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Ivan Erwich looks for ways to activate the Sentox nerve gas canisters. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer finds a connection to the terrorists, but his connection has problems of his own. Charles Logan, Mike Novick and Martha Logan discuss the best way to handle the Walt Cummings situation. Finally, Lynn McGill has personal problems that draw him away from work, while Chloe O'Brian is forced to work with Spenser Wolff again.

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  • Spenser Wolff receives orders from Walt Cummings to let someone inside CTU. Bill Buchanan asks him why he was tracking Jack Bauer, but Spenser says that they must have a good reason for doing so.
  • Jack Bauer asks Wolff why he let in an assassin that tried to kill him, but Spenser tells him he was told the man would only tap the servers. When they ask him who gave him the orders, Spenser tells them it was Walt Cummings. Jack then tells Lynn McGill that Cummings is the connection to the terrorists, and that he's going to meet Mike Novick to recruit his help. However, Novick and Bauer are detained before they can talk.
  • Walt Cummings tells President Logan about the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy with the terrorists, and that the only way for him to prevent problems for his presidency is to play along. Jack Bauer confronts Cummings in front of Logan and gets him to tell where the nerve gas is.
  • CTU watches as a task team led by Agent Finn raids the container at the Port of Long Beach. However, they find the container already empty. Cummings tells them that they were supposed to be there and that he doesn't know where they could've taken them.
  • Ivan Erwich calls Cummings' cellphone. Cummings tries to negotiate with him, but Erwich threatens to use the gas on U.S. soil.
The following takes place
between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.


Walt Cummings confesses his involvement to Jack Bauer and President Logan.

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Walt Cummings confesses to President Charles Logan and Jack Bauer the extent of his involvement with the terrorists. He says that his contact was a former CIA agent named James Nathanson. President Logan yells at Cummings, blaming him for the events so far, but Cummings claims that their goals were patriotic and in the best interest of the country as they would've gained a partner against terrorism and ensured a stable flow of oil for the US.

A presidential staffer announces on the intercom that Chloe O'Brian is on the line, and Jack asks if she's ready for the trace. They then proceed to call Nathanson, but Chloe gets no signal. Cummings tells them that he probably knew something had gone wrong and had gone dark. He assures them that neither him nor Nathanson could help them now. Jack tells Logan that Cummings is right and Logan has Aaron Pierce take him away. As Jack prepares to leave, Logan asks him what can they do. Bauer tells Logan that he needs to be debriefed and then he'll go back underground. Logan begs him to help CTU, but Jack explains him that his daughter doesn't even know he's alive and he needs to disappear again. He also assures Logan that CTU is able to handle the situation. However, Logan pleads for him to help them until the crisis is over. Hesitant, Jack looks at Ivan Erwich's picture on the screen.


Ivan Erwich holds a gun to Andrei's head after he questions orders.

At some remote site, Andrei tells Erwich that the canisters have been tampered with, and that unless they fix the triggering mechanism, they won't be able to detonate the gas. However, Erwich assures him that Rossler would find a way. Andrei then reminds Erwich that their enemy is Russia and tells him they shouldn't be wasting their time attacking the US. Erwich punches him and, after pointing the gun at him, tells him that he will kill him if he ever questions orders again. He then explains him that the Americans have closed the ports and will be looking for them, and if they cannot use the gas against Russia, they will use it against America.

At CTU, Lynn McGill gets a phone call from his sister Jenny. Jenny wants some money, and says she's cleaned her life and is working two jobs. She wants to come over to CTU, but Lynn says she doesn't want her in there. When she threatens to hurt herself, Lynn tells her to meet in a parking lot across the street from CTU in 20 minutes.



Bill Buchanan sees the casualty estimates from the nerve gas.

Lynn McGill walks into the situation room where Bill Buchanan, Audrey Raines and Chloe O'Brian are meeting. Bill says that the terrorists' canisters can only be activated via satellite, and hence are useless right now, unless they get valid activation codes. Lynn asks about evacuation scenarios, but Buchanan says it's not possible because there is no time-frame and no target. When Lynn asks what are they doing to trace the canisters, Chloe tells him she pulled Erwich's voice-print from his previous call to Cummings and is scanning all sat-com frequencies for a match. Lynn says they better get lucky, because he received a new estimate from Civil Defense that each canister can generate a kill zone of 1 to 3 square miles. With 20 canisters in their possession, the casualties could mount to a million.


Ivan Erwich and Jacob Rossler talk on the phone.

Jacob Rossler calls Erwich, and says that he was told to call him by a friend in Moscow. Erwich asks him if he has been briefed about their situation and Rossler tells him he needs to reconfigure the remote trigger for an Aatox chemical delivery system, and Erwich agrees. Rossler asks if he has the canisters with him, and then tells Eriwch he needs to begin by cutting them, and then he'll give him the specifications.

Chloe gets a phone call from an agent who has picked up a match from Erwich's call. He sends it to Chloe, while Audrey is on the phone with Ken telling him that all interagency protocols must be run through CTU. She then assures him that no one is going around him and will keep him appraised. Buchanan tells Audrey that Jack has been reinstated by President Logan on a provisional basis. Chloe interrupts them to tell them about the voice match. She then plays a clip of the phone call from Rossler and Erwich, where Rossler tells Erwich he will need a seven-digit code that's inside the inner casing of the canisters. When he receives the codes for the canisters, he will program a new chip for their triggering mechanism.



Chloe O'Brian, Audrey Raines and Bill Buchanan prepare to raid Rossler's apartment.

Buchanan calls up Jack. Chloe says the voice is a 95% match for Erwich. Edgar Stiles says Erwich is on a satellite phone and can't trace it, but the call started downtown on a land line. Bill tells Jack they have a lead from a call, and gives him Rossler's address. Bill also asks Chloe to pull the building manifest, while he and Jack figure out what Erwich wants from Rossler. Chloe gives them a profile on Rossler and Jack asks her for schematics and vectors for every entrance. He also tells Bill to have Curtis meet him there with a small team of four. Jack then gives the helicopter pilot their new destination.

As Buchanan is about to leave, Chloe tells him that the security system in the penthouse is very tough to hack into. Buchanan tells him to use Edgar, but Chloe tells him the only one who can get in is Spenser Wolff. Edgar disagrees, but Chloe asks him to stay out of it. Edgar insists telling them how Spenser was spying on them and had lied to her. However, Buchanan reluctantly agrees, but tells her that he'll have to wear a security wristband and be under constant supervision.

Jack calls Audrey, and tells her he's back on temporarily. Audrey doesn't like it, and says CTU can handle the crisis. However, Jack tells her that Logan thinks he can help. Audrey assures him that he doesn't owe these people anything. Jack tells Audrey he wants her to bring Kim Bauer into CTU so he can finally talk to her. Audrey agrees, and asks if she should tell Kim that he's alive, but Jack says he wants to do it himself.



Ivan Erwich pulls a gun on Cal.

Erwich pulls in to a mechanic shop called Cal's Bikes, where Cal is on the phone with a client. As he hangs up, Erwich comes up, and asks if they have a precision tool for cutting metal. Cal says yes and Erwich asks where everyone else is. Cal tells him they are at lunch, as Erwich pulls a gun on him and says they need work done quickly. Erwich promises to spare his life if he does it. As Cal agrees, Erwich orders his men to get the canisters.

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President Logan is on the phone asking for any update on Jack's progress. As the phone call ends, Martha Logan enters. Charles asks Martha how she is, Martha says she's ok all things considered. She apologizes and tells him she doesn't want to fight. Martha then asks Charles if he remembers when she used to be his closest adviser. She then asks him if they could go back to that relationship, as she offers to help him. Martha then slaps him and tells him never to do that again. There is a knock at the door.



Mike Novick and Martha Logan discuss how to handle Walt Cummings with Charles Logan.

Mike Novick walks in. Logan apologizes to Novick for detaining him earlier, but Mike assures him he's ok, and he knows he was in an impossible situation. Logan then tells him he wants him to return to his duties. They then begin to discuss what to do about Walt Cummings. Novick looks at Martha, but Logan tells him he wants her input. Mike begins to recommend to cover up Cummings involvement, but Martha wants to come clean. Mike thinks that coming clean will hurt the country and the office of President. Martha says the public will forgive him, since he did nothing wrong. Martha recommends him to issue a statement to the press and Logan agrees to work on it with her.

At CTU, a security agent brings Spenser Wolff to Chloe O'Brian. She tells him to take station 3 since they don't have much time. When he thanks her for having him reinstated, she tells him she only did it because they need him to break into the security of Rossler's apartment, and not because she has forgiven him. Spenser tries to explain himself, but Chloe says she doesn't care.



Curtis Manning briefs Jack Bauer before raiding Rossler's apartment

Jack meets with Curtis Manning on a building rooftop nearby 22 North Figueroa. Curtis hands Jack a headset while telling him that CTU already has eyes on the building. As Jack checks with Chloe on the headset, she tells him Spenser is working on accessing the system. Jack is surprised that Wolff is involved, but Chloe tells him that Buchanan released him. Jack then asks for Jacob Rossler's position, and Spenser says that he is still in the penthouse, and that there are two guards on that level. Jack asks him about the ground-level entrance and Spenser tells him there's only one guard. Jack asks him to take out all the cameras, but Spenser tells him he can only do it for 60 seconds. Jack gives orders to his men and prepares to approach the building.

Upstairs, Rossler is giving Ivan Erwich instructions on how to cut the canisters, while Andrei and the other terrorists take the canisters out of the truck. Rossler tells Erwich to call him back once he has the ID numbers from each canister.

Jack and Curtis enter the building and stand in position as Spenser prepares to cut the cameras. Once Spenser is ready, Jack and Curtis storm in the lobby and hold the the desk guard at gunpoint. While Jack stays with the guard, Curtis asks for the elevator code. The guard gives Curtis the code, but another guard from Rossler's floor calls and tells him the camera went out. Jack orders the guard to tell him that everything is okay and that he doesn't know why the cameras went out. After he complies, Jack takes the guard away from the counter and into the elevator just as the cameras come back again.

When the cameras come back, the guard on Rossler's floor notices the guard in the lobby isn't in position. He radios in again and asks him where he is. Jack orders him to say he had to go to the bathroom. After he does, Jack knocks him out. However, the penthouse guard is suspicious, and takes out a weapon. He then calls Rossler that there may be a problem and warns him to stay in his apartment. Chloe tells Jack that the guards seems suspicious, and one of them has an automatic weapon.


Security guards open fire on Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning.

As Jack and Curtis come out of the elevator, they flash their badges. The two guards on Rossler's level open fire on Jack and Curtis, and they return fire. Curtis is hit, but both guards are taken down. Curtis says it hit his vest only. Rossler grabs his gun, and Spenser updates Jack on his location. Jack enters the apartment and sees Rossler running away. Jack shoots him, injuring him, and asks him to drop the weapon. Once he does, Bauer puts him in handcuffs and calls for a medic.

As the backup teams come in, Chloe calls Jack and says there's someone else in the apartment. Jack gets the location, and Bill Buchanan orders Curtis to cover him. Jack enters the bedroom and orders whoever's in there to put up their hands. A set of arms appear from behind the bed, and Inessa Kovalevsky, a young Russian woman, gets out from behind the bed pleading Jack not to shoot her. Inessa has a slight bruise above her eye and, after Jack identifies himself, she says Rossler is holding her and she wants to go home.

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01:32:22 Edit

At the mechanic's shop, Ivan Erwich is giving Cal instructions on how to cut the canisters. Cal asks what's inside them, and what this is all about. Erwich asks Cal if he has a family and Cal says he's married. Erwich says that his wife has been in prison for seven years for supporting his political efforts. Erwich also tells Cal that his son lives in a state-run facility and doesn't remember him. He then tells Cal that what he's doing, he's doing it for justice. He then promises Cal that they'll leave as soon as he is finished, without hurting him. Cal then begins to cut into the canisters' casing.


Back at Rossler's penthouse, Jack Bauer is talking to Inessa Kovalevsky. He gets her to calm down, and then tells a CTU agent to get a medic for her. He also asks him to get her information for a full background check. When he sees the medic working on Rossler's wounds, he tells the same agent not to give him any pain medication. Jack then tells Curtis Manning to put Rossler in a chair for the interrogation.


Jack Bauer interrogates Jacob Rossler.

After Rossler is sit down, Jack introduces himself to Rossler and tells him about the phone call they intercepted. He then asks him about what Erwich wants. Rossler simply demands his lawyer, but Jack tells him he'll get a lawyer when he gets what he needs and explains the situation with the canisters. Rossler sarcastically remarks that Jack might have a problem then. Jack approaches him and tells him that he's the one with a problem, since he is guilty of aiding a terrorist, which allows them to hold him for as much as they need. He then tells him that he knows Erwich can't detonate the canisters unless he reconfigures the trigger mechanism and asks Rossler if that's what he was supposed to do. Rossler refuses to cooperate and tells Jack to go to hell. Jack responds by hitting him, and then telling him he's going to send him there if he doesn't start to co-operate. He then has Curtis step on his wound while he continues to ask for Erwich.


As Curtis continues to step on Rossler's wound, he asks for full immunity, unfreezing of all his assets, and transport to a foreign country. Jack says no, but Rossler adds he also wants Inessa. Jack clarifies that they're not making a deal and has Curtis step down harder on Rossler's wounds. However, Lynn McGill—who is listening from CTU—orders Jack to accept the deal. Jack tells him they can break him, but Lynn insists telling him they don't have time to break Rossler. Lynn leaves the conference room but tells Audrey and Buchanan to make sure Jack follows through. Reluctantly, Jack walks over to Rossler and tells him that he's been instructed to give Rossler his deal. However, Rossler says he'll help when he gets a certified agreement signed by the Attorney General.

01:38:56... 01:38:57... 01:38:58...


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As the certified agreement is being prepared, Jack tells Rossler he needs something, and asks him where Erwich is. Rossler says he doesn't know, that he just talked to the man for the first time 30 minutes ago, and that they were put in contact by a mutual friend in Russia, a separatist leader known as Sergei Voronov. Rossler does tell Jack that what Erwich wants is the chip for the canister trigger mechanism. He also tells Jack that Erwich was supposed to call him back in an hour with the identification keys of the canisters. When Jack asks him when they were meeting, Rossler tells him they hadn't agreed on a place. When Jack asks for the chip, Rossler tells him it's in a safe place and that he won't reveal the location until he has the signed deal. Jack tells Curtis to be ready to fit the chip with a transponder as soon as they get it.



Inessa Kovalevsky waits as Jack talks to Buchanan.

Jack then calls Bill Buchanan and asks about the status on the agreement. Buchanan tells him the Attorney General already agreed to it and that he should have the documents soon. Jack then asks if they found anything about the girl. Bill tells him that her name is Inessa Kovalevsky, a 15-year old girl who was reported missing 19 months ago from Kiev, believed to be a part of the sex slave trade. Jack hangs up with Bill, and approaches Rossler to tell him he can't have the girl. Rossler threatens to back from the deal, but Jack insists that he'll have his immunity and freedom. However, Rossler tells him that Inessa is all he cares about and that she has to go with him.

At CTU, Chloe walks up to Spenser who tells her he just finished compiling the surveillance protocols. Chloe tells him to send everything over to Edgar. When he asks why, she tells him Edgar will be finishing up that task and that he doesn't work there anymore since his reinstatement was temporary. Spenser argues that there's still a lot to do, but Chloe tells him they pulled people from Division to cover. Two guards come up and escort Spenser out as Chloe steps away. Edgar tells Chloe she did the right thing, but Chloe tells him to shut up. Despite the rebuff, Edgar secretly smiles.

At the retreat, Martha and Charles Logan are going over the statement regarding Walt Cummings. Martha points out that the wording will show the public that Logan is assuming responsibility for Cummings' actions, while taking the initiative to bring him to justice. Logan says he likes it, but that he would like to run it by Novick. Martha then assures him that it's the right move.



Secret Service and Mike Novick find Walt Cummings hung after being revealed as a traitor.

Martha then thanks Charles for letting her help and Charles tells her it has been a long time since they worked together. The phone rings, and Logan answers it. Mike Novick tells him that he should come down to the west hallway. He refuses to specify what happened over the phone.

At the mechanics shop, Cal has been able to remove the top of the canister. Ivan Erwich approaches to remove it and sees the identification code they need inside it.

Back at the retreat, Martha and Logan walk down the hallway where Novick is standing. Inside the bathroom, Walt Cummings has apparently hanged himself with his belt. As Martha and Logan look terrified, Novick orders them to take Walt down.

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Outside of CTU, Lynn comes into a deserted parking lot to meet with his sister Jenny. Jenny asks Lynn if he has the money, but he says he's not giving her money, but a card for a doctor instead, which he will pay for. Jenny tries to refuse, when her boyfriend, Dwayne Thompkins comes from behind and attacks Lynn. After beating him to the ground, he grabs Lynn's wallet, and looks through it.

Dwayne Thompkins and Jenny McGill steal Lynn McGill's keycard.

Jenny hurries him as he takes Lynn's money and his CTU keycard. Jenny apologizes to Lynn, as Dwayne pulls her away from him and they walk away. Lynn manages to slowly get up as Jenny and Dwayne drive away in a motorcycle.


At the penthouse, Curtis tells Jack that Rossler has been given a shot for the pain and that they have units ready for pursuit as soon as he walks away. Jack tells him that unless Erwich calls, they won't be going anywhere. Jack excuses himself and calls Audrey, asking her if she got ahold of Kim. Audrey says she was unable to reach her, but left a message. Jack asks her if she would try again.

After Jack hangs the phone, Inessa Kovalevsky comes up to him and asks to contact her family, since they should be worried about her. Jack asks her to sit down and tries to explain to her that they need her to play along with Rossler until they can track him, then they will separate the two of them. Inessa is distraught by the plan and doesn't want to be left alone with Rossler. Jack insists that they won't allow him to be alone with her, but she refuses to go with him. Jack says he can't let her go, and Inessa says that he's just as bad as Rossler. Jack promises Inessa that he won't let anything happen to her, and asks her to get dressed.


Ivan Erwich shoots Cal.

At the mechanics, Cal finishes cutting open the last canister. Erwich says "good job", then shoots Cal in the chest, killing him.


Andrei takes the last canister to get the code, and Erwich tells them to clean up and get ready to leave. He then calls Rossler and tells him he has the identification keys. He then sends a message with the keys to Rossler, and asks him how long until he can reprogram the chip. Rossler says he'll be ready in 10 minutes, but they'll need to set a place to meet for him to install the chip. Erwich says he'll call back in five minutes with a meeting location. Jack orders him to be fitted with a wire, then goes to get Inessa.

Split screen: Erwich is preparing to meet Rossler for the trigger codes. Martha and Charles are disgusted and disturbed about what they have just seen. Jack and the team are ready to let Inessa leave with Rossler.


Inessa Kovalevsky shoots Jacob Rossler.

As Jack leads Inessa out, Curtis tells him that they weren't able to complete the trace on Erwich's call, but they managed to narrow it down to a ten-block radius. At this point, Inessa pulls out a gun and shoots Rossler in the chest twice. Curtis and the CTU agents pull their guns on Inessa, but Jack protects her telling them to hold their fire. Curtis rushes to Rossler and calls for a medic. Jack faces Inessa and takes the gun from her, but Rossler is already dead. Manning says that Erwich will call any minute expecting to talk to Rossler to tell him a meeting place.

01:59:57... 01:59:58... 01:59:59... 02:00:00

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Senator McCain on 24

  • This episode features an uncredited, non-speaking cameo by Sen. John McCain as a staffer who hands a report to Audrey Raines during the split-screen at 01:32:22.
  • Jacob Rossler tells Ivan Erwich that the canisters will have a seven-digit identification key inside, which we see when they open it. However, when Andrei is writing the last identification key in his mobile phone, we can see some of the identification keys have eight digits. Also the first canister Cal is seen cutting open reveals the identification key as being 1431263 but when the list is shown on the mobile phone that number is not on it.
  • The Previously on 24 segment adds the words "for betraying us" at the end of Erwich's statement.

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