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Jack Bauer and Charles Logan head to the Russian Consulate to question Anatoly Markov, who is involved with Dmitri Gredenko in his Russian nationalist conspiracy. After Markov lies to them about Gredenko's whereabouts, Bauer causes an international problem by interrogating Markov. Meanwhile, Vice President Noah Daniels situates himself as Acting President after Palmer is incapacitated after the assassination attempt and Tom Lennox alerts the authorities of Reed Pollock and Bruce Carson's hand in the attempt but is treated as a suspect.

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Previously on 24[]

  • Abu Fayed asks Dmitri Gredenko how soon after they arrive, will Gredenko be able to deploy. Gredenko says it will take two hours to assemble the delivery system, and one additional hour to install the bomb. Fayed is unsatisfied, but Gredenko reminds Fayed that it would take Fayed weeks to deliver the bombs with out his help. Gredenko tells his men that if the plan succeeds, the West and the Arabs would be in war.
  • Jack Bauer, asks Bill Buchanan if CTU has new information about Gredenko. Bill Buchanan tells him that the house they raided was deserted. Jack tell Buchanan that he has a new lead with the help of Charles Logan. Buchanan is surprised, and tells Jack, that Logan is under house arrest.
  • Jack Bauer asks Charles Logan if he can help him find Gredenko. Logan says that he never dealt with Gredenko personally but he knows how to find him. He claims that Gredenko can be found through Anatoly Markov, The Russian Consul General in Los Angeles. Jack tells Logan that he doesn't trust him. Logan tells Jack that if he want to find Gredenko he must trust him.
  • Hamri Al-Assad tells President Wayne Palmer that he is taking a great risk. Palmer reminds him that they are both taking risks. The situation is desperate since there are three loose nuclear weapons in the country.
  • President Palmer asks for a public statement of support from the Prime Minister of the Middle Eastern country, that would follow Hamri Al-Assad's speech. The Ambassador tells President Palmer that public support would cause great political consequences to the Prime Minister. President Palmer asks the Ambassador to remind his Prime minister that the US army has a group operating less than 25 miles from the shores of his country.
  • Bruce Carson assembles the bomb and tells Reed Pollock that the bomb is armed. He tells Tom Lennox, who is tied up in a room, that the president is going to die. Reed puts the bombs in the podium that Palmer will be using. He activates it, but Assad recognizes it as a bomb just before it explodes. Wayne Palmer is found unconscious on the ground after the explosion.
The following takes place
between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
Logan with Jack

Jack escorts Former President Logan to an awaiting limo


A gurney carrying the unconscious body of President Wayne Palmer is wheeled hurriedly through the hallways of the White House bunker before passing through the double doors of the operating room. Someone named Hawkins orders two soldiers to guard the entrance to the room. Palmer makes no movement as the doctors rush to prepare to try and revive him.

At Former President Charles Logan’s retreat in Hidden Valley, Logan and Jack Bauer walk to the car which will take them to the Russian consulate. But before getting in, Jack stops Logan and tries to set things straight by reminding him that Logan is a federal prisoner under his custody and that he will not move unless Jack says so.

Logan tells Jack that he doesn’t need to threaten him because he just wants to be of service. But for Jack, nothing Logan does will be able to erase his past transgressions. Logan understands Jack’s anger but that they have to leave immediately to get to Dmitri Gredenko in time. The two standoff, face to face, for a moment before Jack tells him to get in the car. As Logan gets in, Jack goes to the other side to get in, shuts the door, and the motorcade pulls away.


Jack is informed of the attack on Palmer

Inside the car, Logan stares into space and muses that he hasn’t been outside of the gates in over a year. There is a pause before he apologizes, realizing that he doesn’t need to tell Jack what it’s like to be locked up. Jack just stares forward and says, “You’re right, I don’t.” There is another brief pause before Logan says he knows how lonely it feels and how the silence can play with your sanity but that within the silence you can hear the voice of your deepest self and that that voice can heal you. Jack continues to stare forward, motionless, until his cell phone rings. Logan resigns himself to silence as Jack takes the call.

Bill Buchanan is on the other end, with the news of the attempt on Palmer’s life. He tells Jack that Palmer was wounded and they don’t know the extent of his injuries. Jack’s reaction cause Logan to look up, inquisitively. Bill says the details are still coming in and that the Secret Service believes Assad was behind the attempt and was able to smuggle a bomb into the bunker.

Jack questions this, saying that Assad wanted to stop Abu Fayed and that he wasn’t lying. Bill tells him that Assad died in the blast and that it no longer matters if it was him or not. They agree that Russian Consul Markov is their only live lead and Jack tells Bill he’ll call him when they reach the consulate before hanging up. Logan, who has only heard Jack’s side of the conversation, asks what happened and Jack tells him about the assassination attempt. Logan is visibly shocked.


Wayne Palmer is operated upon

In the bunker’s operating room, doctors are tending to Wayne’s shrapnel wounds as his life signs remain steady. Reed Pollock watches from the door before stepping back into the hallway and taking out a cell phone. He begins to dial a number when he’s surprised by Agent Lowry who tells him that Vice President Daniels is being briefed from the conference room and the Secretary of Defense has requested that Lennox be present. Pollock regains his composure and tells Lowry that Lennox is busy and that he will cover for him. They head off down the corridor.

In the conference room, the briefing has already begun with Secretary of Defense Ethan Kanin presiding over the meeting. He introduces Doctor Welton, the doctor in charge of the medical teams who says that they are still trying to stabilize Palmer and that he has suffered severe wounds in the chest and neck from shrapnel.

He also says that although Palmer didn’t suffer any head wounds, he is unconscious. Daniels asks if they can ascertain when Palmer will be able to return to his duties but Welton states that he’s lucky to be alive after standing, “within ten feet of a high-velocity explosive device” and that the fact he's even alive is a miracle.


Kanin advises Daniels to take over the Presidency

Kanin interrupts, saying he believes he can speak for everyone when he questions whether or not Palmer will make a full recovery and that they should proceed as though the duties lie with Daniels. Daniels ponders this for a few seconds, unsure of what to say. He finally tells them that he will be landing soon and that he wants a full security briefing from Lennox. Kanin complies and signs off as Daniels sits all the way back in his chair, lost in thought.

Kanin removes his glasses and requests task profiles from everyone present. He also tells them that the meeting will resume upon Daniels’ arrival. As Reed slips out, Kanin calls after him, causing him to turn around. Kanin asks where the hell Lennox has been and when Reed says that Lennox is conferencing with the Attorney General, Kanin points out that he just spoke with the Attorney General and that he hasn’t spoken to Lennox.

Reed feigns ignorance and says he’s not sure where Lennox is. Kanin finds this hard to believe and Reed tells him that Palmer had been expecting Lennox in the broadcast studio but that he didn’t show up then, either. As Reed looks on, Kanin motions to Lowry and tells him that Lennox is missing and a sweep of the bunker must be conducted. Lowry orders the sweep through his intercom as Reed hurries away.


Reed fights for Lennox

In the room where Lennox is being held, Bruce Carson tells Lennox that while he had the clarity to keep the country safe, Palmer was an obstacle and they did what was necessary. As Tom sits motionless, Reed enters and Carson meets him at the door and asks if Palmer is dead. Reed tells him that Palmer survived but is injured badly enough to remove him from his duties. Lennox listens in as Reed tells Carson that the Secret Service is looking for him and making a sweep of the bunker.

Carson insists there is still time to “handle him” but Reed disagrees despite Carson’s claims that he will make it look like a suicide and the situation would support it. Reed refuses by saying they aren’t murderers and their actions were necessary for national security but that killing Lennox would only be a cover-up. Carson stares at Reed for a second before reminding him that getting caught wasn’t part of the plan. Reed stands up to Carson, saying that he would have to kill him before touching Lennox. After a brief standoff, Reed tries to appeal to Carson by saying that he knows Lennox and that he can be reasoned with. Carson reluctantly agrees and walks away to pack up his things.

Reed kneels down beside Lennox and removes the duct tape from his mouth. Lennox, in a mix between disgust and disbelief, asks if Reed really pulled of his plan. Reed defends his actions and tells Lennox that it had to be done and that it was Lennox who warned them about Palmer’s illogical decisions. Lennox stares in horror as Reed reminds him that he had said that individuals would have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

Lennox counters by saying that he wasn’t referring to the President of the United States. Reed tries to reason with him, claiming that Palmer’s policies, though well intentioned, would aid their enemies. He also says that now that Daniels has taken Palmer’s duties, Lennox’s security plans will be implemented but he too, would be implicated if Carson and Reed were exposed. Lennox says that he tried to stop them but Reed says no one would believe him. As Lennox leans back in frustration, Reed claims that implementing the security plan is the only way to stop the terrorists.

Reed tells him that Carson has matched the bomb signature to one used by Assad and says the FBI will shift all the blame to Assad and that no one needs to know the truth. Lennox is uncertain but Reed assures him that a guilty conscience is a small price to pay. Lennox considers this as Carson alerts them to the men approaching. Reed makes one last attempt to convince Lennox, who says he understands their situation. He releases Lennox, telling him he knows that he will do the right thing. Lennox struggles to his feet and all three men leave the room.


Lowry prepares to take Lennox, Pollock and Carson into custody

As they walk down the hall of the bunker, Lowry spots Lennox, asks if he’s okay and tells him that the Secretary of Defense has been looking for him. Lennox is quiet for a moment before straightening his tie and stepping forward to tell Lowry that Reed and Carson are responsible for the attempt on Palmer’s life. He says that he will surrender himself into custody until he can talk to the Attorney General but that he wants both men to be arrested immediately. Carson sports a defeated look on his face, while Reed’s face is one of anger and betrayal as both are put in handcuffs.

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Lisa informs the Vice President of the latest updates

Air Force Two has landed and Daniels is met by Lisa Miller, his personal aide. As they descend the stairs to the aircraft, she briefs him on the latest “flashes” but he says he’s gone over everything on the plane and the only thing he wants to follow up on is the one from CTU. She dials her phone and gets through to Bill, while Daniels salutes the servicemen at bottom of the stairs. Lisa hands the phone to Daniels who questions Palmer’s granted furlough for Logan and asks what circumstances could have led to that.

Bill says that Logan claimed he could help them find Gredenko through the Russian Consulate in Los Angeles. Daniels is surprised that Palmer would allow Logan to conduct any business on his behalf until Bill tells him that, other than Markov, there are no other leads to find Gredenko. Bill also tell him that Logan is being supervised by Jack and that he has been instructed to keep him on a short leash. Daniels asks that he be kept informed and demands that Logan be put back under house arrest at the mission’s conclusion.

At the Russian consulate, Logan steps out of the car and Jack closes the door behind him. Logan says that Jack can go with him into the consulate but that he’d have to speak to Markov alone. Jack stops in front of him and tells him that he won’t let him out of his sight but Logan counters saying that it would be a waste of time because Markov won’t tell them anything if Jack is in the room.

Jack repeats that he isn’t going to let him out of his sight but Logan asks what Jack thinks he’d do inside, telling him that the Russians wouldn’t grant him asylum. Jack reluctantly agrees to let Logan speak to Markov alone but warns him that he will be right outside the door and that he’ll know if Logan moves more than twenty feet away from him. They start moving again and Logan says that he’s going to prove Jack wrong because he’s only trying to help. Jack says nothing and nods to another agent outside the consulate as they go inside.


Once inside, Logan is met by Vasili, an agent at the consulate, who tells Logan that Markov is expecting him. Vasili leads Logan to a door and knocks as another agent motions for Jack to sit down in one of the many chairs adorning the foyer.


Logan grills to Markov

Inside Markov’s office, Logan and Markov exchange pleasantries with Logan telling him that he’s still trying to do the best for his country before indicating his wrist bracelet and adding “as much as circumstances will allow.” Markov offers his sympathies for the nuclear detonation in Valencia and offers Russia’s condolences and support.

Logan sits in a chair in front of Markov’s desk as Markov takes out a cigar and a cigar cutter. Logan tells him that the bomb that went off was a Russian suitcase nuclear device which had been supplied by Gredenko. Markov is silent for a few seconds before cutting off the tip of the cigar and then holding it out to Logan. He declines, saying that he doesn’t smoke anymore and Markov puts it down before sitting.

Markov tells him that the weapons were destroyed as part of their treaty. Logan warns him that they are certain of the facts but that he didn’t come to make accusations but rather to find out where Gredenko is. Markov says he will ask Moscow to locate Gredenko but Logan interrupts by saying that he’s not asking Moscow, he’s asking him because he is close with Gredenko since they fought together in Afghanistan.


Markov denies knowledge of Gredenko's involvement

Logan repeats his question but Markov states he doesn’t know and says they are no longer close. Logan asks Markov to forgive his lack of diplomacy but that he doesn’t believe him and that he’s willing to force the issue because Moscow has always suspected someone within their government had a hand in supplying Sentox nerve gas to the separatists two years ago. Markov is silent as Logan reveals that he has the tapes of all the phone calls made to Logan’s people and that he will send them to President Suvarov.

Markov launches out of his chair and tells Logan that he gave him his word that his role would remain secret but Logan says that the promise has been voided now that the terrorists have three more bombs. Markov defends his innocence but Logan says that he will send the tapes to Moscow and Markov will be recalled and never heard of again.

Markov, now shaking with rage, tells Logan to send the tapes to destroy him but that he does not know where Gredenko is. Logan nods and both men stare each other down for a few seconds before Logan says that he believes him and asks for forgiveness because he’s trying to save people’s lives. Logan stands to leave and asks that Markov contact anyone who might know Gredenko’s location. He agrees to make some calls but says that most of the people in Moscow have cut off all contact with Gredenko. He escorts Logan out who says that any support would be appreciated. They shake hands and Markov eyes Logan as he leaves.


In the foyer, Jack gets out of his chair upon seeing Logan and follows him outside. As they walk to the car, Logan tells Jack that despite Markov’s claim that he hasn’t spoken to Gredenko in a year, he knows he’s lying and that he must know enough to want to deny it. Jack asks how he could know this but Logan reminds him that he’s done enough lying to see the signs. Jack holds the car door open for him and he gets in.


Gredenko and Markov converse

At the abandoned airfield in the Shadow Valley where Gredenko’s men are readying a drone, Gredenko gets a call. It’s Markov telling him that the Americans know of his involvement with the bombs and that Logan was sent to try and force him to give up his location. Gredenko is annoyed and says that they brought the Arabs into this in order to conceal their involvement and now Russia is exposed. Markov says it’s all speculation on America’s part and that they have no evidence. Gredenko is unsure, but Markov tells him that it would be too late once they find anything. Gredenko is hesitant, but agrees and tells Markov to keep him updated before hanging up and heading over to the drone his men have been working on.

In Logan’s car, Jack orders the driver to drive through the front gates and to pull over as soon as they’re out of sight of the guards. The driver confirms as Logan asks what Jack plans to do. Jack says nothing and instead dials his phone. At CTU, Chloe O'Brian picks up her cell phone and Jack tells her to gain access to the DWP server to disable the power to the consulate as soon as possible. He also asks her to do it under the radar and she asks how long he wants the outage to last.

He tells her sixty seconds, to make it look like a grid failure in case the consulate security tries to contact the DWP. Chloe glances up at Bill’s office and says she’ll get back to him when she’s ready before hanging up. Logan asks if Jack is going back into the consulate and when Jack doesn’t respond he attempts to reason with him by saying that he just spent two years in China because he violated their consulate and that he’s taking a chance on the same thing happening again. Jack, out of options, glances out the window.

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Karen waits at the Air Force Base

Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. Karen Hayes sits in a waiting room, sipping coffee and watching FOX News on her cell phone. The news anchor says that HAZMAT teams are searching for survivors and the official death toll is over 12,000 and rising. Then phone rings, and she answers it. It’s Bill who urgently asks where she is. She says she’s still waiting for the flight and he tells her about the attempt made on Palmer’s life. She is shocked by the news and Bill says they won’t know the full extent of his injuries until he regains consciousness.

When she asks why there hasn’t been any news coverage, Bill says that it hasn’t been made public yet but the vice president is on his way to the White House, having already assumed the executive duties. Karen thinks for a second before telling him that she has to go back. He asks if Daniels will allow it after she tendered her resignation but she says nothing has been processed and she can withdraw it. Bill is visibly worried about her but she remains firm in her assertion that she has to go back, promising to call him when she gets there before hanging up.

At the White House, Daniels and Lisa are waiting for the elevator to the bunker. He tells her that he wants to see an annotated copy of Lennox’s proposal in order to work up a distribution list. The elevator doors open and as they step in Lisa reminds him that Palmer rejected the plan earlier in the day. “What’s your point?” Daniels asks. Lisa warns that it may be too soon to enact it but Daniels reminds her that things have changed now that a Muslim terrorist set off a bomb inside the White House, and that if anything they have delayed it for far too long. The doors open to the bunker where Kanin is waiting to meet them. He tells Daniels that the president has been stabilized but that it’s still too soon to tell. He then tells him that something else has come up and indicates to Lisa that they need privacy. Lisa obliges and walks away. Kanin alerts Daniels that there has been a development in the assassination attempt and that Lennox has remanded himself into custody. Daniels shoots him a quizzical look and asks what he’s talking about.


Lennox pleads innocent to helping in the assassination attempt

In a conference room, Lennox is giving his statement as Lowry takes notes and Ellen, Palmer’s press secretary types a written statement. Lowry questions why Lennox waited an hour before trying to report Reed Pollock’s plan but Lennox says he didn’t think there was anything substantial about Reed’s plan and by the time he realized they were making their move, Reed caught him trying to alert Agent Hollister. Lowry is skeptical and Lennox denies his allegations that he provide clearance for Carson to enter the bunker and says that Reed stole his clearance card. Lowry then asks if he was just pretending when he gave them Palmer’s itinerary and Lennox responds with an exasperated “yes.” Lowry jots something down before charging that Lennox merely had second thoughts. Lennox scoffs and the doors open as Daniels walks in. He asks to speak to Lennox alone and Lowry complies, motioning for Ellen to leave with him.

Once alone, Tom tells Daniels that he tried to stop Reed and Carson but Daniels is reluctant to believe him, saying that he’ll leave it up to the justice department to decide. He then asks about Assad’s role in the attempt but Lennox says that Assad is only being set up and that he had nothing to do with it in reality. Daniels tells him that Lennox can’t know that for sure, citing that Tom suggested there may be others besides Carson and Reed that could be involved. Lennox says he only suggested it because Reed had implied as much. Daniels asks if he figured out the others involved and when Tom says no, he reminds him that it could be conceivable that Assad was a willing participant in the attack.

Lennox, now visibly annoyed, says that makes no sense before Daniels interrupts him by saying that Assad was a known terrorist who hated America and everything it stands for. He claims Assad’s death would look like a martyr to his people but Tom counters by saying that sort of thinking is what Reed and Carson wanted and that he’s playing right into it. Daniels’ voice is shaking with rage as he tells Lennox that he will address the nation shortly and that he will not consider Assad’s innocence until he has all the facts.


Daniels tries to talk Lennox out of telling the truth

He turns to leave but Lennox stops him by saying he thinks Daniels is using Assad as a scapegoat to reverse Palmer’s agenda and gets even more aggressive with the Islamic community. Daniels reminds him that it was Lennox’s plan to begin with and that he was his staunchest advocate. Daniels sighs and says that if any good can come from the attack, it is the opportunity to implement what they both feel is best for the good of the country. Lennox says Daniels is asking a lot more than for him to stay quiet about Assad but Daniels reminds him that the cabinet knows it was his plan to start with and they may ask questions if he’s no longer the face on it before asking if Lennox has come to agree with Palmer. Lennox says he hasn’t and that he still believes it’s the only way to prevent the attacks. Daniels gives him the ultimatum that he can stick to his claim of Assad’s innocence or he can be cleared of the charges in order to implement his plan. Lennox is silent as Daniels leaves the room.

Lowry is waiting outside of the conference room and Daniels tells him that he doesn’t want Lennox’s statement promoted to the Attorney General until it has passed through his office. Lowry consents as Daniels passes by.


Outside the Russian consulate, Jack scales a wall a drops into the compound carefully. He peers out from around a corner and sees a security camera. He removes his earpiece and carefully approaches in the camera’s blind spot. A guard appears on a balcony above him and asks, in Russian, what he’s doing there. Jack responds in kind, telling him that he was told to guard the back of the building. The guard is satisfied and walks off. Jack eyes him carefully when his phone begins to vibrate. It’s Chloe who has logged into the DWP server. She reminds him that he will only have a minute before the power grid is restored. Jack gets into position behind the camera and orders her to shut the grid down. She complies and Jack enters the consulate as the camera blinks off.


Jack aims at Markov

Inside, Vasili asks what has happened and Stovich says he doesn’t know but feels that something is wrong. They split up to search the building as Jack creeps through a corridor. Jack cocks his gun before opening the door to Markov’s office. Markov gets out of his chair as Jack draws closer and demands to see his hands. Markov continues to swear by his innocence but Jack says he knows Markov is lying. Power is restored and the lights flick on as Jack sees Markov hit an alarm button on his desk. Jack holds him at gunpoint and orders him to sit down as he locks all the doors while Markov tells him that he’s violating the sovereignty of the consulate. Jack, gun at the ready, says he doesn’t have time to ask nicely and demands to know Gredenko’s location.

Outside the door, Vasili and Stovich meet back in foyer, unsure of what is happening. They approach the door to Markov’s office and knock, asking if he is okay. Jack pistol whips Markov and moves to the door, telling the agents outside that he has taking Markov hostage at gunpoint and that he will kill him if they attempt to enter the room. Stovich orders Vasili to find out who Jack is as they redeploy throughout the building. Jack takes out his cell phone and calls CTU.

Bill is in the situation room with Nadia Yassir and Chloe when Jack calls to explain the situation. Bill appears more annoyed than surprised and tells him that because it’s Russian territory, he can’t sanction what Jack is doing. He tells Jack to stand down but Jack says he isn’t going anywhere until he gets Gredenko’s location and that he’ll call back when he has something.

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Lisa Miller in Palmer's office

Daniels walks into Palmer’s office in the bunker and quietly reflects in thought as he crosses to the president’s desk and sits down. He sits in silence for a few seconds before Lisa walks in and tells him the Press Secretary is ready for his televised address in ten minutes. He thanks her and asks if she has finished the draft for his statement, to which she replies that she will get it to him momentarily. She then says that she’s gotten word that Karen has withdrawn her resignation and is on her way back. Daniels is skeptical and asks what prompted her resignation in the first place. Lisa says that officially she left to return to Los Angeles to be with her husband but there are rumors that she left because she opposed Lennox’s plan.

A voice on the phone interrupts them and says that Bill Buchanan is calling. Daniels takes the call and Bill tells him they have a situation at the Russian consulate. When Daniels asks what kind of a situation, Bill elaborates by saying Jack has taken Markov hostage and is holding him at gunpoint inside the consulate. Daniels is furious and demands to know how such a thing could happen. Bill explains that Markov denied that he knew Gredenko’s location but that Logan had insisted he was lying and when the escort left, Jack went back in to interrogate Markov.

Daniels runs his hands over his face is frustration and asks if Buchanan sanctioned his actions. Bill says that he didn’t and that Jack is acting on his own authority before Daniels interjects that he had the “questionable assumption of Charles Logan.” However Bill states that Jack has no reason to trust Logan but was convinced enough to take action. Daniels seems uninterested in Jack’s convictions but rather that he’s creating a “diplomatic mess.” Bill says that if Markov is hiding Gredenko’s location, extracting the information is their only chance to stop another bomb from being detonated.


Yuri Suvarov

Lisa, who has been on the phone, interrupts them by saying Russian President Yuri Suvarov is on the other end. Daniels tells Bill that he doesn’t know how long he can hold off the Russians and that if Markov is connected, Jack needs to get the information out of him as soon as he can. Daniels ends the call with CTU and takes the phone from Lisa before answering the call with trepidation. Suvarov says he expected to speak with Palmer but Daniels apologizes and says that Palmer is “unavailable” and that he will speak on the president’s behalf.

Daniels assumes that the call is regarding the incident at the consulate and assures Suvarov that Jack is action on his own and not the US government. Despite this, Suvarov claims it is a violation of their sovereignty and if Jack does not stand down immediately, they will retaliate with “the most forceful diplomatic measures at [their] disposal. Daniels says he understands but cautions that they have learned that Markov has been in contact with Gredenko who is linked to the bomb that detonated earlier in the day and he would be regarded as a co-conspirator if proven true. Suvarov says he regrets the tragedy earlier but charges must be made through proper diplomatic channels after Jack has surrendered.

At the consulate, Jack punches an already bloodied Markov in the face and demands to know where Gredenko is. He says no as Jack begins to pace around the room. Spotting the cigar cutter still on Markov’s desk, Jack picks it up as Markov claims he hasn’t spoken to Gredenko since he arrived in the United States. Jack knows he’s lying because he never told him that Gredenko was in the US as he edges closer, cigar cutter in hand. Jack leans against the desk before telling Markov that they know Gredenko supplied Fayed with the suitcase nukes, but that it doesn’t make sense for him to still be involved unless he’s doing something else for Fayed and that is what he wants to know.

Markov cowers in his chair but remains silent as Jack shouts at him, demanding to know what Gredenko’s doing for Fayed. Markov swears he doesn’t know but Jack says he’s going to give him what he wants or else he’ll lose his fingers one at a time as he squeezes the cigar cutter a few times and warns that it is his last chance. Markov says nothing and Jack is forced to use the cigar cutter on Markov’s left hand, causing Markov to let out a stifled scream of agony as Jack cuts into his little finger.


The door is blown open and Markov is saved

Outside the door, several agents have their guns trained on the doorway as Vasili shows Stovich the security feed from Markov’s office but Stovich warns the agents not to go in yet because Jack is too close to Markov. Markov, still in pain, listens as Jack tells him that he has two choices, either he can give him the information to stop Gredenko or Jack will kill him and Gredenko will panic because he’ll think Markov gave him up. Jack inches closer with the gun to Markov’s forehead and demands to know where he can find Gredenko. Markov sputters “Mojave Desert” in the Shadow Valley. Jack wants to know what he’s doing and Markov gives him a smirk as he tells Jack that Gredenko is launching drones. In shock, Jack questions him further and Markov says that the aerial drones are Fayed’s delivery system for the bombs and will be in the air within two hours. “Son of a bitch!” Jack barks and punches Markov in the face again, causing him to sink even further in his chair but cracks a smile.

Jack walks to the door when it explodes, knocking Jack off his feet. Agents rush in and Vasili kicks Jack in the ribs as the other agents scramble to untie Markov from his chair. Vasili shoves a clearly disoriented Jack against the wall and Markov orders them not to let anyone near him before punching Jack in the stomach as he is dragged out of the office.

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Staff members at CTU watch Daniels' address

Daniels begins his address to the nation with the news of the assassination attempt on Palmer’s life but that he is in stable condition. He goes on to say that Hamri Al-Assad is the main suspect behind the attack but that he died in the explosion.

Staff members at CTU, including Chloe, Nadia and Morris O'Brian watch the address as Daniels swears to push forward an “aggressive agenda for national security” which seems to worry Nadia. She hurries to Chloe’s desk and asks if she’s been in contact with Jack. Chloe says no but that he system logs claim that he tried to call in. Nadia asks Morris if communications from the consulate are being monitored. He confirms this however, he says it’s been encrypted with an algorithm they’ve never been able to crack but that one of the computers hasn’t been properly shielded and could offer them a way in. He runs the program and detects that outgoing messages contain information about an American agent in custody.

From his office, Bill is watching Daniels’ address with a troubled look but turns it off when his phone rings. It’s Nadia with the news that Morris intercepted the communication from the consulate and that it says they’ve captured Jack. Bill asks her to elaborate and she tells him the Russians moved in on his position to recover Markov and are now holding Jack prisoner. Bill ponders this when Nadia suggests they inform Daniels. Bill says no, citing that Daniels is involved in a diplomatic standoff with Suvarov and that it wouldn’t get anywhere. Nadia asks what their next move should be and he tells her to have special operations draw up a plan to get into the consulate so he can give Daniels the option to take the consulate by force. He adds that hopefully they’ll be able to rescue Jack.


Jack is visibly in a lot of pain and has been tied to a chair as Stovich gives orders to another agent in Russian. Stovich closes the door and Jack tries to reason with him by saying Markov doesn’t want them to know that Gredenko was responsible for supplying the bombs to Fayed. Stovich raises an eye brow out of curiosity but says Jack will get the chance to make the allegations through the appropriate channels. Jack says there’s not enough time and stuns Stovich with the news that Gredenko still has three bombs which will be airborne within two hours by way of unmanned aerial drones. Stovich concludes that it is a ridiculous accusation but Jack says he confessed this knowledge. Stovich counters by saying it was under duress until Jack tells him that he gave up Gredenko’s location.


Stovich prepares to call CTU

Stovich turns to leave but stops when Jack says he knows that he believes him and that he knows about Markov’s connections before begging for his help. Stovich wrestles with his convictions before turning around and telling Jack that if he speaks the truth, there’s nothing he could do because Markov controls all communications to Moscow. Jack tells him not to call Moscow but rather CTU to give them Gredenko’s location and advise them of the time frame. At first, Stovich thinks this is preposterous but agrees to help him when Jack says Gredenko is somewhere in the Shadow Valley. Jack gives him the number to call CTU and instructs him to say that he has a message for Bill Buchanan from Jack Bauer. Stovich pulls Jack’s head back by his hair and warns that they’re both in trouble if he’s not telling the truth but Jack says that if Stovich didn’t trust him, he wouldn’t consider doing it and that he needs to hurry. He releases Jack’s head and leaves the room as Jack winces in a lot of pain.



Stovich is killed as he calls CTU

Split screen: Stovich closes the door and peers around before taking out his cell phone. Bill checks off on what is presumably the plan to infiltrate the consulate, presented to him by Nadia. Daniels sits behind the president’s desk and reviews paperwork. Wayne Palmer is still unconscious as doctors work to keep him alive.

Stovich finds a secluded corridor of the consulate and dials the number for CTU. He asks to speak with Buchanan as a shadow looms behind him. Stovich is told that Buchanan is in a meeting and that he could take a message but Stovich assures him it’s urgent. A silenced pistol is raised to the back of his neck and promptly fires, sending a bullet through Stovich’s head and splattering blood on the wall as he falls to the floor. The shooter stoops to pick up the empty casing and Stovich’s phone which he closes just as Bill finishes speaking with Marcy and picks up on the other end. Bill continues to try to get a response as Vasili is shown to be Stovich’s assassin.

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Memorable quotes[]

  • Charles Logan: Never been outside these gates for over a year... I'm sorry Jack, you don't need me to tell you what's like to be locked up.
  • Jack Bauer: You're right, I don't.

  • Jack Bauer: I don't leave you out of my sight.
  • Charles Logan: What do you think I'm going to do in there, Jack? Request asylum? If it's any comfort, I don't think the Russians would take me.

  • Charles Logan: (regarding Markov) He says he hasn’t spoken to Gredenko in over a year. He's lying, they’re still in contact. He knows enough about what’s going on to want to deny that.
  • Jack Bauer: How do you know?
  • Charles Logan: Because I've done enough lying myself to be familiar with the signs.

  • Lisa Miller: The President rejected that plan.
  • Noah Daniels: What's your point?

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Background information and notes[]

  • This episode shows Jack Bauer speaking and understanding the Russian language.
  • Series regular Jayne Atkinson returns to the fold, making her first appearance since "Day 6: 12:00pm-1:00pm" in this episode.
  • Credit is given to the 173rd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard, the 412th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron of Edwards Air Force Base and MSGT Larry Schneck of the US Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office.
  • This marks the first appearance of Bob Gunton as Ethan Kanin, a future regular and Chief of Staff to President Allison Taylor. It is interesting to note that he is the Secretary of Defense to Wayne Palmer (presumably a Democrat like his brother) but next season will work for Taylor, who is presumably a Republican considering she beat Palmer's running mate Noah Daniels in the election. However this is not unheard of, for example the current Secretary of Defense is Chuck Hagel, a Republican, working for Obama's Democratic Administration.
  • The Master Illusionists: 24's Special Effects Make-Up featurette from the Season 6 DVD explores the making of the finger-removal scene.

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