needs to update the field agents that are working on this mission. Chloe goes to Adam to do so, but Adam is listening to the feed of Chase interrogating Susan Cole.


Susan tells them that Bill is not there. Chase, in a gas mask, asks if she saw anything suspicious, like a nosebleed. She still says no, and asks why they would think this. Chase lets her know that he was at the Chandler Plaza Hotel, with other people who were sick. At first Mrs. Cole doesn't believe that, as he told her that he was at the office. She then realizes that he was there with another woman, and becomes furious with her husband. Chase holds her back, as she cannot leave. An NHS worker, Tyler, comes out with a bag containing a towel with fresh blood on it. Chase realizes that Bill Cole is symptomatic. He asks them to call every E.R and Urgent Care Facility in 30 miles, just in case he stops there. Bill Cole is at a pharmacy, touching different medications, looking for something to stop his bleeding. He asks the pharmacist if they have anything to stop it. The man tells him to try an E.R. Bill can't because he needs to go to work. The pharmacy can't help him. On his way out, he bumps into a lady. At CTU, Kim is being briefed by Agent Graves on the exact details of her mission. She will be swapping in the library on the campus that Jane works. Jack then arrives in CTU.


Jack asks Chloe for Tony. Chloe tells him that he's in the conference room with Kim. Jack asks why. Chloe tells him to ask Tony. Jack walks toward the conference room. Tony walks out before Jack can get there. Jack asks what he is doing with Kim. Tony tells him that Chloe came up with the matches for Jane Saunders. He then tells Jack that it is Kim. Jack is astounded, saying "My Kim?". Jack will not allow her to do this. Tony tells him that Kim will be safe. Jack still tells him to find someone else. Tony tells him that they don't have time, or another option here. Tony tells him that it is not his decision. Jack says that he'll order her not to do it and pushes Tony out of the way.

Tony yells that Kim works for him, and not for Jack. Jack tells him to back off, and barges into the conference room. He yells for Agent Graves to get out, then pushes him out. Tony tells Kim to talk it over with Jack, and let him know if they cannot do this mission. Jack then tells Kim that this is not the right thing to do. They argue back and forth, Kim telling him that someone has to do this, and she is their best option. Kim even has weapons training under her belt. Jack is adamant and yells that he will not allow any chance to be taken with her.

Kim tells him that she is taking it, not Jack. Jack then grabs her and pushes her against the wall. He tells her that he gave her this job so she could be safe. Kim then retorts, saying she took this job because she wanted it. Slightly crying, she says that this is not his decision. It is her duty to do this. She tells him that she is going to be safe, but she is definitely doing this mission. She then walks out.

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Jack and Kim head out of CTU toward a chopper. Jack explains to Kim the precautions that they are taking to keep her safe. She also has a comm unit. Jack gives her a gun, just in case. He tells her not to hesitate to use it. They then get in the chopper. It takes off.


At District, President Palmer & Wayne Palmer enter a conference room. His cabinet and Vice President Prescott are in the room, or on screen via satellite. Palmer tells them the new developments. One is that the Chandler Plaza Hotel was the target of the first vial, which was released. Second, they now know the identity of the perpetrator, Stephen Saunders.

Wayne tells them that Saunders has 11 more vials of the virus, and is threatening to release them if they don't follow his orders. Prescott asks what the demands are. Wayne tells him that the first was to use the phrase "The Sky Is Falling" in a press conference. The second was the execution of Ryan Chappelle. Prescott asks why the execution. Wayne doesn't have an answer. General Stone asks what Saunders said when they didn't comply. David Palmer tells them that he had no choice but to comply. He tells them that millions of lives are at stake. He wants their departments to open to CTU Los Angeles.


Chloe needs to get into some Department of Defense files for Jack, and asks Tony when Chappelle is coming back. Tony tells her that he's not. He then calls the attention of the entire office. He tells them that Chappelle is dead. Tony is taking over his responsibilities. Adam then gets a call. Tony tells the office will pay their respects to Ryan later. The call that Adam received is from Chase. Tony takes the call. Chase lets him know that they think Cole is symptomatic. He only came in contact with his wife. NHS has her in isolation. Chase asks for Kim.

Tony tells him that Kim is in the field. Chase asks what. Tony tells him that Kim is the look-alike for Jane Saunders. Chase chastises Tony for sending her. Tony will hear none of it. She was the only match. When Chase continues, Tony yells at him to back off. Chase asks where she is. Tony tells him that she's on her way to Santa Barbara now. Chase asked if Jack agreed. Tony tells him that it's his call, not Jack's, and that all three of them did. Chase is then transferred over to Adam, who has the simulation Kim was working on. In the chopper, Jack talks to Kim, and apologizes for grabbing her. He tells her that he is in command in the field, and to follow his orders. Kim understands.


Bill Cole arrives into a facility. The T.V. there is airing a live report on the Chandler Plaza Hotel. He goes to the desk, and tells a worker about his nosebleed. The nurse gives him some files to fill out. Two people come in close contact with him. He goes to sit down next to another man, and watches a news reporter discussing an outbreak at the hotel on TV. Realizing that his nosebleed is a symptom of the outbreak, he goes back to the desk, and demands to speak to a doctor. He tells the nurse that he was at the Chandler Plaza. The nurse recognizes him from a sketch that was sent to them. She points out to a nearby physician, Dr. Joyner, that Cole is the man that they were warned to isolate earlier in the day.

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In his apartment, Saunders gets a call from the men who picked up Chappelle's body. The group leader confirms that it was Chappelle's corpse, using fingerprints. Saunders tells them to dump the body. Osterlind asks if he took care of his problem. Saunders says yes, but CTU is still going to follow his lead. He tells Osterlind to tell Lennox to stay alert, and to not let Jane out of his sight. Osterlind does so, as Lennox watches Jane get into her car. Lennox follows her in his car.


Joseph O'Laughlin tells the President that his cabinet is concerned that he order the death of Ryan Chappelle. Wayne dismisses the claim, saying that they are not there to second guess any actions already taken. David tells him that he understands the consequences of his decision. But, he needed to buy CTU more time to find Saunders, and to prevent the killing of more American people. He was not looking out for himself. Then, the phone Saunders gave him rings. He goes out to take it. Wayne follows him. David answers.

Saunders tells him that they confirmed Chappelle's body. David tells him to let go of the virus, and hope that they don't find them. Saunders tells him that the world hates America. He wants to make it clean again. David is going to help him. David asks how we are going to do this action. Saunders tells David that in 32 countries, America has foreign nationalists. David tells him that they are citizens of their specific country. Saunders says that they are spies, not citizens. In 45 minutes, he wants their identities sent to If Palmer does not comply, two vials of the virus will be released, and will be impossible to contain. Saunders then ends the call.


The helicopter carrying Kim and Jack lands in Santa Barbara. They get out. Rachel Forrester is waiting for them. Forrester briefs them on the progress they've set up at the library. They will not be detected. They all get into an armored van, which then drives off. At Bill Cole's house, Chase sets up a quarantine on the entire block. Tony then calls him to tell him that they found Cole. Chase goes to interrogate him. Chase asks if Kim is in play as of yet. Tony tells him no. Chase then leaves.


The escort leads the van through the streets. Jack asks where Jane is as Kim puts on a wig. Forrester has Jane under surveillance. The library has a limited amount of people in it. The surveillance cameras in the library are under their control. They've narrowed down the possibilities of Saunders' men. Jack then asks to see Kim, who now looks like Jane Saunders. He notices that the wig is a darker color than Jane's hair color. The one of the women, Alice, working on her couldn't get a better match on short notice. Jack says that every detail counts.

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Tony is listening to a feed of Chase interrogating Bill Cole. He asks who he came in contact with in the pharmacist. Cole tells him only the pharmacist. There were other people in the store as well. He doesn't know how many, despite Chase asking. Chase pounds on the glass wall separating him and Cole, and demands of Bill that he think.


University of California, Santa Barbara. On the campus of the university, the operation to take Jane Saunders is underway. The personnel are watching Jane through the cameras. She is finally seen at the desk. Jane grabs some magazines and goes to put them away. While doing so, Alice spills a drink on her. She tells Jane that she'll throw it away. Jane goes to the bathroom to wash it off. Lennox walks by as a man in a red shirt is watching Jane closely. Jack asks for complete surveillance of him. In the bathroom, Jane looks for paper towels. A janitor then gives some to her.

The janitor then sneaks up on Jane and puts a paper towel containing chloroform on her face. Jane fights to break free, but she cannot. Alice comes in the bathroom, and helps the undercover agent subdue Jane. They are successful. Kim then comes out of a stall. The man in the red shirt is still watching the door. Kim has not come out yet. Eventually, she does, dressed like Jane Saunders. The man in the red shirt watches her.


Kim walks over to the desk and sits down, and starts typing. Jack tells Kim to angle away from the red shirt man. She does. At CTU, Tony has called a meeting of the entire office on the Bill Cole situation. Adam has created a simulation on screen. It shows the effects of him becoming symptomatic and going to the pharmacy, with four other people (including the pharmacist, Sam Tyler) inside. He bumped into Anne Schwartz, whose house was then quarantined. The other two people could be spreading the virus anywhere. Then, when he went to the Urgent Care Facility, six people left before the quarantine was put in place.

In total, they have up to 75 more casualties within the families of the people exposed. The possibility of these people becoming symptomatic in a public place is real. Tony tells everyone to find them. They must also set up a quarantine in two neighborhoods. Everyone is to report to Adam. After everyone breaks up, Tony stares at the simulation.


Jane Saunders is now inside the place where the operation is being headed. Jack goes to speak with her, and tells Forrester to come get him if anything happens. Jane is unresponsive at first, but then Jack uses a smelling salt to wake her up. She asks who he is. Jack introduces himself, and tells her that she's not in danger. They need to get in touch with her father. Jack thinks Jane knows where her father is. Jack also thinks that she doesn't know who her father really is. Jane tells him that she hardly knows her father.

She also demands to be released. Jack tells her that her father killed hundreds of people this morning, and he has threatened to kill much more. Jane asks for a lawyer. Jack tells her that there is no lawyer. Jane tells him that she doesn't know anything about her father. He calls Jane, she doesn't call him. Jack thinks she is lying. Jane says that she is not. She becomes apprehensive. Jack then gets angry, and tells her that thousands of lives are on the line. He will go as far as he needs to in order to get her cooperation.

He yells at her to get her father's location. Jane yells back that she doesn't know. Forrester interrupts, and tells Jack that the guy in the red shirt is approaching Kim. Jane yells at Forrester to help her. The Red Shirt man is at the desk. Jack tells Kim not to turn around. Alice helps to get the librarian to the desk. The Red Shirt man asks for some help. Kim tells him to wait. He still asks, despite her requests to wait. The librarian eventually comes to the desk to help him. Kim then gets up to go to the bookshelves. The Red Shirt man is still watching. Kim then gets out of his sight.


Kim gets to the bookshelves safely. A camera is monitoring her. But, it then pans off of her. There is absolutely no view of her. Kim puts the books in the shelf, then a boy comes up to her. He asks for help. It is Lennox. He holds Kim at gunpoint, and tells her not to call for help, or he'll kill her. He asks for Jane Saunders. Kim doesn't answer. He then leads Kim out. When the camera pans back, there is still no view of Kim. Jack cannot get her on comm either. Jack then runs out onto the campus. Alice and another agent follow him.


Split screen: Jack runs toward the library as Kim is being led out at gunpoint. Tony and CTU are still working on setting up the quarantines to prevent further outbreak of the virus. Bill Cole is in isolation. Saunders is waiting for the list on his website. Palmer's cabinet is giving him updates on the situation.

The boy leads Kim out, but Kim knocks the gun out of his hand. Jack sees this, and yells for everyone to get down. Kim grabs her gun and points it at Lennox's stomach. The boy tries to knock the gun out of her hand, but then it discharges. Lennox falls down, dead. Jack checks that he is dead as the rest of the personnel get to the area. Kim is safe. She then tells Jack that Saunders is going to know that they have Jane.

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Memorable quotes[]

  • Kim Bauer: Chloe, are you coordinating this operation from the inside?
  • Chloe O'Brian: Of course.
  • Kim Bauer: Okay, well maybe you should start prepping, because I bet there's about two dozen agents still waiting for comm codes.
  • Chloe O'Brian: I like your energy, Kim. Use it.

  • General Stone: What was his response when you didn't comply?
  • President David Palmer: It devastates me to tell you that I had no choice but to comply.

  • Chase Edmunds: Bill, if we do not identify and track down everyone you have come in contact with, we are going to have a citywide epidemic, so how many people?
  • William Cole: I-I---I don't know...
  • Chase Edmunds: Think!

  • Kim Bauer: Saunders is going to know we have his daughter.

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Background information and notes[]

  • A shot of the helicopter landing is lifted from the immediately preceding episode, and the background does not match that when Jack and Kim exit the chopper.
  • The cabinet seen here is not consistent with the one in Day 2.
  • This is the only 7:00am-8:00am episode to feature David Palmer but no assassination attempt on his life (unsuccessful attempts were made in both the previous seasons and a successful one in Season 5).
  • This is also one of the rare episodes in which Jack Bauer eats or drinks something. He has a cup with some sort of drink inside.

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