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Jack's brother Graem reveals the connection between his company and Darren McCarthy, the man hired by Abu Fayed to reconfigure the nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, heightened security measures put in place by Thomas Lennox puts pressure on CTU Agents, as well as Karen Hayes, who is forced by past events to tender her resignation to President Palmer. Jack finds his father and Graem's motives are made a little bit clearer. What isn't made clearer is the mushroom cloud, which is getting bigger and is more than likely forcing even more areas of Los Angeles to evacuate.

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Memorable quotes

  • Graem Bauer: Trust you? After what you did at the house? All I trust in is your sadistic tendencies.

  • Thomas Lennox: You don't belong in national security.
  • Karen Hayes: You are using this crisis to advance a very dangerous agenda, Tom, and take advantage of presidential power, and I will not let you do it. And if you think you are going to wear me down you are sadly mistaken.

  • Thomas Lennox: I'd like you to tender your resignation, Karen.
  • Karen Hayes: My resignation? What are you smoking?

  • Karen Hayes: Do you want to get in the ring with me, Tom?

  • Karen Hayes: You're a son of a bitch.
  • Thomas Lennox: I never claimed otherwise.

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Background information and notes

  • James Cromwell joins the cast as a Special Guest Star.
  • According to a special edition of "Larry King Live" featuring the cast of "24", Donald Sutherland (Kiefer's father) had been approached to play the role of Jack's father, Phillip Bauer, but scheduling conflicts made the casting impossible.
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