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David Palmer arrives to help President Charles Logan. CTU finds out about a Chinese man named Lee Jong linked to Habib Marwan. Jack Bauer forcibly takes Lee from the Chinese Consulate where he is hiding.

Episode Guide

Previously on "24"

  • Charles Logan wants Jack Bauer to be arrested for defying his orders. Bauer is informed the Secret Service is coming to arrest him. Jack finds Habib Marwan in the building, but he escapes.
  • Charles Logan doesn't think he deserves to be president. Mike Novick calls David Palmer and believes he can advise Logan better.
  • Habib Marwan gets a call from one of his men in Iowa. He tells him the warhead has been reconfigured and the technician Sabir's girlfriend is getting suspicious.
  • Sabir's girlfriend Nabilla Al-Jamil calls the Counter Terrorist Unit and believes Sabir may be involved with terrorists. Chloe O'Brian is ordered to take a team over to her house to investigate. She shoots and kils a man attacking Nabilla and herself.

Memorable Quotes

  • Bill Buchanan: It is absolutely unacceptable I was kept out of the loop on this!
  • Tony Almeida: That's the way Jack wanted to play it.
  • Bill Buchanan: You don't work for Jack, you work for me!

  • Mike Novick: Mr. President, I know you believe my actions during your term in office amounted to a personal and political betrayal.
  • David Palmer: It's not something I believe. It's a fact. Get to your point.

  • David Palmer: If it were anyone else, I would ask you if you were sure. But with you, I already know the answer. Good luck.

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