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Michelle finds out the results of her test as Adam finds out the virus has infected his sister. Jack tries to use Jane Saunders as leverage to force Saunders to surrender. Tony commits treason when Saunders exploits his only weakness.

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  • President David Palmer informs his cabinet about the threat of the Cordilla Virus.
  • Stephen Saunders threatens to release two more vials of the virus unless the President cooperates.
  • Tony Almeida of the Counter Terrorist Unit informs Jack Bauer that Saunders has a daughter. Jack suggests swapping her out with another one of their agents.
  • Kim Bauer goes undercover pretending to be Jane Saunders. She is caught by one of Saunder's men and in self-defense shoots him.
  • Jack Bauer interrogates Jane.
The following takes place
between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

The following takes place between 8:00am and 9:00am.

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At CTU, Adam Kaufman explains that more signs of the Cordilla Virus have been spotted around the city. He says that three percent of the city is in quarantine. Tony Almeida speaks up, letting everyone know that this situation is very serious. He says that they are in the worst case scenario, and that they have switched from prevention to containment.

At the University of California, Jack Bauer goes to comfort his daughter, Kim. She says that she is alright, but that Saunders is going to know that they have Jane. Jack's phone then rings. Rachel Forrester lets him know that Jane Saunders has calmed down. He goes to talk to her.

Wayne Palmer finishes up a call from Tony, then lets President David Palmer know that the operation to take Jane was not completely successful. He says that they were unable to remain covert. David asks if Saunders knows. Wayne says that he will probably within the hour. David asks what Jack's plan is. Wayne says that he wants to use Jane to locate Saunders. He reminds David that the deadline for his latest demand is in 15 minutes. He says that giving Saunders their foreign operatives is treasonous. David says that he will release more of the virus if he doesn't comply. But, he says to wait until they hear from Jack.


Jane is uncuffed. Jack tells her what just happened, and how Lennox, the man hired to watch her, tried to kill Kim. Jane says that they had to kill him. Jack tells her that everyone here is trying to protect American lives. He decides to show her clips of what her father has done, including secret photos of him taken with bio-terrorists Ari Consul and Sayid Kolobe. Jane asks why all of this is falling on her. Jack simply states that she is Stephen Saunders' daughter, and the only leverage they have against him. Jane says that she can't believe them just on what they say. Jack says that he knew and worked with her father. Jack says that he was a good man, but something happened to him. He just wants to stop him. Jane says nothing.

Osterlind lets Stephen know that Palmer has not sent the list. Stephen says that he still has 15 minutes. Osterlind says that CTU is trying to get to them through the domain name, but he is blocking them.


A man hooks up a feed to the T.V. where Jane is. Jack shows her a picture of them on the Drazen mission. He shows her where the mission ended, and mentions that is where he thought he died. Jane's mother was told that he died as well. But, CTU found out that Stephen contacted Jane to tell her he was alive four years ago. Jane confirms this, and says that she couldn't let anyone know. Jack asks if he told her why he called.

Jane says that her father missed her. Jack says that she understands. Jack shows Jane some more images with Stephen working with known terrorists. Jane says that this doesn't prove anything. Jack plays her the most recent audio file of Stephen talking with President Palmer. Jack then shows her a file from the Chandler Plaza Hotel.

Jane sees how the people infected will die. Jane says that she doesn't want to see anymore. Jack agrees and begs her to help them. Jane says that she has a phone number that he told her to call if she got in trouble. She has never used it. Jack says that they need it.

Michelle Dessler is walking through the hotel when a woman is brought out, screaming that she doesn't want to be infected. The guards put her with the other infected guests anyway. Michelle can only look on at everyone. She goes into an office and sits down, trying to get back to work. Dr. Sunny Macer then tells her that her lab results are on the way.

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Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce and some other agents walk over to the Palmers' conference room. He says that their chief, Kurtzman, has informed them that Los Angeles is no longer safe, and that they want to move President Palmer. Palmer says that he would rather manage things from where he is. Aaron says that what they are doing is not a request, and that they are invoking Section 32. It requires Palmer to accompany them to Air Force One. David gets up, and asks if they are ordering him. Wayne says that they are. David says that the threat of the virus is serious everywhere. He asks who has to confirm the code; the consents of both Kurtzman and Aaron are necessary. David asks to speak with Aaron in private, and they go into Palmer's personal office. Aaron apologizes for appearing to step outside of his bounds. David tells him that is not necessary, but he tells him that the people of the country would appreciate it if he stayed with them and not in Air Force One. David asks him as a friend and a citizen to protect him, but from Los Angeles. Aaron agrees. David thanks him. Aaron then walks out. The rest of the agents follow.


Jeannie lets both Palmers know that their conference call is about to start. David sits down and takes the call. CTU is on the other line. David asks if they may have a way to locate Saunders. Tony says that it may take longer than expected. David asks if there is a way to get him in the next 15 minutes. Jack tells him no. David says that he will not capitulate to Saunders' latest demand. Jack tells him that they only have one option, to use Jane as a hostage. David understands and tells them to get to work. David ends the call. Wayne asks if they are doing the right thing. David says that he cannot let the country be taken over.

Tony tells Jack that they only have to keep Stephen on the line for a minute to trace him. Jack says that they'll use Jane. Tony says that he will start the trace. Jack goes to Jane and tells her that they need her to call Stephen now. Jack says to tell him anything. Jane says she needs to think about it. Jack says that there is no more time.


Stephen asks if the list is up yet. Osterlind says no. Stephen says that Palmer is out of time. He calls Ian and tells him to release the virus in San Francisco. But, then his other phone rings. He tells Ian to wait until he calls back. He tells Osterlind to find out where the call originated. Stephen picks up. Jane speaks to him. He asks what is wrong. Jane says that she is scared, and wants to see him. Stephen tells her to stay where she is. Osterlind says that someone is monitoring the call. Stephen realizes that someone's got her. Agent Forrester lets Jack know that Stephen now knows.

Jack tells Jane to keep talking. Stephen asks Jane if there is a man named Jack Bauer with her. Jane seems skeptical. Stephen tells her to give the phone to him. Jack talks to him. Stephen says that Jack knows what he is capable of. Jack looks at Jane and tells Stephen that he knows what he is capable of as well. Stephen ends the call. Forrester was unable to get a signal. Adam is working on the signal. Chloe O'Brian gives him something to work with. They find his address: 21904 Collins. Tony lets Jack know. Jack says that they're going via helicopter. Tony asks for Chase. Jack says that they need to take Jane back to CTU, fully protected. Jane asks what he is going to do to her father. Jack says that they are going to stop him. He tells Kim to go with Jane.

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08:26:57 Edit

Michelle is working with another agent when they both get their test results. Michelle thanks Dr. Macer. She takes a breath and opens the envelope. She looks at the paper. She gasps, nods in acceptance, and calls Tony. Tony picks up. Michelle tells him that she is ok and not infected. Tony asks if she is sure. Michelle says that she is going to be fine. Tony tells her to get out of the hotel, away from anyone who's been infected.

Michelle tells him that anyone who didn't come down with the virus have an immunity. She says that N.H.S. wants to watch over them for 18 hours. Tony says that he wants to come. Michelle tells him to stay where he is. Tony tells her that she doesn't have to work. Michelle says that she wants to help. Tony agrees, then tells her that he can't believe he almost lost her. Michelle says that they are still here. Michelle says that she has to go, but will call him later. Tony tells her that he loves her. Michelle tells him as well. They end the call. The agent that was working with Michelle crumples his results, throws them away, and sits back with a sigh in despair.


Gerry lets the press know that President Palmer has asked them to come without their devices to tell them the relationship between the outbreak and the airport closures. Carol asks if the Chandler Plaza was the reason that the alert level was raised. Gerry says that the President will deal with that. President Palmer is notified that Saunders knows that they have Jane.

Wayne tells him that he broke off communication, but CTU has a position on him. David asks for a confidence level. Wayne says that he is going to be tough to corner. David tells him to stay on top of the emergency response teams, and goes into the room with the reporters. He tells them that they have information regarding a biological attack on their soil. He says that they have maximized their preparedness. He tells them that he wants the media to tell everyone to go home and stay there.

A second reporter asks about the attack on MI6. David says that he can't release any info on that. Carol says that the people in L.A. are panicking and that info is not flowing from this office. Gerry tries to deflect her hostile comment. Carol retorts by saying that David must be more forthcoming. David says that he has to be in control, and so do they. He tells them to sit and listen. He says that biological agents do damage where people congregate. He tells them that their best defense is to encourage everyone to go home. The reporters start to clamor.

Jack is flying in his helicopter. Chase Edmunds is driving along and talking to him. Jack says that Saunders will not think that they are coming. He tells him to move his people into position and to stay invisible. Jack lets Adam know that they need to know who is coming in and out of the building. Adam is watching satellite. Jack tells him to get help from Chloe. He tells everyone to get this operation right.


Osterlind tells Stephen that they have to leave. Stephen says that they're not leaving. Osterlind says that they know where they are. Stephen confirms and says that they'll pick them up if they try and leave. Osterlind is skeptical about staying. Stephen defends his position. Osterlind says that he is leaving. Stephen yells at him to stay, but Osterlind tries to go out of the door. Stephen shoots him dead. Stephen looks outside of the window. He calls someone and asks if Jane has left. The person says no. Stephen says to stay on Jane.

At the University, Jane asks Kim where they are going. Kim says Los Angeles. Jane says that there was an outbreak. Kim says that they'll be safe. They get in the car. A man watches them. Kim notices him, but rolls up her window.

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Jane and Kim are driving along. Jane asks where they are going. Kim tells her that they're going to CTU, the Counter-Terrorist Unit. Jane says that she still can't believe that her father is a terrorist. Jane says that when she found out that he was alive, she was happy. She believed that he was a wonderful man. Kim asks how often they saw each other. Jane says a couple of times a year. He'd always bring her something, like he knew her life. Kim says that he probably did know her life, and that he had people watching her. Jane says that the person she knew doesn't exist. She asks what is going to happen to him. Kim says that Jack is going to try to bring him in.

In his helicopter, Jack asks where Saunders is. Adam says that no one has left. L.A.P.D. is hidden from view. Jack is a few minutes away. Chloe ends a phone call.


She goes to Tony and tells him that it's important. Tony stops what he is doing. Chloe says that she found out that Sara Kaufman, Adam's sister, has been infected. Tony asks if she is sure. Chloe says yes. Tony thanks her. Chloe tells him not to tell Adam yet, because they still have work to do; he won't be able to concentrate.

Tony says that he is getting quite irritated at Chloe's personality. Chloe says that she is trying to help. Tony tells her to get back to work. Tony walks over to Adam and tells him to come over. Adam says that he is doing work. Tony says that it is important. Adam asks what is so important. Tony says that it is personal, and tells him that his sister is infected. Adam is shocked that she is going to die. Tony says that he is going to give him a chance to talk to her, but he needs him to stay. Adam says that he'll be able to stay. Chloe looks on as Adam remains speechless.


Stephen, talking to another person says that he is completely surrounded. He knows that CTU has taken over. Stephen says that he's going to wait until Jack gets there. Chase goes over the plan with some agents. Jack arrives. They have multiple teams. Jack is notified. He says that Stephen knows that they are here. Chase asks why. Jack said that he would know.

Jack says that he is still in there, though. He tells them to get into their positions. Jack and Chase ride in a car toward the building as all the teams, including one led by Agent Tom Baker, go to their positions. Jack takes a megaphone and tells Saunders that he is there. Saunders hears that he is completely surrounded. He is told that the President is no longer cooperating. Jack says that the only way to leave is to surrender. Stephen says that is not true.

Jane and Kim are stopped at a train crossing. A motorcyclist pulls up beside them. He looks inside the car. Kim notices him looking. The train keeps on moving.

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Michelle finally leaves the Chandler Plaza Hotel. She gets in a van, and it drives off. Chloe notices something wrong, and goes to Adam. She tells someone else to take over his station, and asks Adam to come with her. Chloe goes to Tony and tells him that Adam lost two satellite feeds for the units. Chloe said that she had to reinitiate everything.

Chloe tells Tony that Adam shouldn't be there. Adam says that he didn't lose the feeds. Chloe reprogrammed everything. Adam remains adamant that he didn't lose the feeds, but upon coming up to the page, he sees that he did. Tony tells him that he needs to try not to make another mistake. Adam says that he's fine. They get back to work. Chloe says that she will double check his logs every 10 minutes just in case he slips up again.



Michelle, captured, appears on Tony's screen

At the address, Saunders still has not come out yet. Chase asks what they should do. Jack says that everyone should stay. He gets a call from Saunders. He tells him to come out. Stephen tells him to come in and get him. Jack tells him to come out the front door. Stephen mentions the virus again. Jack says that Palmer is not cooperating. Stephen asks for a few minutes. Jack says that he might want to think about Jane. Stephen ends the call.

Tony confirms that he's in the building. Everyone holds their positions. Stephen gets a call, and is notified that something is completed. He calls Tony's cell phone. He tells Tony to move to a private area with direct comm. He gives him an I.P. address. He then congratulates him on Michelle eluding infection. Tony asks how he knows. Stephen tells him to get on the site. Tony does. Michelle appears, gagged. Tony threatens Saunders, but Saunders tells him that Michelle will be dead unless he follows orders. Saunders says that he wants the five members on the northeast side to be code nined. Tony says that Jack is running the operation and he has no authority. Saunders tells Kevin to take one of Michelle's eyes out with Tony watching. Tony tells him to wait. Saunders does. Tony says that he needs some time. Saunders gives him thirty seconds.


Saunders grabs his coat and prepares to leave.


Split screen: Tony contemplates what to do. Wayne and Gerry argue over what to do with the press. Jack and his teams are still at Saunders' building. Chloe and Adam continue working. Jane and Kim continue to CTU.

Tony calls Agent Baker and tells him to Code 9 his team and sends him to the front. Baker says nothing is going on in the front. Tony says that they have a new sat feed and to hurry up. Baker diverts CTU personnel, but Tony says to take everyone. Baker moves everyone. Saunders, seeing this on his PDA, walks out of the building unnoticed. Tony, alone in CTU, holds his head, thinking about what he just did.

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Memorable quotes Edit

  • Tony Almeida: If there ever was a worst-case scenario, this is it. We're in it. [...] The virus is out.

  • Jane Saunders: (after seeing how people will die from the virus) I don't want to see any more.
  • Jack Bauer: I don't want to see any more either. You can help us stop this Jane, please.

  • Stephen Saunders: Jack. You know how many vials I have, and what I'm capable of.
  • Jack Bauer: (looks at Jane) You know what I'm capable of too.

  • Tony Almeida: Chloe, I'm getting really tired of your personality!

  • Tony Almeida: I'll kill you, you son of a bitch! I'll rip your damn throat out, you hear me!
  • Stephen Saunders: I'm, uh, low on time, so I hope you don't mind if I brush past that remark…

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  • Just like the "555" telephone number extensions in TV and movie, the octet range (0-255) limits the number of IP addresses that can exist. The IP address Stephen Saunders gave to Tony does not exist, since the IP address was
  • Jack tells Jane that eight years ago her father went on a mission with him but since that mission took place two years prior to Day 1 it would only be six-and-a-half years ago.

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