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Jack works with Bill and Karen to prevent the exchange of Josh Bauer for the FB subcircuit board. Nadia Yassir co-ordinates this operation from CTU under the Vice-President's orders. Chloe O'Brian starts to feel weary after the events of the past day.

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Previously on 24[]

  • Russian President Yuri Suvarov tells Vice President Noah Daniels that a Chinese agent has possession of a circuit board. Suvarov tells Daniels that the possession of the circuit board by the Chinese will threaten Russia's national security, which would prompt Russia to attack an American military base. Suvarov gives Daniels a 2-hour ultimatum.
  • Zhou Yong and his men invade CTU, then report to Cheng Zhi that they have custody of Josh Bauer. Cheng lets Phillip Bauer know about this. When Josh arrives at Cheng's location, Cheng has him speak to his grandfather, who tells him that he plans to take Josh away from "this ungrateful country."
  • Jack Bauer catches up with Cheng and engages in a firefight. Jack demands to know where Josh is, but an endangered Josh gives Cheng an opportunity to escape.
  • Cheng tells Phillip Bauer that he lost Josh, but Phillip finds the situation unacceptable, noting that Josh was the price to repair the damaged circuit board. Tom Lennox has Vice President Daniels speak to Phillip Bauer, who demands Josh in exchange for the component. Daniels tells Karen Hayes that there's no choice but to accept Phillip's deal. Later, Mike Doyle grabs Josh against Jack's wishes, and the two board a helicopter. Jack shouts out Josh's name.
The following takes place
between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.


Somewhere nearby a beach a helicopter, carrying Mike Doyle and Josh Bauer hovers making its way to a meet where they will hand off Josh to Phillip Bauer. Josh asks where they're going, and Doyle apologizes, admitting they're taking Josh to his grandfather because Phillip has something that can stop a war between Russia and the United States. Doyle tells him that as soon as they get the circuit board from Phillip, they will recover Josh. He shows Josh the tracking device they will be using to follow him. He injects it into him.

Jack tells Hal Turner that it's a mistake to hand Josh over to Phillip. Turner tells him that they have orders from the White House. Jack asks if they're arresting him, but Turner tells him he's in temporary custody to prevent him from jeopardizing the operation. Jack gets into the car, placing a call to Chloe O'Brian at CTU. He asks why they're handing Josh to Phillip. She tells him that the Vice President ordered it due to Phillip's possession of the circuit board. Phillip is requesting Josh and safe passage out of the country. Jack claims that Phillip has no intention of giving up the circuit board. Chloe says that the White House doesn't have a choice and that Doyle has a plan to get Josh back. Jack scoffs, saying his father will have a better one. He asks to speak with Karen Hayes.

Noah Daniels apologizes to Russian President Yuri Suvarov for his earlier deception. Suvarov suspects that he's not calling just to apologize. Daniels informs him of the operation he authorized which may allow them to avoid a war. Suvarov tells him that he better hope it happens soon, because Suvarov has no choice but to continue mobilizing. Karen Hayes receives a call during this meeting and walks out.

Jack reaches out to Karen for help with saving Josh.

Karen answers the phone where Jack asks her if she knows about the plan to hand Josh to Phillip. She confesses she does. Jack begs her to not let this happen. Karen asks why he'll keep the circuit board, and Jack tells her it's his leverage against the Chinese, and that he's useless to them without it. He says they are likely to be offering him a lot more than whatever the United States is. Karen tells him she disagrees with the operation too, but it's the Vice President's call and she has no authority to do anything. She says he has to take care of it himself, but Jack tells her he's in custody. She tells him of Josh's innocence, but hangs up once Turner and Agent Ryan get into the car and drive away.

Tom Lennox tells Karen that the meeting with Suvarov didn't go very well. Karen tells Lennox that she just spoke to Jack Bauer. She tells him of Jack's suspicions to get Josh and keep the circuit board. He asks if Jack's are warranted, and Karen tells him that they are. Lennox asks how they'll get the circuit board if they won't hand over Josh. Karen says she may have an idea, but Lennox tells her that if her plan involves keeping Daniels out of the loop, he can't be seen planning against him. Karen tells him that Daniels won't listen to her, and Lennox says that he won't get in her way if she does go through with her plan.


Bill Buchanan, who's at his residence, receives a call, but doesn't answer. When he sees an agent going through a photo album, he scolds him for looking through his personal things. The agent says that although he hasn't been charged yet, it could change. The phone rings again, and once it asks to leave a message, Karen begs Bill to answer, asking for help. Bill picks up, and decides to listen to her plea for help. She tells him that Jack is in custody from CTU to prevent him from interfering with the operation to exchange Josh for the circuit board. Jack thinks it's a set up, and she agrees with his assessment. He asks if she's spoken to Nadia Yassir at CTU, but Karen says she won't budge as she's under direct orders from Daniels. He asks what she wants him to do, and she tells him to do whatever it takes to stop the exchange.

The chopper carrying Josh and Doyle lands by a coast, and Doyle tells Nadia that they've landed, saying he doesn't see any activity. Chloe, looking on the satellite, confirms this. Doyle asks about the signal on Josh's tracker, and Chloe says it's clear. Doyle asks Josh to wait in the helicopter as he scouts the area. Finding nothing, he asks Josh to get out. They stand by a picnic table.


Doyle receives a call on his cell phone. He tells CTU this. Nadia asks Morris O'Brian if he can trace the call. Morris tells her that the signal is scrambled but they can listen in on the conversation. Nadia tells Doyle to answer.

Phillip is on the other end, who immediately asks CTU to turn off the satellite. Doyle feigns confusion, but Phillip claims he has an uplink. Doyle asks if he is bluffing, but Morris says he isn't. Nadia tells him that Phillip indeed has access to their satellite surveillance. Doyle asks if they can see Josh's tracker signal, but Chloe says he can't. Doyle tells them to go offline, but to tell LAPD and the tactical teams to keep a wide perimeter outside the satellite area. Once it's offline, Doyle tells Phillip this. He now orders Doyle to get rid of the helicopter. The helicopter then flies away. Doyle asks how the exchange will go down, and Phillip tells him to wait until somebody comes. He asks to speak to Josh. Doyle tells Josh not to fight Phillip, in order to hopefully make him let down his guard. Josh fights with him anyway. Phillip says that they need to leave America due to his father's involvement in today's events will soon be known to the public. Josh says that his mother is here, and Phillip tells him that he can make Josh into the man his father should have been. Once he ends the conversation, Phillip orders his men to go get Josh.

04:15:02... 04:15:03... 04:15:04...



Doyle says that there's still no one in sight. Nadia tells him they're still looking for a way to get satellite coverage without Phillip knowing, but it doesn't seem likely. Doyle says it doesn't surprise him. He asks how he's going to verify the circuit board once he's in possession of it. Chloe tells him that once he plugs his PDA into it, Chloe can verify it. Doyle tells Nadia that once he confirms the circuit board is indeed real, he's going to try and save Josh. Nadia says they're under strict orders from Daniels, saying they're not authorized to do so. Doyle says he doesn't care, but Nadia says that there's too much at stake, and he cannot go off book.

She gets a call from Karen Hayes, who says that Daniels would like to check on the status of the trade. Nadia tells her that Doyle is in position with Josh, waiting to be contacted. Nadia says that she was going to report to the White House as soon as it happened. Karen claims that she just wanted to know if anyone had any doubts. She asks for Jack's status, and Nadia says he's being transferred to detention at District. Karen says she needs to see their internal deployment grid. Nadia asks why, but Karen reiterates her demand to see the grid. Nadia tells Karen the access codes to the grid, and she accesses it. As soon as the conversation is over, Chloe tells Nadia she got a call from security and that she better go to the lounge, saying Marilyn Bauer is being a problem.


Marilyn tells the security guard to stop treating her like a prisoner, and she wants to see Josh. Nadia tells her that Josh is being held at Division for debriefing. Marilyn says they have no right to talk to him without a parent present. She says if she is not let go, she will call her lawyers and take down CTU. Nadia calls Morris to get more security to escort Marilyn to holding. He does so, and asks Chloe what she wants when he catches her staring at him. She asks if it bothers him going through with the exchange. Morris says he hates it, but they have their orders. They bicker about Jack's suspicions until Nadia returns. Nadia tells Chloe to keep a close eye on Josh's tracker signal.

Jack disarms Turner

Doyle contacts CTU, saying he can see a helicopter to the north. Morris asks if Doyle thinks it's Phillip, but Doyle says he doesn't know. Morris checks the FAA database and says the Coast Guard has a helicopter patrol. Morris tells Doyle that despite a lot of peoples' objections, he thinks what he's doing is absolutely necessary. Doyle dismisses him, saying he'll ask for his opinion when he wants it.


Jack is still on the road with Turner but is forced off the road when an oncoming car almost hits them. Turner gets out, and Jack quickly disarms Ryan, asking for his handcuffs. Outside, Turner identifies Bill as the one who forced them off the road. Bill asks if Jack is in the car, and Turner tells him of their orders. Bill asks for Jack to be released. As Bill gets closer, Turner asks him to stop, or he'll be forced to shoot. As Bill lectures him, Jack knocks out Ryan and sneaks up behind Turner, knocking him out also. Jack asks Bill if the exchange has happened yet, but Bill tells him it hasn't. They run back to Bill's car and drive off. Jack thanks Bill for helping. Bill says they should hope Jack is right about his father, but Jack says that he is.

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A man arrives at CTU, and Chloe greets him with a hug. Nadia asks Morris to find out who it is. Morris greets him, and Chloe introduces him as Stuart, Milo Pressman's brother. Morris apologizes to Stuart. Stuart says he needs to sign a release for his body, and Chloe says she'll help him with the paperwork.


Morris tells Nadia that it's Milo's brother.

Karen's access has been cut off. She calls Bill in his car, who tells her that he has Jack. Karen thanks Bill, saying that they've found out about Karen's involvement in the recovery of Jack. She doesn't know when they'll be able to speak to each other again, so she apologizes and says her love for him. Just then, two agents enter the room, and she wishes them luck.

Stuart goes through Milo's locker, and Nadia introduces herself. Stuart says that Milo talked a lot about her. Stuart asks how he died. Nadia tells him that Milo died saving her life by sacrificing himself, calling him brave. Stuart says he wasn't, and that he did it because he was in love with her. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call to Nadia.


Chloe informs Nadia that local police found Agents Ryan and Turner were handcuffed to their vehicle. When Nadia asks how, Chloe says that Bill intercepted them and helped Jack escape. Nadia asks why Bill would do that, and Chloe says it's probably because he agrees with Jack, regardless of orders. Nadia orders tactical teams into the area to intercept. Nadia returns to the locker room, but finds Stuart gone.

Josh pleads with Doyle to not go through with the exchange, saying Phillip is crazy. Doyle says that his country needs him to do this, and Doyle will get him back. Nadia contacts him and asks if there's any sign of Phillip. Doyle says negative, and Nadia informs him about Jack's escape, and that he may be on his way there to stop the exchange. Doyle asks how Jack knows where they are. Nadia tells him Karen Hayes gave him the location and Bill helped him escape. Nadia has men prepared to find them, but Doyle says that they can't, or Phillip will call off the exchange. Nadia tells him he has to face Phillip alone, and Doyle says he'll be fine. Josh asks if his uncle is coming. Looking worried, Doyle says yes.

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Karen Hayes is in a holding room, and Daniels walks in. Daniels asks Karen if she admits using intelligence from CTU to request Bill Buchanan to break Jack out of CTU custody. She confesses, and Daniels asks Karen what she was thinking, and Karen admits she learned a hard lesson when they trusted Abu Fayed, and that was not to negotiate with sociopaths. She says they can't trust Phillip to give the circuit board whether they hand him Josh or not. Daniels tells her angrily that it's not her call. Karen says she wouldn't have done what she did if she wasn't willing to accept the consequences. Daniels says that there will be consequences for both Karen and Bill. He asks if Tom Lennox was in on the plan, but Karen denies. Daniels reiterates that if war does break out because of Jack Bauer, it will be on Karen's conscience.

Doyle receives a call on his cell phone. Phillip tells him to take Josh towards the water. Nadia tells Doyle to be careful. Chloe continues to follow Josh's tracker, but starts to look a little dozy. Morris asks if she's alright, but she snaps back that she's just tired.


Two men in a boat makes its way to shore. Doyle takes cover as one man makes it to shore. Doyle tells Josh to stay behind as he approaches the man. Both aim their guns at one another. The man shows Doyle the circuit board. He puts it down on the ground before being ordered by Doyle to back away. Doyle picks up the component, only to have it explode in his face. The man runs and grabs Josh, taking him back to the boat.

The fake component explodes.

Jack and Bill pull up as the man runs to the boat. Jack cannot fire without putting Josh at risk. They take cover as they are fired upon, but the boat manages to get away. Jack checks on Doyle, who tells them that the circuit board was fake.

Phillip's henchmen call Phillip, saying they have Josh. Phillip tells them to scan for trackers. They find it and short it out. Jack calls CTU, informing them that the circuit board was a fake, and that Doyle is in critical condition. He says that two men went out to sea with Josh, and Nadia tells him the tracker is shorted out, and that tactical teams are five minutes out. She asks about Doyle, but Jack tells her he's in bad shape.

04:48:36... 04:48:37... 04:48:38...



Daniels sits in the Oval Office as Tom Lennox walks in. He tells them they're still trying to track the boat Phillip's men used to escape. Daniels says that Suvarov is expecting confirmation that they've retrieved the circuit board. Lennox tells him to give CTU a few more minutes before talking to the Russians. Daniels confesses that Karen was right, and that he was wrong. He also admits that he treated and viewed Wayne Palmer unfairly, now recognizing the impossible situation he had been in. He tells Lennox about how until you sat in the President's chair, you had no idea what the job was like. He says that despite Karen's correct theory, he cannot just let her go due to her insubordination. Lennox disagrees, saying that the fact that Daniels disagreed cannot be made public. He suggests that they allow Karen and Bill to retire quietly. Daniels says he'll deal with it later, and wants an update on CTU's progress.


Jack tells Nadia that while Doyle's injuries aren't life threatening, he may be blind one or both eyes. Nadia apologizes for not listening to Jack, but Jack says that she was only doing what she thought was right. He asks if the satellite is back up, but Chloe says it'll be impossible to find a boat that size in the dark. Jack says that the boat had a limited range, and should be meeting with a larger vessel. As he says this, he sees a small glow in the distance. He then demands the locations of any off-shore oil platforms within a ten mile radius. Jack says that BXJ Technologies owns oil leases up and down the coast. Chloe gets on it.


At the oil platform, Phillip tells his men to dock on the east side of the platform. Cheng Zhi asks when he's getting his circuit board and Phillip says he will when he gets Josh. Cheng tells Phillip he's making the right choice continuing to work with them. Phillip says that despite his unacceptable mistakes, China is still his future. As Cheng leaves, Phillip starts to move away but stops and looks out to sea as a split screen shows both he and Jack looking each other's way.

Chloe continues to work at her desk, her vision slowly going blurry. Continuing to fail to match any files, she stands up and walks towards Morris, telling him that she couldn't trace any oil leases through the CNC servers. Morris asks her to check the EPA database. Morris asks if Chloe is alright, and she says she is, before immediately fainting onto the ground. Morris goes to check on her, shouting for help.

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  • International airdates:
  • James Morrison is uncredited in this episode, despite appearing within the first ten minutes of the episode and despite having only been absent for 3 episodes since his last appearance.
  • Neither this episode nor the next one featured a split screen at the final minutes of the episode.
  • This is only the second time that Jon Cassar didn't direct the final two episodes of the season (the previous being Season 1).
  • 24: Dossier states that the oil rig that Phillip Bauer and Cheng Zhi were working from was nine miles offshore. But, in the following episode Day 6: 5:00am-6:00am, Nadia Yassir states the oil rig was six miles offshore.

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