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Jack Bauer interrogates Henderson's wife, Lynn tries to get his keycard back as terrorists plan to release the nerve gas in a hospital. Tony wakes up and asks about Michelle's fate. Meanwhile the First Lady tries to avoid the President.

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Previously on 24

  • Audrey Raines tells Jack Bauer that she has confirmed that Omicron International made the sentox for the military. She also asks who Christopher Henderson is. Jack replies that he's someone he used to work for. When Audrey asks where, Jack says that Henderson was the man who recruited him and that things ended badly between them.
  • Christopher Henderson asks Jack if he's accusing him of working with terrorists. Jack says that he needs complete access to Omicron's sentox program. Henderson says that he needs to find out who was working on the project. He then secretly calls an associate and says that CTU doesn't have enough information to hurt them, and that Bauer will be dead in a minute.
  • Jack sees a bomb in the room that Henderson set for him. He uses the bomb to blow the door open and hides under the floor to avoid being killed.
  • At Counter Terrorist Unit, Chloe O'Brian tells Lynn McGill of a possible attack on President Yuri Suvarov's motorcade. McGill says that he's not going to have anyone work on a threat assessment as the sentox is still top priority.
  • Audrey tells Curtis Manning that she believes that McGill is mentally unfit to run CTU. She suggests invoking Section 112, which allows an agent to relieve the director of duty if the director is unfit to run CTU. Curtis has McGill placed in a holding cell.
  • Mike Novick tells President Charles Logan that his wife Martha is riding in the motorcade. Charles calls Martha and tells her that if he doesn't allow the terrorists to attack the motorcade, they'll release multiple canisters of nerve gas. He warns her to get out of the car.
  • Aaron Pierce radios for backup when the motorcade is attacked. Several Secret Service agents are killed and a missle hits the motorcade. Pierce suddenly guns down the attackers.
  • Vladimir Bierko calls President Logan and tells him that if Russia isn't going to pay with the life of its president, then its new ally, the United States, will pay with the lives of its citizens.

The following takes place between 5:00p.m. and 6:00p.m.


Tony Almeida has just woken up and is wondering about Michelle Dessler. Dr. Marc Besson tells Bill Buchanan not to tell Tony that Michelle has died, as it will hurt his recovery. Buchanan tries to appease Tony, but he knows the ropes and Buchanan is unable to convince Tony to go back to sleep.

First Lady Martha Logan tells Aaron Pierce that Charles Logan knew about the attack on the motorcade, while Yuri Suvarov reluctantly pledges to help the US with intelligence, but points out that Martha has been acting strange.

Vladimir Bierko asks Ostroff when he will have the keycard, he says within the hour. Bierko then gives final instructions to Viktor Grigorin. Jenny McGill's boyfriend Dwayne Thompkins gets a phone call from Ostroff about the keycard. Meanwhile Lynn McGill is panicking and asks to call his sister. Bill lets him.

Jack gets information from Chloe O'Brian that leads him to Christopher Henderson's house. Meanwhile, Curtis Manning discovers building plans on a terrorist, and Chloe and Edgar Stiles are able to find the building: a hospital. The attack is supposed to take place with in one hour.

Martha thanks Aaron Pierce

Martha refuses to talk to the President, but has Aaron come to her room to thank him. She takes his hand in hers just as Mike Novick comes in. Mike takes Aaron out to the hall and scolds him, then tries to talk to the First Lady.

Tony decides that Benson isn't answering his questions and makes his way to a computer. As the doctor and Bill try to get him away, he finds the Michelle is dead, and even sees a photo of her body.

Curtis is at the hospital, but it's a big hospital and not all the patients can be evacuated. After some sleuthing they find the terrorist trying to plant the gas. Curtis is forced to run through the hospital carrying the canister to prevent the people from being infected, and succeeds in the nick of time. The terrorist was shot dead trying to escape, however.

Jack Bauer tries to get information out of Christopher Henderson

Meanwhile, Jack is having a heated debate with Miriam Henderson on the innocence of Christopher. He tries to hack into his computer, but Chloe says it will take almost 12 hours, and Jack curses. Then, Henderson himself arrives. Jack forces him into a pair of handcuffs and has him sit on the couch. Jack tries to get information from him, though Miriam still proclaims his innocence.

Jack then empties Henderson's briefcase, which contains nothing but cash, which causes Miriam to stare at Henderson in disbelief. Henderson claims it was 'all for her'. Jack then places the gun on his kneecap, a technique Henderson taught him. When Henderson doesn't budge, he shoots Miriam above the leg. Henderson still refuses to talk, and Jack has to bring him in to CTU.

Jenny McGill is executed by Ostroff.

Jenny and Dwayne are on their knees. Ostroff pockets a CTU keycard, then puts a silenced pistol against the back of Dwayne's head and kills him. Jenny has a muffled scream before she too is executed.

Memorable quotes

  • Martha Logan: The country's lucky to have men like you. I'm lucky. I hope you'll allow me to say that.

  • Aaron Pierce: Nothing happened.
  • Mike Novick: Yeah, well, whatever didn't happen; don't let it happen again.

  • Christopher Henderson: That's right, Jack, start on my knee, just like I taught you! Sooner you do it, the sooner you see I don't know what you're talking about!

  • Jack Bauer: I shot her above the kneecap. She can still walk. You make me shoot her again, she'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life!

  • Jack Bauer: You son of a bitch. You don't care about anyone. Not even her.

  • Lynn McGill: Damn it, Jenny, this isn't a laundry room. This is a secure government building.

  • Christopher Henderson: Go ahead and do it, Jack, get it done, shoot me! Kneecap me, go ahead, do it.

  • Jack Bauer: Chloe, Henderson isn't trading music files with his office, there's something else on the computer, find it!

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