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  • Russian President Yuri Suvarov tells Vice President Noah Daniels that a Chinese agent has possession of a circuit board. Suvarov tells Daniels that the possession of the circuit board by the Chinese will threaten Russia's national security, which would prompt Russia to attack an American military base. Suvarov gives Daniels a 2-hour ultimatum.
  • Zhou and his men invade CTU, then report to Cheng Zhi that they have custody of Josh Bauer. Cheng lets Phillip Bauer know about this. When Josh arrives at Cheng's location, Cheng has him speak to his grandfather, who tells him that he plans to take Josh away from "this ungrateful country."
  • Jack Bauer catches up with Cheng and engages in a firefight. Jack demands to know where Josh is, but an endangered Josh gives Cheng an opportunity to escape.
  • Cheng tells Phillip Bauer that he lost Josh, but Phillip finds the situation unacceptable, noting that Josh was the price to repair the damaged circuit board. Tom Lennox has Vice President Daniels speak to Phillip Bauer, who demands Josh in exchange for the component. Daniels tells Karen Hayes that there's no choice but to accept Phillip's deal. Later, Mike Doyle grabs Josh, against Jack's wishes, and the two board a helicopter. Jack shouts out Josh's name.

The following takes place between 4:00am and 5:00am

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  • James Morrison is uncredited in this episode, despite being a regular for this season and despite having only been absent for 3 episodes.
  • Neither this episode nor the next one featured a split screen at the final minutes of the episode.
  • Series regulars DB Woodside, Eric Balfour and Regina King do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the first time that showrunner Jon Cassar didn't direct the final two episodes of the season.
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