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Jack is captured by the terrorists, who use Derek as leverage to force him to compromise CTU's assault team. Meanwhile, President Charles Logan refuses to give in to the terrorists' demands as the signing of the treaty draws near. Martha continues trying to convince her husband that her conversation with David Palmer was real, but Walt interferes with her efforts. Finally, a new representative from Division, Lynn McGill, arrives at CTU and begins to undermine Buchanan's authority.

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Previously on 24[]

  • President Charles Logan is notified by Mike Novick about terrorists controlling the main terminal at Ontario Airport. They then watch the leader of the terrorists, Anton Beresch, make a live broadcast telling the public on TV that he will execute hostages unless the Presidents of the United States and Russia repudiate their accord. Logan pressures his staff to fix the hostage crisis.
  • Martha Logan wants to talk to her husband about her conversation with David Palmer, but Logan presents her with an innocuous recording (altered by Walt Cummings) where Palmer did not mention anything about national security. To prove she was right, Martha gets a key card from Burke and finds out the transcripts of her conversation with Palmer in the archive room.
  • At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Bill Buchanan tries to negotiate with Beresch, but instead he executes a hostage in front of the camera and makes his point clear that he wants Logan and Suvarov to repudiate the treaty and that CTU shouldn't attempt a rescue mission.
  • Jack Bauer, while hidden inside the airport, feeds information to Curtis Manning and CTU. As he does so, he finds out from Diane that Derek is inside the terminal among the hostages. Beresch learns that Jack Bauer is inside so he scrambles his cellphone signal and threatens to kill Derek if Jack doesn't come out. With Beresch pointing a gun at Derek's head, Jack comes out and surrenders.
The following takes place
between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Terrorists hold Ontario Airport hostage.


At CTU, Bill Buchanan is trying to contact Jack Bauer again unsuccessfully. He then informs his staff that they must assume the worst and that, without Jack, they'll be forced to prepare a new mission profile Chloe tells him that without Jack to give them inside information, their chances of success have been reduced to 20%. Buchanan tells her that is better than not trying at all. Still, he orders Curtis to stand down in the meantime.

At Ontario Airport, Anton Beresch confiscates Jack's phone and demands to know CTU's plan of attack. When Jack is reluctant to speak, Beresch threatens to kill Derek. Jack then gives in and reveals that an assault team plans to storm the north entrance of the terminal. Jack insists that the White House does not negotiate with terrorists, but Beresch believes that Logan will cave if another hostage is executed. He orders his lieutenant to bring him another hostage, while he asks Vlad to guard Jack and Derek. As Beresch's lieutenant scours the hostages, Jack continues pleading for Beresch to stop. The lieutenant forces a man with a yellow tie up from the crowd, but to Jack's surprise, Beresch sees this and tells him to pick someone else. A young man is selected instead and taken in front of the camera.


President Logan watches as Anton Beresch shoots a second hostage

At the presidential retreat, President Charles Logan is getting impatient, and asks Novick why CTU has not made their move yet. Novick tells him that they lost contact with Jack and must formulate a new assault plan. While he is telling so, Mike receives a call informing them that Beresch is back online. As they tune in, they witness how Beresch shoots the hostage on live television while reminding everyone that it's the price of Logan's silence. Beresch tells Logan that if the summit is signed, it will be stained with the blood of the remaining hostages. Logan begins to waver, considering at least to postpone the treaty, but Walt Cummings encourages him to stay the course.


Martha Logan is reading the real transcript of her phone call with David Palmer. She tells her assistant, Evelyn, about it. She tells Martha that she should bring it up to President Logan, but Martha decides to wait until after the summit is over. Martha argues that Charles is too worried now plus he doesn't think she's stable.

Outside the airport, Curtis informs Diane that they lost contact with Jack. As she pleads to know more, he assures her he'll tell her if anything new comes up. He then leaves to formulate a new assault plan.


Beresch and his lieutenant watch live coverage of the treaty summit

Meanwhile, inside the terminal, Beresch and his lieutenant watch a live news report. As they watch it, Derek starts blaming himself for the situation telling Jack that if he hadn't gone into the airport, Jack wouldn't have had to surrender. Jack tells him to stay calm and assures him that it is not over.

When Beresch learns that President Logan plans to continue with the signing, he and his men look through a floor plan of the terminal. Beresch gives back Jack's phone, and demands that Jack direct the assault team to storm the emergency door south of Gate 12. Jack tells him that he needs to give them an explanation for such a drastic change of plans, but as Beresch points the gun at Derek, he tells him it's up to him. Jack then gives in and takes the phone.

At CTU, Chloe is coordinating the assault plan with Spenser and Edgar, when Lynn McGill arrives. He remembers Chloe from a memory management lecture and introduces himself as coming from District. When he asks to speak with Buchanan, Chloe tells him he's busy in the Situation Room. Lynn sees him and leaves after telling Chloe he looks forward to working with her. As he walks away, Spenser asks her if she doesn't know who Lynn McGill is, but she doesn't and orders Spenser to go back to work.



Bill Buchanan meets Lynn McGill.

Lynn knocks at the Situation Room and Bill tells him to come in. As he walks in, Bill is finishing with some staffers ordering them to bring him an update once Curtis and his teams are deployed. As they walk out, Bill greets Lynn and gives him an update on the situation. When Lynn asks him about Jack, Bill informs him that they lost contact with him 20 minutes ago. Bill then asks Lynn why is he there, and he tells him that District was getting pressure from the White House regarding Jack Bauer and how things were being handled at CTU. Bill then tells him he can use station 4, but Lynn tells him he would prefer to use Bill's office to have a central vantage point. Bill hesitates, but complies. Lynn also suggests Bill to refer to him as "Mr. McGill" in front of the staff, but Bill refuses to.

When Lynn is about to walk away, Buchanan receives a call from Jack. Bill asks if Curtis is plugged into the call, and he acknowledges he is. When Curtis asks Jack what happened, he tells them that one of the hostiles got close to him and he had to end the transmission. Curtis then tells him they will proceed with their plan, but Jack stops him and tells him they have to find a new breach point. When Curtis asks why, Jack tells him they moved the hostages into the kill zone. Jack then tells Curtis to use an emergency door just south of Gate 12. Curtis is reluctant with the new position, but Jack stresses that it's their only shot. When Curtis asks him if he is at that door now, Jack tells him he is in a "flank 2" position.

Bill asks Curtis how long will it take to redeploy his team and he tells him they'll be ready in about 20 minutes. Bill reminds him that Logan is set to sign the treaty in 30 minutes and they agree to stay in contact. After Beresch cuts the call, he orders Ivan and Ishmael to stay with the hostages, and Vlad to guard Jack, while he orders the rest of his men to join him.

10:12:34... 10:12:35... 10:12:36...



Bill calls Curtis and asks him how long it will take him to have his team ready, and Curtis tells him it would be about fifteen minutes to change everything and reposition the explosives. Buchanan is not sure if Jack's information justifies changing the entire plan, but Curtis insists that Jack would have good reason. Bill insists that it has to be fifteen minutes and tells Curtis to call him when he's ready. After hanging up, Jackie arrives and tells Buchanan that Lynn wishes to see him. Bill tells her he's busy, but she insists at Lynn's request.

Bill goes upstairs to his office where Lynn is settled. As he comes in, Lynn is speaking to Donna. Once Buchanan enters, Lynn finishes the call and tells Bill to sit down. Buchanan, bothered by Lynn's presence, tells him he has to coordinate the raid. Lynn insists and informs Bill that he told the White House everything was back on track at the airport. However, he tells Bill that he wasn't comfortable talking about a plan he hadn't reviewed himself, so he asks Bill to see the playbook. Buchanan resists, desiring not to be micromanaged, but Lynn tells him he shouldn't be defensive since he's only doing his job. Reluctantly, Bill agrees and tells Lynn he'll have Chloe send him the playbook. As he's about to walk out, Lynn reminds him that fighting against him won't make the situation at the airport any easier to deal with. Bill simply walks away.


Jack tries to keep Derek calm.


As he walks downstairs, Bill goes to Chloe and tells her to forward the revised assault plan to Lynn's laptop. Chloe asks him if that means he'll be running point, but Bill tells her to just send it. Audrey Raines walks past Bill and tells him Curtis informed her he'll be ready in 10 minutes.

Beresch is watching a news report about the crisis, but they say nothing about the treaty being canceled. His lieutenant comes and tells him that the White House released a statement informing that the treaty will continue. However, Beresch argues that once their assault ends in more bloodshed, they would have no other option. As Beresch looks at the hostages, Derek blames himself for the rescue plan falling through. Jack tries to calm him, but Derek reminds him that the only reason he is captive is because of him. Jack assures him it's not his fault and tells him "this is not over."


Charles Logan talks with Yuri Suvarov.

As Logan watches a live news report, Novick comes in and tells him that CTU regained contact with Jack Bauer and the rescue operation is back on track. However, Logan considers the possibility that hostages might still be killed. Mike tries to keep him calmed, and tells him that President Suvarov wanted to talk to him. Logan looks outside at the patio and sees Suvarov waiting for him so they walk out.

As he greets Suvarov, he asks about the delay on the assault. Logan tells him that it will undoubtedly take place before the treaty is signed. Suvarov reminds him that both of them have staked their political futures on the treaty, and if the rescue attempt fails, the treaty will become meaningless and they will become a mockery.


Cummings arrives at Martha Logan's room to escort her to the treaty signing. Before Evelyn brings her out, he tells her that Aaron Pierce had found Martha at the archives room. When Evelyn denies knowing anything, Walt tells her that she lied to Aaron to cover for the First Lady and tells her that the document she pulled contains confidential information of national security. Evelyn tells him that that wasn't what Martha told her, but refuses to say anything else. Walt insists and Evelyn tells her about the transcript, and he then threatens to fire her if she doesn't tell him where she hid the transcript. Evelyn hesitates but reveals that Martha tucked the transcript into her blouse for safekeeping. As they are talking, Martha walks out thinking it's Paul. When she sees Walt and Evelyn, she greets them and walks away to the signing.


Outside at the podium, Logan prepares for the ceremony, while a spokesman tells the press about the way the signing ceremony will proceed. When Logan asks Mike about the raid at the airport, Novick assures him that the treaty signing has been synchronized with the rescue operation. Logan reminds him that the lives of the hostages depends on it. He then tells him how that it was supposed to be a grand achievement in his political career. At this moment, Martha walks out with Walt Cummings. They exchange compliments and kiss as Logan signals the spokesman to introduce him and President Yuri Suvarov.

As they walk up to the podium, Chloe notes that the treaty signing is about 90 seconds ahead of schedule, and suggests to Buchanan that he call Curtis Manning to ask him to move things up. Buchanan counters that Curtis is going as fast as he possibly can and tells her that the treaty signing must be stalled. Spenser Wolff approaches Chloe and asks her what's wrong with Buchanan, and she tells him that Buchanan might be suspecting they won't be able to save the hostages.

10:25:22... 10:25:23... 10:25:24...



At the summit, Logan makes his speech before the signing. During it, he addresses the situation at the Ontario Airport telling everybody that neither he nor President Suvarov will let this happen. As he continues the speech, Novick calls Buchanan, asking why the assault is being held up. Buchanan tells him his men are not ready and asks Mike if he can stall the treaty signing. However, Mike insists that the whole world is watching and that both Presidents are on stage, so he won't be able to stall it anymore. Buchanan tells him he'll call him as soon as they're ready, but Mike tells him he'll remain on the line. Logan continues his speech stressing that the crisis they're suffering only heightens the need for their treaty.

James Nathanson calls Beresch, telling him that Logan is still going through with the signing. However, Beresch assures him that Logan is just confident because he thinks that CTU's rescue attempt will succeed and assures Nathanson that he will be able to kill all the agents as soon as they raid the terminal, causing Logan to not sign the accord. Regardless, Nathanson tells him that their threat should be carried out, even if Logan signs the treaty. Beresch assures him that his men are ready to accomplish their mission.


As CTU prepare for the assault, Bill coordinates with emergency services to be ready at the airport. As he finishes his call, Lynn comes to the Situation Room and asks why the revised assault plan is so different from their original plan. Audrey tells him that the plan was revised based on new intelligence from Jack Bauer. Lynn argues that Jack being out of contact for so long is suspicious so he asks Bill to send him the transcripts from every conversation they've held with Jack after the crisis started. As he walks out, Chloe comes and tells Buchanan that Curtis is on the phone. Bill asks him about the status, and Curtis tells him he's almost ready. he also informs him that they'll scramble the frequencies so Beresch won't be able to detonate his men explosive vests remotely.

While Lynn examines Jack's phone transcripts, he finds a few items he wants to clarify so he calls Chloe. When he's explaining what he wants, Chloe interrupts him telling him she's busy with the revised assault plan. He then tells her to unlock Volume 5 so he can check some things. Chloe complies, but after hanging up she comments to Spenser how Lynn is slowing things down. Spenser tells her that's his style when taking over a new office. Spenser tells her he worked with Lynn before and that after a few days, he generally fires about 20% of his staff.


A keycard is passed to the man in the yellow tie.

At the retreat, Suvarov is giving his speech before the signing, highlighting the importance of the unity between their two countries against their common enemies. As he talks, Logan seems impatient at the uncertainty surrounding the crisis at the airport.


At the terminal, Beresch's lieutenant comes running and tells him that Achmed found the body of Chevensky in the baggage room. He then tells him that he also found the key card right where Chevensky had said it would be. Beresch takes the card and tells him to prepare his men. He then approaches his other men and tells them to make sure to shoot the CTU agents in the head to avoid their body armors. He also instructs two of his men to guard the hostages and kill anyone who tries to break away. As he walks among the hostages, Beresch secretly hands off the keycard to a man in a yellow tie. Jack notices this and starts suspecting something else is up.

10:35:16... 10:35:17... 10:35:18...



At the airport, Curtis calls Jack's phone, so Beresch hands it to him. Curtis informs Jack that his men are in place and he is ready to move in. Jack reiterates that he is in a flank two position. Curtis tells him they're ready to advance on his word, but Jack hesitates, knowing Curtis' team is walking into a trap. He then tells him to move at his discretion. Curtis then prepares his team to move in 60 seconds and Beresch prepares his men for the ambush.


As Beresch's men get in position and Curtis prepares to detonate the explosive charges, Lynn rushes into the CTU Situation Room, ordering Buchanan to stop the assault. Bill asks him why and Lynn tells him he noted that Jack used the phrase "flank two" during his conversation, which was a duress code back when Jack was still in CTU. Bill asks Chloe to confirm which she does and at the last second, Buchanan calls Curtis and orders him to abort the assault. He explains him what happened and tells Curtis to go back to the original assault plan.

As Curtis radios his men with new orders, Diane Huxley asks CTU SWAT Agent Jones what's happening, but she is ordered back into the car.



Anton Beresch forces Jack Bauer to call CTU.

With his men ready and time passing by, Beresch grows impatient and begins to think something is up. He goes to Jack and demands to know what happened. Jack assures him he doesn't know, so Beresch orders him to call CTU to ask what happened to the assault team. Edgar informs of the call and Buchanan covers by saying they had to fix a malfunction on the entry charges, but they will be moving in any minute. Beresch runs back to his men and prepares again to meet the raid.

Meanwhile, as Logan and Suvarov sign the treaty, Nathanson calls Beresch, telling him what is happening and how he had promised the ambush would happen before the signing. Beresch then snaps back at him telling Nathanson how he had assured him that Logan would never let it go that far either. As Logan signs the treaty, Nathanson orders Beresch to kill all the hostages. But before Beresch can carry out this order, the wall explodes. The terrorists begin firing, but as they realize they're shooting at nothing, the CTU task force comes up from behind. Jack tries to cover Derek, and then breaks a glass door to cut his bindings. He then grabs a gun from one of the terrorists and manages to shoot two of them. As the terrorists are neutralized by the assault team, Jack points his gun at Beresch who threatens to shoot himself. However, Jack shoots him in the hand, to stop him from doing so. As Jack approaches him, Beresch commits suicide to avoid capture by blowing himself up. Jack stands up and runs back to check on Derek.

As Curtis walks in the terminal, he informs CTU that the terminal is secure and the terrorists have been neutralized. Lynn congratulates him as Bill notifies Mike of their success.


Charles Logan completes the treaty signing.


As Logan sits at the podium after signing the treaty, Mike approaches him and notifies him that the rescue was a success. He stands up and address the press to inform them of the successful operation, as they applaud him.

At the terminal, Jack takes Derek to CTU SWAT Agent Smith and asks him to take him to his mother who's waiting for him at the command post. Derek turns to Jack and asks him what will happen to him, but Jack embraces him and tells him he has to finish this. He then asks him to take care of his mother and sends him away. Jack then looks around the hostages and notices that the man with the yellow tie isn't there. He then asks the civilians if they saw a male in early thirties, in a suit wearing a yellow tie. When he realizes nobody has seen him, Jack tells the guards to stay with the hostages until he's back.

10:47:26... 10:47:27... 10:47:28...



Derek walks out of the terminal with Agent Smith and is reunited with his mother. As they embrace, he tells her how Jack saved his life. Agent Smith then informs them that he has instructions to transfer them to CTU for debriefing.


With the hostage situation defused, the treaty signing ends successfully with Logan greeting everyone. As he walks down the stage, Martha tells him she needs to talk to him. Logan tells her to wait, but Martha insists and assures him something is wrong. However, Charles asks her not to ruin the moment for him. As he walks away, Walt asks her what's wrong and she tells him that the situation is more dangerous than Logan realizes, and she needs to talk to him.

At CTU, Chloe tells Buchanan and Audrey that Colette has confirmed the airport has been contained and that there are only reports of minor injuries among the hostages. He then tells her to route all updates to Lynn from then on. As she walks away, Lynn comes in. Bill apologizes to him saying that if he hadn't recognized Jack's duress code the mission would've ended in failure. However, Lynn tells him it was because of how adamantly Bill had defended Jack's integrity that he decided to double check his transcripts. However, Lynn asks to take Jack into custody for the matter of the deaths of David Palmer and Michelle Dessler. When Audrey tells him about the mitigating evidence of Chloe's testimony on Jack's favor, Lynn insists that the situation is still too complicated and that he needs to be brought back to CTU.


Jack continues searching for the man with the yellow tie. When Curtis comes in, they greet each other. Jack tells him about the "hostage" that was working with the terrorists and Curtis asks him to give him a description. Jack offers to help him, but Curtis responds that he has orders to bring him back to CTU. Jack tells Curtis about the key card and the urgency of finding him, but Curtis insists he has orders. Jack then gives a detailed description of the man to Curtis, who then contacts agents Altieri and Hutchison to coordinate a search effort.


Terrorists look over several biohazard canisters.



Erwich enters the hangar

The sleeper Jack was looking for makes his way to a hangar, where a second team of terrorists (consisting of Andrei, Komar, and a fourth man) is waiting. Komar points a gun at him and asks him about Chevensky. Erwich informs him he's dead, but tells him he has the keycard. They make their way toward an underground vault containing a crate. They use the key card to unlock it and, after donning some masks, they open it revealing several bio-hazard canisters. After Komar searches the crate for radioactive material, Erwich calls Nathanson and tells him that he has secured the "merchandise" and will move the canisters out. Nathanson then assures him he'll have transportation for his men.


Split screen: Curtis walks with Jack in custody to take him back to CTU. Diane and Derek are in the CTU helicopter ready to be taken back to CTU. Erwich's men are taking the canisters out of the ground in the hangar. Charles Logan standing in his office after signing the treaty. Martha is anxiously waiting to give her husband the proof of the real conversation she had with David Palmer.

Martha watches the news coverage of the treaty. When someone comes into his room, she thinks it's Evelyn Martin but Walt Cummings knocks her unconscious with a chloroform. As she lies on the floor, he searches her blouse, retrieves the transcript and leaves.

10:59:57... 10:59:58... 10:59:59... 11:00:00

Memorable quotes[]

  • Chloe O'Brian: Who are you?
  • Lynn McGill: Lynn McGill, from District. I met you when you came out for that memory management lecture.
  • Chloe O'Brian: If you say so.

  • Jack Bauer: Excuse me, Agent. My name is Jack Bauer.
  • Agent: I know who you are, sir.

  • Lynn McGill: Sit down, Mr. Buchanan.
  • Bill Buchanan: Would you stop with the "Mr. Buchanan"?!
  • Lynn McGill: Sit down, Bill.

  • James Nathanson: Well, just in case you're wrong and he signs the treaty, you be ready to carry out your threat.
  • Anton Beresch: Everyone of my men is committed to doing what needs to be done today.

  • Chloe O'Brian: This Lynn McGill person is really slowing things down.
  • Spenser Wolff: Yeah, that's his style. I worked with him once before. He usually loses about twenty percent of his staff in the first couple of days after taking control of a new office.
  • Chloe O'Brian: That many people quit?
  • Spenser Wolff: No. Most of them were fired.

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  • This was the 100th episode of 24. To celebrate, the show's editors put together a best-of montage with scenes from all previous seasons, which can be seen on the Season 5 DVD set.

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