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Jack and Audrey attempt to identify a man seen at the terrorist compound, but someone at CTU attempts to stop them. The man behind the day's attacks is revealed, and begins his nuclear plot. Navi attempts to control his family situation, but does not know where his wife's loyalties lie.

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between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

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Audrey Raines is working on generating a guest list for the dinner she attended when Jack Bauer approaches her. He lets her know that he wasn't able to get the surveillance footage because the dinner she attended was monitored by Felsted Security. He is going to get the tapes and bring them back to CTU. Audrey says that she's having the guest list sent. But, Jack says they are running out of time. Audrey asks what is so urgent. Jack tells her about the nuclear power plant threat. Audrey suggests that she comes with him to save time. Jack tells her no because he doesn't want her to be in danger. She tells him that it would be much faster. Jack agrees.


Curtis in the briefing

Curtis Manning briefs the office on the nuclear power plant threat. He says that the terrorists are planning to convert all 104 of them into weapons. Erin Driscoll asks for the worst case scenario. Edgar Stiles helps him, and says that if they can't control the cooling system, the radiation will spread throughout the plant. Within three hours, the population ten miles from the plant will start receiving radiation. Curtis gives a casualty count minimum of 7.8 million people. He also says that a 30 mile radius of the plant will be uninhabitable for at least 5 years. Marianne Taylor asks about the security to help stop this from happening. Curtis says that the override has bypassed all of the prevention measures. Erin asks how long they have. Curtis says three hours. Erin tells everyone in the tech department to try and get the override. The rest will be working with N.R.C.


Heller warns Jack

Jack and Audrey come out. James Heller asks where they are going. Jack tells them. Heller objects, saying that he doesn't want Audrey in harm's way. They both convince him that this is the fastest way to follow their only lead. Heller says that he will hold Jack responsible if anything happens. Jack says that he understands. They leave. Jack tells Audrey that the facility is in Burbank. Paul Raines stops her. Jack leaves. Paul wants to talk with her. But, Audrey says that she needs to go follow up on a lead. She asks to talk later. Jack converges with one of the members on his team.


Jack sees Audrey and Paul talking. Paul argues with Audrey, saying that he isn't ok with her and Jack's relationship. Audrey retorts by stating that she and Paul are not together. They keep on arguing about it. Jack interrupts, and Paul tries to talk to Jack. Audrey leaves. Paul tells Jack not to forget that she is still his wife. Jack simply replies "yeah." He and Audrey leave.


Marianne is inquisitive about where Jack is going

Marianne Taylor notices Jack leaving with Audrey and goes over to Sarah Gavin and asks to give some files to Jack. Sarah tells her that they just left. Marianne asks to forward them to him. Sarah says no and tells her where they went. Marianne says that she'll hold on to the files. She goes back to her computer and looks up the address for Felsted. She finds it.

Paul meets James and talks about Audrey. He asks if James knew about the relationship. James says that he just found out. Paul says that him not noticing is very unprofessional. James says that Audrey is making her own decisions. Paul says that she is breaking his heart. James walks away.


Marianne walks to another computer station and uploads it. She pulls out her phone to call someone, but Sarah interrupts her. Sarah asks her what she needs. Marianne lies and says that Edgar asked her to do something. Sarah volunteers, but Marianne tells her that she'll handle it. Sarah walks away. Marianne calls her contact, Henry Powell. She lets him know where Jack and Audrey went. Henry tells her that she's going to have to patch things up. Marianne thinks that they are done. Henry says that CTU is going to know someone leaked their location. Marianne asks what to do. Henry tells her to divert suspicion. Marianne agrees. She closes the hub.


Navi Araz is watching a FOX News live report about the successful rescue of James Heller. Dina Araz sits, looking away from him. Navi gets a call, and reports that everything is okay for them. He ends the call, and tells Dina that the override is in effect. Dina asks about Behrooz. Navi says that they have to mourn him when everything is over. Dina gets a call. It is Behrooz. He tells her that Tariq tried to kill him, and that he killed Tariq. He tells her not to let Navi know, because Navi authorized it.


Dina is angered at Navi

He says that Navi wants him dead because he messed up with Debbie. Dina is skeptical, saying that Navi would never sacrifice Behrooz. Behrooz says that it's true. He tells her his location. Dina says that she will pick him up. They end the call. Navi walks up and stops her from leaving. He asks who was on the phone. Dina doesn't say. Navi then grabs her, and asks what Behrooz did. Dina reverses the question, asking what he did, about giving the order to kill Behrooz. Navi says that Behrooz was not committed, and he was going against them.

Dina realizes that he did order the death of their own son. She starts lashing out at him. He grabs her and pushes her against the wall. He yells at her to tell him where Tariq is. She says that Behrooz killed him. Navi is skeptical, but Dina says that Behrooz is not weak. Navi tells her that nothing will stand in the way of what they are doing. Dina doesn't tell him where Behrooz is, and tells him that he is hurting her. Navi says that he will do more than that, and tells her to go to pick him up.

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Jack and Audrey are still heading towards Felsted. Audrey touches Jack's hand as he asks her what she told Paul. She says that she is going to file for divorce as soon as they get back to D.C. Jack asks if that is what she wants. Audrey says yes.

Edgar finds out that the Override hasn't taken complete control of the reactors. He tells Sarah to stay off of hub 5. Sarah says that she thought that hub 5 was down for a reboot. Edgar tells her no. Edgar calls Curtis over as Sarah walks over to Marianne and confronts her. She tells her that she know she lied. Marianne admits it. She covers herself by saying she had a personal call. Sarah asks why she didn't go outside. Marianne says that she was trying to make it look like she was working, and apologizes. Sarah walks away.



Marwan calls Navi

Dina and Navi are still driving along. A man named Habib Marwan calls Navi. He asks the status of Behrooz. Navi lies and says that he hasn't spoken to Tariq yet. Marwan says that he cannot focus on this situation right now. Navi says that he will personally oversee that his son is killed. Marwan tells him to fix it. Dina asks what Marwan is going to say when he finds out the truth. Navi says that Tariq is expendable, like they all are. He says that Marwan only cares that he is killed. Dina says that she will not look at him the same after today.


Edgar thinks he can turn off the Override

Edgar notices that he gets a piece of the Dobson Override. He explains to Curtis that he might be able to turn off the override and stop the plants. But, he says that N.R.C. won't ever let him. He says that if he messes up, he can start a chain reaction. Curtis says that he should present this to Heller. Edgar gets scared about presenting to Heller, and Curtis telling him that Driscoll is with him just makes it worse.


They go anyway. Curtis interrupts Heller and tells him about Edgar's find. Heller says that no one is to manipulate the kernels. Edgar says that there is a way to do it if he's careful. He starts talking technical jargon, but Heller tells him to focus on the downside for now. Edgar tells him that if he messes up, he can start a chain reaction in the plants. He then says that this is a bad idea. Heller objects, and says that if he is successful, he can regain control. Edgar says yes. Driscoll asks him if he can do this without making a mistake. Edgar says yes. Heller says that he's not filling him with confidence. Edgar asserts that if he says he can do it, he can do it.

Dina and Navi continue driving. Dina says that Behrooz will run away when he sees Navi. Navi says that Dina will be the only one in the car. Behrooz then calls Dina. Dina tells him to wait where he is, and tells him that she didn't tell Navi. Behrooz thinks that there is no place for them to hide. Dina says that she knows a place. Behrooz gets a change of heart about his part in the actions today. Dina tells him not to think about it, and not to go to the police. He hangs up. Navi tells her that she did well.

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Navi pulls over. He gets out; nearby, two subordinates—Ravi and a driver—step out of a separate car and wait. Dina is frightened by them. Navi tells Dina to take an certain exit once she picks up Behrooz. Dina says that he will be skeptical about stopping. Navi says not to tell him anything. She gets back in the car and drives away.


Curtis stops Erin and lets her know that 87 of the power plants are safe. The other 17 are still active, however. Erin asks what they are doing to stop them. Curtis says that they are doing everything they can. Curtis walks away as Erin goes to see her daughter, Maya. As she walks in, her daughter is crying. She wants to leave, but Erin is forced to tell her no. Maya asks her to stay. Erin says that she can't at the moment. She tells Maya to cooperate with the doctors. Maya agrees, and gets in her bed. Erin says that she will be back. A nurse named Mary gives her some pills to take.



Heller has a stern word with Richard

Curtis lets James Heller know that his son, Richard was tortured for 2 and a half hours. He says nothing afterward. James gets upset that he said nothing, but Curtis reminds him that he gave the order. James goes to see his son. He apologizes, but tries to tell him that they had to make sure that he did not know anything. Richard tells his father that he hates him, and that he never wants to see him again. James tells him that he is responsible for the lives of millions of people. Richard dismisses his statement, and asks if he is free to go. James tells him yes. He leaves.


Dina is shot

Jack and Audrey are still driving along. Audrey's phone rings. It is Paul. Paul wants to talk. Audrey agrees. Paul says that he's been treating her like a child. Audrey dismisses this. Paul tries to reconcile further. He asks Audrey not to make any choices until time passes. Audrey agrees. Paul ends the call. Jack asks how far they are away. The driver says that they are a few miles out.


Behrooz is waiting for his mother. She is driving up. Navi is paralleling her. She pulls up. Behrooz asks where they are going to go. Dina tells him out of the city. Behrooz wonders why his father wants to kill him, but Dina tells him to flee immediately. She looks back at Navi. She then sees a train arriving. She tells Behrooz to get on the train. She says that Navi is watching, and that it was the only way to save him. Behrooz gets out, but stays by the car. As Dina yells at him to leave, Navi shoots her in the arm. He shoots at Behrooz, but misses. Behrooz gets back in and drives for Dina. Navi and his two men try to follow them. Dina groans from her wound. As Navi's driver tries to catch them, they are blocked by a city bus. He loses them.

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Navi pulls up to a restaurant and gets out. He walks through a kitchen to a back room and sees Marwan and a cigarette-smoking subordinate. He tells Marwan that Dina and Behrooz have betrayed them. Marwan asks him to sit. He does. Marwan asks where they are now. Navi says that he doesn't know, but tells Marwan that Dina's been wounded. Marwan knows that he came asking for help. Navi says that he can't do it alone, and wants to make this right. He asks for frequencies for the police and hospitals. Marwan closes his computer and tells him that he can't be distracted now. But, he still orders his subordinate to give Navi what he needs. Navi thanks him, but Marwan tells him that he will pay for this. Navi understands. Jack and Audrey arrive at Felsted Security.


Jack talks to Marcy back in D.C. about creating a database for the man Audrey needs to I.D. He lets Audrey know. They go through a metal detector into the building. Marianne Taylor calls him and tells him that Curtis him to send the person that Audrey recognizes to her screen. Jack asks why he didn't tell him directly. Marianne tells him that they are still trying to regain control the plants. Jack asks if they are going to be able to control them. Marianne doesn't know. Jack ends the call. He tells Audrey that they don't have a lot of time.


Erin tries to calm Maya

At the medical clinic, Maya is sleeping. Erin goes over a medical report that the doctor gives to her. She notices that the doctor gave her Haldol. Erin says that she is allergic. She goes to Maya, but she is unresponsive. The doctor tries to revive her. Erin backs away. Sarah comes with some information for her, but backs away when she sees the commotion. Erin asks her what she wants. Sarah tells her that Heller needs her to go on with The President. Erin tells her that Edgar is still trying to take control of the kernel and that they'll know in 15 minutes. Sarah asks if there will be any system contamination. Erin says no, and that it will take 36 hours to reboot the reactors. She asks if there is anything else. Sarah tells her no. She goes. Erin looks back at Maya, trying to hold back her tears.


Gary is with Jack and Audrey telling them about the footage of security. He tries two angles. Jack tells him that the ballroom is too wide, and tells him to try the entrance. Audrey has him move up the time to when she arrived, around 9 PM. He does. Jack watches their security. Audrey has Gary stop and back up a few frames. She recognizes someone. Jack tells him to enhance the image. He does. Jack then sees that there is no one at the security desk. Jack notices that there is no one in the parking lot. He radios his team, but gets no answer. He asks Gary to check on their security again.


Jack and Audrey find a secure room

There are two bodies on the ground. Jack yells for Audrey to get down. Two gunmen come in. One shoots Gary. Jack kills them both. Jack crawls back over to Gary, and asks him where the surveillance tape is. Gary tells him in the main server. Jack goes to access it on the flash memory, and asks Audrey to keep an eye on the monitors. Jack asks for any data sticks. Gary gives him some from his pocket. Jack tries to save Gary, but he dies. Audrey tells Jack that more are coming, and asks if they should call CTU.

Jack says that CTU must be compromised. Jack gets the data, and runs out of the room with Audrey. They run down the hall cautiously, and look for an unlocked office. They find one. Jack gives Audrey a dead guard's gun. Jack pulls out his phone to call someone. Audrey says that she thought CTU was compromised. Jack says that he isn't calling CTU. He peers out of the door, and says that he's calling the only person he can trust.

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Tony arrives to save Jack and Audrey

President Keeler is on with CTU. He asks CTU for an updated evacuation strategy. Heller says that he has already talked to the national guard. They are ready. Keeler asks if we still have only three hours. Heller says yes. Keeler asks Erin what their chances are of stopping the other plants. Erin tells him less than 50%. But, she tells him that they are trying something else. They will know more in the next 15 minutes. Keeler goes off. Heller asks to find if Jack and Audrey know anything more. Curtis goes to find out.


Erin tells Heller that she can have a room prepared for him so he can rest. Heller says that he can't rest. Before she can leave, he calls her back. He tells her that he knows about Maya. Erin says that it won't interfere with her work. Heller was just wondering if everything was ok. Erin says that her condition is something they've lived with since she was 6, and today is just a bad day. Heller apologizes.

At Felsted, Jack clears a hallway, and Audrey follows. They see someone coming from a mirror. Jack shoots him. They end up in a garage. They hear the doors open and hide. The gunmen continue inside. But, just then someone comes from the doorway, and Jack is forced to shoot him, alerting the others. A gunfight ensues. Jack tells Audrey to provide cover for him. He uses a shield to get over to one of the gunmen's gun. Audrey shoots at the men as Jack goes to get the gun.

Jack shoots the guy dead, and gets his gun, but it isn't fully loaded. Jack runs back, and tells Audrey to stay down. Audrey yells that she's out. Jack ends up being empty as well. He gets back to Audrey, and prepares his gun to immobilize the men. The men slowly approach them, but before they can reach them, someone shoots them from behind.

It is Tony Almeida. Jack yells Tony's name, and Almeida ask if they are okay. Jack tells him yes, gets Audrey up, and the three start running.


Some plants are unaffected by Edgar's work

Split screen: Jack, Audrey, and Tony run out of the garage. Dina is still bleeding from her wound as Behrooz drives. Maya is finally conscious. Marianne watches suspiciously around her station.


Erin lets Heller know that Edgar is in the kernels of the plants. Edgar works, and asks Sarah for a load A code. When Sarah gives him the wrong code, Edgar does it himself. Edgar says that he thinks he has control, but he wants to go over it again. Everyone tells him to just send the code. Edgar does. He then watches for the results. Everyone waits with bated breath. The screen takes a while, but eventually, the plants turn green: they will not leak radiation.

Edgar smiles as he sees his work. Heller congratulates him. But, some of the plants are still red. Edgar goes back to his computer. He notifies everyone that six of the reactors are immune to his kill sequence. Those six—one each in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, California, and Wisconsin—may still melt down. Secretary Heller says to contact Jack: either they find the override, or the country faces a nuclear holocaust.

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  • Cast notes:
    • Carlos Bernard returns as Tony Almeida for the rest of the season but isn't credited in this episode for obvious dramatic reasons.
    • Lana Parrilla is upgraded with this episode from the guest star status to the main cast.
    • Arnold Vosloo's first appearance as the season's main antagonist Habib Marwan. Marwan appears in all subsequent episodes except in episode 9 and 20.
  • Continuity issues:
    • There were supposedly seventeen nuclear power plants that were immune to the original kill sequence. However, after looking at the maps, it displayed twenty power plants still under terrorist control. These plants were located in: Illinois (1 plant), North Carolina (1), Georgia (2), Arkansas (1), Arizona (2), Georgia (3), Alabama (1), Mississippi (1), Florida (1), Pennsylvania (1), California (4), Nevada (1), South Carolina (1).
    • At the end of the episode when Edgar implements his work to stop the Dobson Override device, the mechanism is erroneously spelled "Dobsen Overide Procedure".
    • The address Marianne Taylor gives to Henry Powell is 357 White Oak Boulevard, but the computer displays the number as 457.
  • During the scene where Jack kills the two guards who killed Gary, there is a sound delay with the gunshots. They cannot be heard until after the two guards fall dead.

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