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Jack Bauer is being taken to Mexico by Ramon Salazar and his men while Chase Edmunds tries to track down Hector Salazar's whereabouts. Gael Ortega is discovered as a mole, and Ryan Chappelle tries to get him to talk. Tony Almeida gets out of surgery and insists on heading to CTU with some surprising news for Chappelle and President David Palmer.

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  • Senator John Keeler accused President David Palmer's girlfriend, Anne Packard, of helping to fabricate the results of a clinical drug trial
  • Chappelle took charge of Counter Terrorist Unit in Tony's absence. Kyle Singer was contained, and they worked to contact Jack to tell him that Salazar's escape is pointless.
  • Jack Bauer was not contacted in time, and he and Ramon Salazar escaped. He and Ramon drove to meet a plane, but the tables were turned, and Jack was knocked unconscious and taken on the plane.
  • Kim Bauer discovered a video feed of her father being taken, and she realized that Gael is working for the Salazars.
The following takes place
between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

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Gael silences Kim

Gael Ortega captures Kim Bauer in Tech 1 after she finds the footage of her dad being taken by Salazar's men. Gael tapes her legs together and asks when the others expect her to be finished updating the logs. She says they'd expect her to be done in about ten minutes, and after that, she just has utility work. Gael tapes her mouth shut and arms to the chair before deleting the incriminating video.

Michelle Dessler walks to Adam Kaufman's desk and tells him that Tony is out of surgery, and she is trying to head over to the hospital in a few minutes. Adam asks who will be in charge, and Michelle says that Gael will. She asks if they have a location on Jack, but they don't. Adam thinks they are going about this in the wrong way, and he suggests they saturate the media so that Jack will find out that Kyle Singer is in custody. Michelle tells him that this is not an option because President Palmer is adamant about not letting the public find out about the bio threat yet.

The phone rings, and Michelle picks it up. It's Gael. Michelle asks him why he isn't in the teleconference room for the briefing. Gael makes an excuse about Kim finding some embedded no-ops files. Michelle tells him that Kim can handle it. Michelle needs him briefed so that she can head over to the hospital to see Tony. Gael says he'll be right over. He shows Kim that he is monitoring her on his PDA. He leaves Kim in Tech 1.


Gael reprograms the access codes to Tech 1.


Chappelle holds a briefing in the Conference room

Ryan Chappelle has everyone in the conference room to tell them that there is no longer the threat of an outbreak for Los Angeles. He tells them that Kyle Singer was not carrying the Cordilla Virus, but the Salazars do have possession of the virus. So finding Ramon Salazar is still their top priority. Gael walks in late, and Chappelle tells him that if he's taking over for Michelle, he needs to be on time. Chappelle asks Adam where they are on finding Jack and Ramon. Adam says that they lost Jack and Ramon once they left the helicopter. Chappelle voices his suspicion that they are heading for the Mexican border. Michelle informs him that they have contacted the Mexican government, in addition to their Central American allies, asking them to monitor their air corridors. Chappelle asks about Chase's whereabouts. Michelle assumes that he is returning to CTU. Chappelle snaps back to not assume anything.


As the sun sets, one of Ramon's men offers him a drink on the plane, but he refuses. He looks deep in thought for a while before rising from his seat and picking up an open bottle of Champagne. He walks to the compartment where they are holding Jack and pours the Champagne on him to wake him up. Ramon tells Jack that for some reason Hector wants him alive, but Ramon doesn't want to wait that long. Tomas tells him to ignore Jack and get back to the party. He is, after all, a free man now. They go back to the main cabin.


Chase gets a call from Ryan Chappelle, asking Chase what he is doing. Chappelle wants him back at CTU. Chase says that they may have a thread - he and Jack had some of the Salazars' contacts that aren't on the books. Chappelle wants the information passed to another field team. He wants Chase back at CTU because Chappelle thinks that Chase has known about Jack's heroin habit. Chase denies it, but Chappelle thinks that Chase has been covering for Jack. Chappelle says that if he wants to keep his job, he'd better get back to CTU.


Gael tries to escape from CTU

Adam calls Chloe's desk and asks if Kim is there. Chloe says no. Adam also asks if her logs are still behind six hours, and they are. Adam wonders what is taking Kim so long. Gael walks by, and Adam asks if he is heading to Tech 1. Gael says no and asks what Adam needs. Adam says he'll just go there himself, and Gael quickly says that Kim isn't there anymore because Chappelle asked her to do something else. Adam needs her to help find Jack. He hopes that because she's his daughter, she sees something that they're overlooking. Gael says that as soon as he sees her, he'll send her over. Michelle comes over to go over a few things with Gael. While he is standing by Michelle's desk so that she can update him, Adam calls down to Tech 1 to try and get a hold of Kim. Kim tries to wheel the chair over to the phone and pull it off the hook with her fingers, but she doesn't make it in time. Adam has already hung up. Adam is getting frustrated, and Gael looks nervous. Adam heads toward Tech 1 while Gael watches him. Gael asks Michelle if Tony is out of surgery and if he will be okay. Michelle says yes, hopefully.

Adam tries to get into Tech 1, but the code won't work. He calls Michelle and asks if Gael reprogrammed it. Gael denies it, and Adam asks Michelle to override the door. She agrees. Gael asks what she is doing, and she tells him. When she turns back to her computer screen, Gael slowly edges away. Adam gets into Tech 1 to find Kim duct taped to a chair. Once he gets the tape off her mouth, she immediately tells him that it was Gael. Gael tries to run away, but Michelle and security surround him in one of the corridors. Michelle tells him if he goes outside he knows what will happen. Gael drops his gun to the floor and they take him into custody.

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07:18:25 Edit

President Palmer is riding in his limo with his brother Wayne. President Palmer asks what they said, and Wayne tells him that they have not located Jack Bauer yet. President Palmer says that he isn't in the city since his objective was to take Ramon Salazar to Mexico in order to prevent the release of the Cordilla Virus. President Palmer knows Jack well enough to know that he will follow through even if it costs him his life. Wayne reminds him that they have other issues to deal with.

The president's motorcade arrives at District headquarters, and Anne Packard is already there. She apologizes about Ted and the debate, but President Palmer assures her that it is not her fault. She still feels guilty, as she is the one who encouraged President Palmer to stand up to him. Wayne interrupts and says that they have a lot of work to do.



Chappelle interrogates Gael

A guard opens the door as Michelle enters the interrogation room. She and Ryan watch Gael through the one way glass in the interrogation room. Michelle voices her disbelief about Gael being a traitor. She asks if he has said anything yet, but Ryan tells her that they haven't questioned him yet. Michelle tells him that when Tony gets out of surgery, she wants to be there when he wakes up. Ryan says that she is needed at CTU, as they have just uncovered a mole. They are unsure how much Salazar has compromised their security. Michelle says that he is handling it, and Chloe can handle anything else. Ryan is reluctant, saying that Chloe is a pain in the ass. Michelle claims that Chloe can handle it until she gets back. Ryan sighs and says "fine," if Michelle thinks that she is dispensable. Michelle sighs and says that she just wants to be with her husband. Ryan softens and says that she can go. She leaves, and Ryan enters the interrogation room and perches on the edge of the table. He asks if Gael is working alone or if there are other moles. Gael is silent, and Agent Johnson, the interrogation expert, sets down a small case on the table. As he opens it, Ryan reminds Gael about Johnson and what he does. Gael has nothing to say. Frustrated, Ryan tells Gael that even if it's the last thing he ever does, he will tell Ryan where the plane is landing.



Jack knocks Pedro unconscious and takes his gun, waiting for Ramon to come back in

On the plane, Ramon Salazar is dancing with a woman. He turns and looks at the door that leads to the compartment that is currently holding Jack. A scantily clad woman comes up and also starts dancing with Ramon. He starts kissing her and takes off her skirt. Ramon gets distracted by the door again and moves towards it. He wonders why his brother wants Jack alive. He takes a gun and heads for the door, but Tomas stops him. Ramon asks if Tomas is giving him orders. Tomas explains that he loves and works for both Hector and Ramon and asks Ramon to just honor his brother's wishes. After all, Hector arranged for Ramon's escape. Ramon reluctantly agrees and asks for another drink.

Jack wakes up handcuffed to the plane. He addresses the guard, Pedro, by name, but Pedro says that he is not supposed to talk to Jack. Jack asks him to listen, explaining that he risked his life to get Ramon out of prison. Pedro says that Jack put him in prison. Jack says that he has something important to tell Ramon, and he needs to talk to him before Ramon gets too wasted. Pedro refuses to talk to him anymore, and becomes absorbed in his portable DVD player. Jack starts retching and convulsing. Pedro goes over to see if Jack is okay, but Jack had been faking it and uses his legs to take down Pedro and snap his neck.

Ramons is being entertained by the girls, but still seems distracted by the door. Jack quickly uncuffs himself and takes Pedro's gun. He sits by the door and waits.

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07:30:16 Edit

Gerry Whitehorn, President Palmer's Press Secretary, voices his concern over the allegations against Anne and her ex-husband Ted. President Palmer is a firm believer in the truth winning out, saying that it shouldn't be hard to prove that Ted is a liar. Gerry objects, saying that the public loves gossip and dirty laundry. Wayne and Gerry agree that this situation is going to hurt President Palmer. Wayne motions for Gerry to leave so that he can talk privately with David. Wayne advises his brother to distance himself from Anne, but David objects. Wayne continues and says that he "used up the public's goodwill" with Sherry and the divorce, they will not want to hear about their president being involved with another person who is not trustworthy.

Anne is outside talking to someone when she gets a call on her cell phone. It's her ex-husband, Ted asking to talk to her. He has documents that will prove her innocence and asks her to come by his office. Anne wants to send someone over to get them, but Ted insists that she do it herself or he'll destroy them. Anne finally agrees and hangs up the phone.



Chase interrogates Simon Cullens

Chase prowls around a house in the dark, looking around before ringing the doorbell. A man answers the door and greets Chase by name, apologizing and saying he's having dinner at the moment. Chase barges in, pulls his gun, and forces Simon Cullens into the study. Simon's wife Rita and two kids enter, worried. Simon tells Rita to take the kids upstairs and everything is fine. Simon claims that he is a legitimate accountant, as he had told Chase and Jack previously. Chase tells him that he just needs information. He informs Simon that Ramon has broken out of prison and is going to meet up with his brother Hector. Chase needs to know where Hector is. Simon doesn't know his current whereabouts, but knows that Hector left Colombia two weeks ago. Chase has Simon track Hector's money flow.


Ramon Salazar sits at a table on the plane. Sandra and Tomas are sitting with him, drinking champagne. Ramon looks back to the door to the compartment that is holding Jack. He picks up his gun and stands. Tomas begs him to wait, but Ramon ignores him and walks to the door and flings it open. Jack is ready for him and disarms him. He walks out of the compartment with his gun pointed at Ramon's neck. Jack yells at everyone to get back or he'll shoot Ramon. Ramon yells at Tomas to shoot Jack, but Tomas does not. Salazar's men all drop their weapons. Jack forces Ramon into a seat, and Ramon reminds Jack that Hector will be ready for him. Jack tells him to shut up.


Hector wants to make sure he is prepared for everything

On the ground, Hector is hurrying his men to get ready for his brother's arrival. Claudia wonders why he needs so many people just to pick up Ramon. Hector tells her that he wants to be prepared for anything.

Ryan Chappelle sits calmly in a chair, watching as Gael is tortured. Chappelle asks Gael who else is working with him. He continues, saying that he would love to hang Gael as a traitor and watch him jerk until he dies. However, Chappelle is a realist and is willing to cut a deal if Gael will tell him if there are other moles in the agency. Gael's phone rings, and Chappelle asks if it's Hector. He runs out of the room and tells Adam to bring him a tracking node immediately. Adam and Kim grab the equipment and run to the interrogation room. They get set up, and Chappelle tells Gael that if he says one wrong word he'll regret it. He puts the phone to Gael's ear. Hector asks where he has been. Gael says that he has been busy and doesn't have a lot of time. Hector asks about his brother, and Gael tells him that Ramon is on his way. Hector asks about Jack, but Gael says he doesn't know. Hector asks what that means, and Gael tells him that he's been put on something else, and he is being watched. Hector tells Gael to call him when he has something. He hangs up. Chappelle asks Adam if they got a location, but they did not. Chappelle throws the headpiece down in frustration.

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07:43:32 Edit

Michelle enters Tony's hospital room. He is lying in bed, a bandage on his neck, and conscious. He smiles when he sees Michelle. She kisses him, and he asks how she is. Michelle says that he "scared the hell" out of her, and Tony apologizes. She asks Dr. Linzer how he's doing, and Linzer says that they couldn't have asked for a better result. He should be on his feet in just a few days and can probably go home the following day. Tony asks for a couple minutes alone with Michelle, and the doctor leaves. Tony asks if the president let Ramon out of prison, and Michelle tells him that Jack broke him out. Tony says that he has to speak to Gael immediately. Michelle is confused, and Tony asks if something happened to Gael. Michelle tells him that Gael has been working with the Salazars. Tony asks what happened and where Gael is. Michelle tells him that he's still at CTU being questioned by Chappelle and Johnson. Tony immediately tries to get up and tells Michelle that she needs to get him to CTU right away. Michelle objects and calls for the doctor. Linzer rushes back in and tells Tony to lie down, but Tony says that he has to leave. Linzer says that he won't release Tony to CTU's medical area. Tony tells him that if he's worried about liability, Michelle can sign him out. Tony looks Michelle in the eye and tells her that this is a time when he really needs her to trust him.


Simon Cullens tracks a transfer that Hector made from his account in Bogotá for Chase. Chase tells Simon to follow the money. Simon finds that some of it went to an account in LA, someone named David Gomez. Chase says that they already knew that. Simon continues to work and finds a $720,000 deposit to an account he's never seen. It's in Las Nieves, Mexico. Simon asks if he is done, but Chase says no and asks if he has a private plane. Chase tells Simon to clear it for takeoff.


Chloe talks to Kim

Kim is in the bathroom washing her hands. Chloe walks in and asks if Gael hurt her. Chloe continues to try and make small talk about the situation, and Kim sighs in frustration. Chloe tells her that she doesn't think Jack is a bad person, and she apologizes if she ever offended Kim.


Kim receives a call from Chase. He asks if she's alone. She leaves the bathroom and asks where he is, Chappelle had ordered him back to CTU. Chase tells her that he won't return until he has found Jack. She asks how he will do this, and Chase tells her that he found out where Jack is taking Ramon. Kim says that it's the other way around, Ramon is the one taking Jack. She continues, saying that she saw a video feed of Jack being knocked out and taken, a feed that Gael had been monitoring as he worked for the Salazars. Chase asks if Gael has talked, but Kim doesn't know. Chase tells her that CTU is compromised, so she cannot tell anyone that she spoke to him. Kim doesn't want Chase to go in alone, but Chase insists that she not say anything. Chase will call for back up when the time is right. He asks her to promise that she won't say anything, but she won't. She tells him to be careful and hangs up.


Jack holds Ramon hostage

Ramon asks Jack what the plan is. Jack tells him that they'll know soon enough. Ramon laughs at the idea of Jack landing the plane and arresting everyone. Then he suggests that Jack might drop of Ramon and then take the plane back to the US, but Jack is a criminal there, so he has nowhere to go. Jack tells him to shut up.

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The plane lands in Las Nieves, and Hector and his men drive up in four cars. Hector gets out and watches the plane come to a stop.

At CTU everyone stops and looks up as Tony and Michelle return. Tony asks Adam where Chappelle is. Adam tells him that he's with Gael in Interrogation 820. Tony and Michelle head over there. Adam asks Kim what's going on, but she doesn't know.


Tony wants to talk to Gael alone

In the interrogation room, Agent Johnson prepares another syringe, and Chappelle tells Gael to talk. Tony walks in and tells Johnson to stop. Chappelle demands to know what Tony is doing, but Tony just tells him to get Johnson out of the room. Chappelle motions for Johnson to leave, and then Tony tells him that he has to leave, too. Chappelle is surprised, but Tony insists that he has to talk to Gael alone. Chappelle asks Michelle what's going on, but she doesn't know. Chappelle says that he isn't going anywhere.


Jack arrives, holding Ramon hostage


The plane's engines shut off, and the stairs come down. Hector approaches the plane and shouts his brother's name. The pilots, women, and Salazar's men exit the plane. Hector asks Tomas where Ramon is. Jack comes into view, with Ramon still at gunpoint. Ramon yells at his brother to kill Jack. Everyone's guns cock, and Hector asks Jack what he is doing. Jack tells him that Ramon tried to kill him on the plane. He asks Hector about all the guns. This is not the scenario they had discussed. Hector tells everyone to lower their weapons. Hector says that he was worried because Gael wasn't sure if he was on the plane. Jack shoves Ramon toward Hector and keeps his gun trained on them. Hector hugs his brother, and Jack lowers his gun. Ramon asks what is going on, but Hector says that he'll tell him in a minute. Hector approaches Jack and tells him that he did a good job. Jack hands over his gun, and Hector hugs him. Hector says that they have a lot of work to do and they head toward the cars. Ramon asks what's going on again, but Hector again says that he'll explain in a minute.


Jack and Hector embrace: his cover has worked

Split screen: Ramon and Hector are on their way to board the cars. David Palmer discusses matters with Wayne. Ted Packard looks at his gun. Anne is driving towards her ex-husband. Chase is boarding a plane headed to Mexico to rescue Jack.

Jack walks to the cars, pulling back his sleeve to reveal a forearm tattoo of the Virgin of Guadalupe that matches Hector Salazar's. He pushes a button on his watch, and it beeps.

At CTU, Tony is still in the interrogation room with Gael, Chappelle, and Michelle. They hear a beep from Gael's PDA, and Gael says that he's in. Chappelle asks what he's talking about, and Tony tells him that Jack's in. Tony and Gael have been working with Jack to reestablish Jack's cover with the Salazars. The beeping signaled that he's back in. Chappelle is confused, but Tony won't explain at the moment. He says that they need to call the President immediately.

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  • Kim's "it's Gael" mirrors Teri saying exactly the same thing about Nina in the Season 1 Alternate Ending.
  • The movie Pedro watches on his portable DVD player was Speed, during the scene before the bus exploded at LAX.

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