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* [[Alexander Siddig]] as [[Hamri al-Assad]]
* [[Alexander Siddig]] as [[Hamri al-Assad]]
* [[Scott William Winters]] as FBI Agent
* [[Scott William Winters]] as FBI Agent
* [[Missy Crider]] as
* [[Missy Crider]] as Rita
* [[Rena Sofer]] as [[Marilyn Bauer]]
* [[Rena Sofer]] as [[Marilyn Bauer]]
* [[Al Faris]] as [[Salim]]
* [[Al Faris]] as [[Salim]]

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Jack decides that he has to do his job and as such returns to it. He saves several helicopter crash victims and phones his reinstatement request into Bill Buchanan. Meanwhile, Assad arrives at CTU Los Angeles and, despite a cold reception, provides the feds with Fayed's possible nuke supplier, a former Soviet general named Gridenko. Chloe and Morris cross-reference Gridenko's business contacts in L.A. and uncover one Phillip Bauer, Jack's previously unmentioned father. Buchanan calls Jack and informs him of the connection, then thanks Assad for his help. Jack in turn tries to track his father down, receiving word that he has suspiciously left L.A. without his cellphone. We see someone monitoring Phillip Bauer's butler (Jack's from money), and that someone calls Jack's brother, Graham Bauer, informing him that Jack is looking for his father. As we are shown Graham Bauer taking the call, we realize that Graham Bauer, Jack's brother, is the same "Graham" that helped President Charles Logan in the terrorist acts of Day 5. Jack calls Graham, who rebuffs him in an feigned attempt at innocence. Jack fails to believe him and has Chloe find his home address. Jack then pays his brother a visit, during which he punches Graham in the face and holds a plastic bag over Graham's head, making it difficult for Graham to breathe. Prior to torturing Graham, a backstory is hinted at between Jack and Graham. The two brothers haven't seen each other since Jack's wife's funeral and are estranged. Jack also had an affair with Graham's wife, which possibly wrought Jack and Graham's wife a teenage, illegitimate son. The brother's estrangment is probably why Jack was targeted by Graham during the beginning of Day 5.

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Memorable quotes

  • Chloe O'Brian: You want to boot up some packet routers with me?
  • Morris O'Brian: Who wouldn't?

  • Thomas Lennox: The President is talking, Admiral. Do not interrupt!

  • Hamri al-Assad: Mr. Buchanan, I know you see me as your enemy. But today, I assure you I am not.

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Background information and notes

  • British Actor David Hunt replaces Eddie Izzard originally planed for the role of Darren McCarthy, due to scheduling conflicts after only one day of filming.
  • Milan Cheylov directs an episode of "24" for the first time, having never been involved with the series before.
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